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Are Ragdoll Cats High Maintenance? (Trim a Ragdoll)

What does it take to maintain and care for Ragdoll cats?

Given the nature of Ragdoll cats, it’s best to have a professional groom your cat on a regular basis — to prevent skin infections from scratching and biting.

Are Ragdoll cats high maintenance?

Ragdoll cats are affectionate and smart pets for the family. Ragdolls are not high maintenance cat like the Persian cats — because they don’t possess an undercoat. However, the silky hair and coat require regular combing and grooming, Ragdolls are easy to care for and maintain.

Grooming your cat

A groomed cat is much healthier than one that has not been properly groomed. Also, you should be careful not to use harsh chemicals that could harm the coat of your cat.

Cats have natural oils that repel animals which are the same products that could damage your pet's hair.

Cat care is very easy once you understand the habits of your pet. It is very important that you have a cat grooming schedule that includes cleaning up its ears and eyes, as well as giving it a bath.

Ragdolls are usually quite loving, but they do need a lot of attention. They enjoy being curled up in a big ball, and they love to cuddle.

Ragdoll cats are not necessarily low maintenance, and they can be both outdoor and indoor cats, as well. You should brush the entire cat regularly, as this will prevent matted fur from forming.

Keep in mind that it is essential to keep your cat’s nails trimmed, as they tend to grow very fast.

If your cat decides that the only place that it wants to call home is your lap, then you should take your cat out for a walk or two, at least twice a day, preferably once or twice a week.

Make sure that your cat has good access to the outdoors, and that you know where your cat spends most of its time.

If you are not an outdoors cat owner, then consider getting a harness for your cat, so that you can get outside and give it some exercise.

High-maintenance cat breeds can sometimes be difficult to train. Training them requires patience and consistency.

You should start with some simple commands such as sit, stay, or come.

Once you have mastered these, it is important to teach your cat simple tricks such as shaking, pawing, or playing dead. — these tricks will help your cat to become familiar with your voice and make it easier to communicate with you when it needs to.

To learn more about proper cat care and grooming, visit the website of the American Kennel Club. The ASPCA has a very comprehensive guide to cat care.

Most people prefer to purchase a complete cat care kit, which comes with a shampoo, conditioner, a flea comb, nail clippers, nail file, nail trimmers, ear cleaning brush, nail clipping tool, nail brush, grooming brush, nail clippers, and other grooming tools.

Grooming tips for Ragdoll cats


Using soft brush

If you are looking for a way to add some extra pampering to your cat, then one of the best grooming tips for Ragdoll cats is to use a soft brush.

These brushes make cleaning a lot easier because they do not scratch the skin and can be gentle on the animal’s skin as well.

You will want to keep your hand clean and the brush away from your cat’s eyes or face, and avoid any that are too long for your cat.

It's important to be gentle with your cat's ears, but be careful not to Nick the earwax. 

If you accidentally hit a spot that is soft and delicate then you might have to put a little more pressure on the area, but you should be able to do it without damaging your cat’s ear.

For the cats that don’t have a very thick coat, then brushing will be easier.

It’s important that you use a stiff brush for cats with long coats, or if you have a cat with thick hair you should use a softer brush. If you don’t have a stiff brush, then just use a soft toothbrush on your cat’s coat.

You will also need to keep your cat’s nails trimmed regularly, this will help the cat’s nails to stay healthy and prevent any of them from falling out.

The tips that you use when brushing your cat’s nails will depend on what type of cat you have.

Your vet might suggest using a grooming tool on your cat’s nails to help get the right type of nail for your cat.

If you have problems with your cat having a lot of nail problems, then you might consider using cat nail glue. This will stop your cat from shedding nails because they will stick to the glue and keep them off.

It is also easy to use, and if you are not sure about your cat using it then it is important to have it applied by a professional.

After taking care of your cat’s nails you should then take a look at his nails and coat.

There might be some spots or nicks that you might not have noticed before.

If you notice any issues then you will need to keep up with grooming tips for ragdoll cats to keep your cat in the best possible shape.

How to care for ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats, sometimes called ‘cougars’, are the latest feline fad — more of an American fashion trend than a breed of cat, in that their origins can be traced back to England in the 19th century.

They’re originally a cross between a Scottish domestic cat (Doug) and a domestic Ragworm Cat (Ragmia), both of which have tiny pointed ears (which make them unique amongst cats).

The American Ragdoll, though, is a hybrid between a domestic cat and a European domestic cat (Ragmia).

It was later adapted to resemble other felines, but the most recognizable features are its short ears and pointed ears.

While a Ragdoll cat will look just like any cat, it is very different from a non-Ragdoll. Though they share many similar characteristics, they also differ in their temperament.

Their short ears can give them an affinity for noise, making them great pets at noisy parties.

Ragdoll cat’s personality (and grooming approach)

A Ragdoll’s personality is all about its ears. They’re great climbers and can climb up vertical surfaces.

However, they need a lot of space and tend to be independent. They’re also very independent, which makes them great pets.

They need a large open space to run around and exercise and like to be able to wander around unsupervised.

How to care for Ragdoll Cats is more or less the same as caring for any other kind of cat, with a few differences.

Some people like them as house cats, though other prefer to keep them as pets in homes where they’re not going to create a mess or get into anything else they shouldn’t.

As they grow up, they will usually lose their raggedy coat, which makes them look shiny and white. As they get older, their hair will become finer.

Their ears can also sag over time, but this doesn’t happen as often as it would with the normal cat, since their body is not shaped in such a way that causes this problem.

These cats are friendly, though they tend to be somewhat lazy. They don’t like to be forced, so if you want to keep one as a pet, try to avoid doing things that will get on its nerves.

Ragdolls do tend to be quite energetic and want to play and socialize, but it is best that you don’t try to make them perform tricks that are too complicated for them.

Some people prefer to adopt these cats, since they have a tendency to be mischievous and misbehave in ways that are not very good for humans.

The cats are also known to be territorial and aggressive toward other cats, especially if they feel threatened.

Their temperaments can be very volatile, which is why you should have them in a loving environment and try not to force them.


A lot of people who care for Ragdoll Cats have them as pet cats because of their beauty.

They are adorable looking animals, with a short coat of fur and cute, pointed ears. And they’re quite easy to maintain.

Ragdolls come in a variety of colors and patterns but are generally white in color. They also seem to have a knack for scratching furniture.