Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats? (Facts Explained)

golden retriever

Golden retrievers fascinate me a lot, is it their kind, gentle, friendly, and intelligent nature I want to talk about?

Or their spontaneous love for water? (I’m absolutely in love with how I can take my golden retriever to the pool, with a ball, and we play and vibe so well.

The feeling I get when doing this is priceless.

Golden retrievers often like to hang around cats and play together. Psychologically, Golden retrievers have instincts that draws them closer to feline animals, including the cats. However, you need to introduce your cat to the dog subtly, and give them enough time to bond.

Golden retrievers are so cute, sweet and adorable.

I’m also in love with how teachable they are, and how convenient it is for their owners to train them; they’re so obedient and they adapt easily.

It should also be noted that cats are pretty amazing creatures as well, and they are also very eager to interact and mingle.

Now two amazing creatures coming together, you can tell that the bond will be terrific.

So back to the question, are golden retrievers good with cats? hell yeah!

One good thing about golden retrievers is that, unlike other animals or pet, they, on the other hand are very good with other pets.

Golden retrievers are quick to make anyone happy, so if having a cat is what is going to make their owners happy, by all means, golden retrievers will go to any length to make that possible.

However, this comes with a clause, which will be discussed as you enjoy this article.

However, the reason it might look like dogs (golden retriever) and cats are sworn enemies, could be because of the intense prey instinct dogs have and hence, they pursue smaller creatures.

Some creatures do not know they are in sync, till they get to cohabit and live harmoniously.

Golden Retrievers are Social Dogs

One thing that differentiates Golden retriever and is a plus for why they’re good with cats is that they are very social dogs.

Golden retriever is not one to hide or bark excessively, growl or challenge people without any reason.

They leave the excessive barking and growling for security and police dogs to do.

Although when being in the same space with a cat at first, they can get hyper, and then as time goes on they become best buddies, you the owner will almost become jealous.

I remember the first time I brought my 5 weeks old kitten home, my dog, who was at that time a puppy, was pretty scared.

I think she was thinking of its claws, and all the scratch my cat could give her, so she would always bark, was totally disgusted by my kitten, my kitten on the other hand, would always run away, but this is what I did.

Introducing Your Dog to the Cat (and vice versa)

There should be an introduction between the cat and the dog, and this is the most important thing to do if you want your golden retriever to get along with your cat and vice versa, and you can do this by:

1. Doing a proper research on their upbringing

I got my cat from a family that was relocating, and they gifted me one of their kittens, which implies that my cat was in good hands before she got to me.

And my dog breed is one that is naturally designed to co-habit with cats, all golden retriever are, so we are safe.

But in a situation whereby, the cat didn’t grow in a conducive environment, it is  likely, they don’t socialize well — it is called under socialization, and this can be as a result of horrid situations the cat found itself while growing.

Also, if there were no other pets within, and there was no form of communication with other pets, as in a lack of animal social skills, having a golden retriever could be something new to the cat, and might make the cat a little on its own.

Meanwhile, cats are known for consistency. studies show that, cats hate change, they are used to having the same routine over and over again.

And because they are territorial species, it might take time for them to receive with an open arm.

Not just a golden retriever, but every other animal, but golden retrievers make it pretty easy, because they are fun to be with, and very cuddly.

2.  Letting them have their space

Allow them, let them study their environment and get familiar with themselves, the sounds, the smell and the atmosphere.

I can bet the first day you met your best friend, you hated her/him, especially if you met yourself in high school, but now, you guys cannot do without yourselves.

That’s the same way it operates in the animal kingdom, one person will always feel like the owner of the house, and the boss, seeing the other as an intruder, while the ‘new comer’ would also want be like ‘I came in peace sir, please do not harm me’ in order for them to get along, you need to give them their space.

While you’re allowing them have be in their personal space, never make the mistake of putting their stuff together.

Set apart the dog’s belongings from the cat’s till they find a common ground, you could provide food, bowls, boxes of the same likeness to lessen the tension between the golden retriever and the cat, put the two pets in different rooms.

I repeat, do not make the mistake of putting both pets in the same room, this way, they can have contacts without exactly having contacts.

They can smell and hear themselves without any form of communication.

3. Do what you want your pets to do

You’ve to show your pets exactly what you want to see them do, then, they will follow suit.

Do not converse more with your old pet because there is a new pet, or leave the new one to itself because you’re not used to her/him.

Ensure you’re like an intermediary between your golden retriever and your cat, that way, it will be easier on your path for them to get along, and at the same time, it will be easier for them to also live together.

4. Help your cat feel in control

Stop making your cat feel out of control, do not stop what the cat is used to doing simply because you want it to mingle.

Cats are known to ambush, to kick, to scratch, to stalk, chase and pounce.

While it is in its space, let it keep doing all of these, till it gets use to its immediate environment.

5. Spice up their friendship by switching their rooms daily

To begin, you can have paintings of a dog, paintings of a bone and milk in the room of a cat, to make the cat get familiar with the smell and the aura of the dog.

You can also have paintings of a cat in the room of a dog.

The worst that will happen is that they’ll bark and meow a while, but the moment they see you’re paying them no mind, they’ll adapt to the new room.


Golden retrievers are among the smartest breed of dogs I know, and they display this smartness with cats.

I have seen my cat and dog play together, and I go like whaaaat?

My golden retriever has seen me pull one or two tricks on my cat, and it has reciprocated the exact same thing to my cat.

Now, they’re inseparable beings, I’m not even jealous (if you know what I mean).

They are more than excited to share their love, as long as they are not being rubbed off their time with you their owner.

So yeah, they would share their love in order to have a peaceful coexistence.

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