Are Bengal Cats High Maintenance? (How to Care for Bengals)


The Bengal cat is a unique breed of cats created from domestic cat hybrids of the Egyptian mau with spots and the Asian leopard cat.

The name of the breed comes from the taxonomic name of the leopard. 

Bengal cats are known to have a rather wild looking appearance. Their golden shimmer feature comes from their long tree of leopard ancestry. That said, let’s answer the question:

Are Bengal cats high maintenance? Yes, Bengal cats are high maintenance. They’re known for high activity levels and intelligence and they’re demanding. These cats need a lot of attention from the owner, which may be difficult for most people to do all the time.

How to identify a Bengal cat

It’s not odd for their coats to have spots, rosettes, marbling, and even arrow head markings. The Bengal cats exhibits a huge reserve of energy, so they need to play a lot, and exercise.

The Bengal cat  is rightly considered as one of the best breeds of cat that you could find in the world. This particular breed of cats has won the most popular breed of felines award for the third time in a row, according to the international cat association which is the largest registry of felines in the world. 

As a result of bengal cats being born by crossing domestic cats with asian leopard cats, they are bestowed with an eye catching appearance that is sure to get anyone’s attention.

This cat is quite unique, and different from any other breed. So you would do well to consider a lot of facts before getting one for your family. 

Bengal Cats: What You Need To Know

The bengal cat in present time is still considered as a new breed of cats that has just been around for a while. A lot of people have just heard about it, and are curious as to know what their features are, and how they behave. 

They are also curious to know what it takes to breed them, and if there is any disadvantage in owning one,especially because the bengal cats are not cheap cats to buy.

Breeding bengal cats can prove to be stressful, challenging, very expensive, yet it is beneficial. Bengal cats are high maintenance pets, and cannot be taken care of properly on a low budget. 

To get a pet bengal, you would be spending from $1000 – $2000 on average to get a healthy Bengal cat from a reputable breeder. There are cheaper kittens that could be purchased. However, most cat breeders fix prices based on the coloration, and markings on the pet. Despite the price, and stress involved in caring for these cats, it’s actually very rewarding.

The breeding of any cat should be a passion, it should be done for the love of the pet. Sticking to the process would not be a problem when you’re sure of the rewards. Bengal cats are demanding felines, and need constant attention. 

Bengal cats would rely on their owner for daily food, water, and care.

Bengal cats are known to be fairly high maintenance felines. After a while they tend to build a very strong bond with their family, and would start demanding more attention, and time. In some cases, this is just  what the owners want, while in other cases it could drive some cat owners crazy.

If you’re not the type that has a lot of time to dedicate to your bengal cat everyday, then this unique breed might just not be a good decision for you. Owning a bengal cat is more likened to owning a dog than a cat, it is likely to follow you around the house every time. 

These cats would yell at you for attention whenever they feel like, and would want to get involved in whatever you are doing. They cannot handle being ignored, so you would do well to make out enough time for them.

Which factors make Bengal cats high maintenance?

In this article, we would be considering the things that make Bengal cats high maintenance, and how to care for them properly:

#1. High energy levels

The bengal cats are a very energetic breed of cats that are used to having high energy levels.

Despite the fact that they take naps, and sleep just as much as any other domestic cat, when they are not sleeping they would be seen roaming about, and disturbing you for something to do. 

They can be tearing around, and climbing things randomly so it would be a good idea to get them a play area.

When Bengal cats are in a playful mood they could climb, and jump on almost anything in the house, including kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes. 

There could be occasions when you would be woken up in the middle of the night by your bengal cat jumping around the house making noise, jumping on you in bed seeking attention, or running around the house chasing imaginary prey. 

When planning to get yourself a bengal cat, make sure you have made plans on how to manage its energy, and attention. You could even get toys to keep it occupied.

#2. They can be noisy

Something you should consider about bengal cats before checking them into your list of pets you’d want to have in your home, is that they could be very noisy when left alone, and disturb a lot.

Bengals are felines that love attention, and to have something that fascinates them at all times. 

Leaving it alone for a long period could lead to boredom, and bengal cats can’t handle boredom well. This would make them start making sounds, and yelling in an attempt to get your attention for themselves.

#3. Loyalty

Bengal cats are known to be very loyal pets once they get used to you, and recognize you as the master.

They are affectionate, and friendly pets that would be all around you at your beck and call throughout the day. A Bengal cat would rush down to greet you, and interact with you in many ways just like a pet dog would.

#4. Ease of Training

Bengal cats have very high intelligence levels, and are very agile. It would be easy for them to go through any training process successfully.

They are also loyal felines, so they would stick to the program till you’re done with your training. These cats could learn a lot of things, like walking on their heels, rolling over, standing up straight, and a lot of other things.

How to Care of Your Bengal Cat

Just like treatments would vary for dogs according to their particular breed, same is the case in cats, each breed has its own treatment that fits it. It is good to care for your cat in line with the requirements of its breed in order to avoid complications. 

Caring for your Bengal cat the same way you do for any other cat might work to an extent, but it would end up leading to complications in the future that is why you should be aware of the proper care of these cats.


This is very important for your bengal cats because of their high energy levels, and it helps them fight illnesses. Although letting your bengal cats exercise is a great idea, it is not advisable to just let them roam freely in your neighborhood. 

The cats could be put on leashes, and harness. Just like you would do for a pet dog, make a habit of walking your Bengal friend for at least 10-20 minutes every morning, and evening.


Bengal cats have very high energy levels, and as a result of this are very active, and get bored easily. These cats always need something to keep them occupied, or to be pampered by the owner. 

When they are not sleeping, they would be looking for what to play with, so it would be a great idea to get your bengal cat a toy to keep it occupied whenever you’re not with it.

It could be an interactive toy preferably, just like a laser light. Your cat would need you to play with it, even after walking it in the morning, and night for about 25 minutes.

Get it wet

Water, water, and lots of water. Bengal cats are a breed of cats that love to be wet, and play in the water. They could be in tubs for hours playing, looking all cute, and adorable. They could be jumping around sinks in the house trying to tease themselves with the water. 

Getting your bengal cat wet, and engaged in water would be a great way to ease it up, make it feel more relaxed, and clean it up as well. Bengal cats are very adaptable felines. 

They don’t demand any special food to grow so they can fit into many homes around the world. The bengal cats don’t require special medical attention either, but it is recommended you have a schedule with your vet doctor to ensure there is no underlying illness in your pet.


Bengal cats are an amazing breed of cats which need attention, and are high maintenance cats that need your attention all the time.

They have a nice appearance which sets them apart from any other breed of cats, they play a lot, and are very loyal felines. It would be a good friend to add to any home

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