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American Akita Vs. Japanese Akita: (Exotic Dog Breeds Compared 2020)

The famous American Akita is the most popular and favorite of many dog breeders. It’s very much sought after for its athletic ability and playful personality.

But do you know the difference between the American Akita and the Japanese Akita?

The difference is that the American Akita is a long-haired dog, while the Japanese Akita is short-haired. Also, their body structure and coat texture differ. They also have different temperaments.

The American Akita is known to be a medium-sized dog that is muscular and long hair Akita. It looks like this:

American Akita dog

This dog has an elegant physical appearance with a natural gait and flowing coat. Its ears are deeply set, its eyes are big and pupils are round.

A well-mannered American Akita can fetch a pretty sound and itcan be a great companion to your family. A well-mannered American Akita isloyal and it is easily trained to obey your commands.

The Japanese Akita is known to be a medium-sized dog that is well-built and is distinguished by its naturally glossy coat.

Its ears are placed on either side of the head and its eyes are clear. It has an athletic frame with a good bone structure.

The Akita has a full coat which it sheds and it grows at a fastrate. The Akita can fetch a pretty sound and it can be a great companion toyour family.

If you are thinking about getting a Japanese Akita dog, then the best thing that you should consider is that there are three major factors that will help you determine if your Akita dog is healthy.

Here’s how the Japanese Akita dog breed looks like:

Japanese Akita dog

These factors are his or her health, age, and genotype. Thesefactors will help you figure out the genetic characteristics of your dog andalso, you will be able to determine the health conditions of your Akita dog.

If you are not a professional dog breeder, it will be a greathelp to you if you have done some research about these three aspects.

The health conditions of your American Akita dog are veryimportant. You need to see if your dog has any physical problems such asarthritis, breathing problems, allergy problems, ear infections, diabetes, highblood pressure, and heart diseases.

You also need to check the blood type of your dog. JapaneseAkita dogs are known to be allergic to fleas, dust, and any allergies that aretriggered by contact with ragweed.

When looking for your American Akita dog, you need to determinethe age of your dog. You need to know whether it is an adult or a puppy. Anolder dog is usually more susceptible to illnesses.

Hence, you need to ask your veterinarian or the breeder when youwill bring your dog home. In this way, you will be able to take proper care ofyour dog.

It is always important to consider these three factors when you are trying to get a Japanese Akita dog.

This way, you will be able to keep your Akita dog healthy and can be assured that he will be the best companion for your family.

Are Japanese Akitas dangerous?

Japanese Akita dog

Have you heard the recent news about a few deaths in Japan and how some Akitas have been infected with a fatal virus?

The fatal disease seems to be very rare but could it be due to the fact that Japanese Akitas are prone to getting sick as well?

There are many people who feel that Akitas are not only cute butcan also be considered as pets. However, some people would not consider owningany dog,

Akita included, as they are prone to acquiring sicknesses whichcan kill them in a short span of time. The reason behind this is that thesedogs seem to be immune to different illnesses that most dogs are not.

According to reports, an Akita named Murasaki died on the day ofhis release from the hospital after being diagnosed with Parvo, which is one ofthe deadliest forms of the disease in dogs.

According to the vet, this particular dog was not vaccinated against Parvo which is why he died.

This means that if you own an Akita or any other breed, then you must be prepared to take care of him and his needs. I

n this case, you should take him to a vet and have him vaccinated for Parvo.

While this news is alarming, there is no denying that there are dogs that are not very hardy, unlike the Akita.

For example, the Great Dane is prone to certain types of health problems and is a big cause of worry among dog lovers. They are also susceptible to various diseases and other illnesses.

There are a lot of dog owners who are not aware of the existenceof these dogs and feel that they are not at all suitable as pets.

The fact is that there are many instances where these dogs were used by Japanese Emperor Akihito to train his soldiers and they took a lot of abuse when given into their care.

Moreover, this breed has even been the victims of poaching, which is a very serious problem in Japan.

The danger posed by the Akita is something which the Japanesepeople fear a lot. The dog has become synonymous with the Japanese people andthe danger it poses is something which has been etched in their memories.

People fear that if they allow Akitas as pets, then they mighteven face the same danger as the animals that are sent to be killed.

Even though Great Danes is prone to acquire cancer and otherfatal diseases, they are still a good breed for pet owners because they are notso ill and do not die too fast. However, the Akita and the Great Dane are verydifferent breeds and their traits are very different.

Therefore, if you are considering taking care of your Akita,then you must find a vet whom you can trust and who will do everything possibleto protect you and your dog.

Ask the vet for any recommendations regarding vaccinations andspecial supplements, which would keep the dog healthy. He should also make surethat your dog is kept well-fed and that he is exercised regularly.

Are Akitas good fighting dogs?

When you’re looking for a breed of dog that can be trained tofight with a degree of skill and accuracy, the Akita is a breed that hasseveral good qualities.

If you want a loving companion that will protect your home andfamily from intruders, a well-trained Akita can be your best choice. However,they are not the most aggressive type of dog and are not usually bred forfighting.

Because the Akitas are descendants of the Boxer, they tend to be smaller than their full-sized cousins.

Some Akitas may be six to eight pounds in weight and may also weigh from two to three hundred pounds.

Their height can range from twenty-five to thirty-two incheswith the average male measuring at twenty-four inches tall. Their coats arethick and strong and can become long and curly in winter.

Akitas are one of the smallest breeds in the world. They alsohave one of the strongest builds. The Akita is also one of the most intelligentand sensitive breeds in the world.

They have a high tolerance for stress. This is why you will findthat the Akita is very popular among house owners because of their calmdemeanor and ability to look after themselves.

Akitas are very intelligent but this does not mean that they cannot get into mischief and ruin the home or property of others.

They are often affected by anxiety and panic and will act as if they are under attack when it is really just their feelings trying to take over. In order to make them obey you will need to train them.

The Akita is a very calm dog, so you need to ensure that you areconsistent with your training to ensure they keep their temper in check.

Due to their size, Akitas are not able to perform certain tasks at home that requires much of a larger dog.

For example, if you have two Akitas, one will need to be able to do the housework while the other gets out to the local park to play. If you don’t have an additional large dog, you may have to go in and get one.

Akitas have great intelligence and a very stable temperament.The biggest challenge you will face is getting the Akita to trust and respectyou as a person and a trainer.

You will need to use positive reinforcement with your training to make them understand that they can never please you.

It is sometimes difficult to teach a dog to come when it is called but with consistency and hard work, it will eventually happen.

The Akitas can be trained to do almost anything including chase rabbits, herding and retrieving.

The Akita is not the fastest dog, or the strongest, but they are sturdy and smart enough to accomplish their tasks.

If you plan on training your Akita for fighting, you will needto ensure that you have more than one dog that is trained and you will alsoneed to have the Akita trained by a professional instructor.

The Akitas are a good breed of dog that can be veryaffectionate. However, like all breeds, they are prone to accidents and as suchyou will need to be responsible with your dog.

By exercising your Akita with proper training, you will findthat they are very easy to train and very loyal to their people.

What’s the difference between American Akitas and JapaneseAkitas?

In some ways, the difference between American Akitas andJapanese Akitas dogs is very small. Many Akitas look alike and both can bedifficult to tell apart by appearance alone.

In their natural state, Akitas have a black and gray coat with the occasional white or tan patches.

The underside of the coat is short and dusky in color. Akitas are naturally sturdy with a muscular body, legs that are nearly as long as the dog’s shoulders, and well-developed muscles on the chest and shoulders.

When Akitas are in the wild, they can weigh over fifty pounds.They have powerful muscles that they use to chase down and kill their prey,such as antelopes, hares, rabbits, and even deer.

When Akitas are trained, they are often a lot more docile. Thisis probably because they are bred to have certain qualities, including astubborn disposition and an ability to use a leash with extreme ease.

Akitas are also quite a bit smaller than their cousins. Theyusually weigh in the mid-twenties range and are about eighteen inches at the shoulder.

For the most part, Akitas are quite hardy when it comes toweathering harsh winters. Their fur stays soft and shiny, and they usually donot suffer from fleas.

Unlike the Akitas bred in the U.S., Japanese Akitas has only one white spot on their chest. Japanese Akitas also do not have a black chin, as Akitas in the U.S. and Europe do.

As for size, Japanese Akitas tend to be considerably shorter than Akitas in the U.S. and Europe.

The breed of Akita that is bred for fighting does not reallyexist in Japan. It was developed because many Akitas were used for sportfighting in feudal Japan.


American Akitas and Japanese Akitas are more or less the samesize and temperament, but each has its own characteristics that make themdistinct from one another.

So, there you have it: The difference between American Akitas and Japanese Akitas dogs is very slight indeed.

In the end, these breeds are bred to perform different jobs, and some people prefer a certain breed that is able to do what they want done.