Is A Bengal Cat Bigger Than A Maine Coon? (Height & Weight Chart)


Both the Bengal and Maine Coon cats are two of the popular cat breeds.

They can grow big and strong. While that may be the case, a lot of people are concerned about the heights and weights of these cats — to help them decide which one to keep as pet.

Is a Bengal cat bigger than Maine Coon? The answer is No. Maine Coon cats are relatively bigger than Bengal cats. Maine coon grows to an average height of 10 – 16 inches and up to 40 inches long and weighs about 15 – 25 pounds, while Bengal cats grow to a height of 13 – 16 inches, 30 inches long, and weights about 10 – 18 pounds.

Bengals are a breed of cats that are gotten from the crossing of two domestic cats.

In most cases, it’s gotten from the crossing of the Asian leopard cat with the Egyptian mau, this is the most common type of crossing that results in a Bengal cat. 

Bengals have a rather striking appearance, and might look very large in comparison to other cats due to their muscular build, and their many intimidating features. 

The maine coon is a very large domestic breed of cat. The maine coon has a unique physical appearance that is different from that of any domestic cat breed anywhere in the world. 

The maine coon is also very good for hunting, and a lot of other activities, this is one of the oldest breeds of cats in north america that came to be through natural means. 

This cat breed is actually native to the US state of Maine (this is where its name originated from), the maine coon is also the official state cat of Maine

The origin, and date of the maine coon remain a mystery as there are no records as to how they were born. This has created room for a lot of stories, and conspiracies as to how maine coon cats came to be, or how they were introduced to the United states. 

The most credible of all the stories, and theories that have been going round about the origin of maine coon is that they are very close in relation to the Norwegian forest cat, and the great siberian.

The maine coon became popular in the 19th century when they were used in cat shows. After a while, however, the Maine coon became threatened with the introduction of long-haired breeds of cats that came along from overseas during the early 20th century. 

The maine coon has again made its appearance in a wonderful comeback, and is now one of the most popular breeds of cats in the United States of America. Due to the fact that this cat is very large in size, and sociable, it has earned a nickname from the United States as the gentle giant. 

Maine coon have body features that differentiate them from every other breed of cat in the world, they are characterized by having a prominent ruff that runs along the chest area. 

The maine coon has a rather robust bone structure which makes it look way bigger than Bengal cats, as Bengal cats are big but may look small sometimes due to their masculine structure.

The maine coon also has a body that is rectangular in shape. This breed of cats has an uneven coat that has two layers with long guard hairs that runs over a satin undercoat which is usually silky, these cats also have a very bushy tail that is quite long as compared to other domestic cats. 

The Maine coon cat breed comes in a wide variety of colors, due to pedigree, the colour lilac, and chocolate have been banned.

The Bengal cats are a breed of cats that are large in size, and they have very muscular features as well, although the Bengal cat is big in its own turf, it is not as big as the Maine coon cat. 

Maine coon cats, and bengal cats are similar sized breeds, but the maine coon cats are more giant than the bengal cats. If for any reason these two breeds should cross, they would give birth to kittens that are large in comparison to the average cat, or cats of any other breed.

In the rest of this article, we would be taking a closer look at the Maine coon cat, and the Bengal cat to further highlight their differences.

The Growth of Bengal Cats


Bengal cats are amazing creatures that would bring joy, and liveliness to any home. The Bengal cat is a rather new breed of cats in comparison to other domestic cats, it is still new to a lot of homes, and regions. 

The bengal cat is a domestic cat born from the crossing of the asian leopard cat, and the spotted Egyptian mau. This cat is a hybrid. The name of this breed comes from the leopard’s taxonomic name.

Bengal cats have a very sweet nature, and a rather wild looking appearance. These cats grow to be very large due to them being a very muscular breed, Bengal cats could weigh as much as 5 – 7kg (11 – 15 lbs). 

Bengal cats have hind legs that are a bit longer than their front legs. They are known to have large, and oval feet, the tail of the bengal cat is thick, tampering down to a black tip. The males of bengal cats are larger than their female counterparts.

Bengal cats have a golden shimmer which could be traced to their leopard ancestry, they have a broad head with a modified wedge, which is more longer than wide. The bengal cats are a breed that has small ears, and whisker pads that cannot go unnoticed. 

They have black rimmed eyes that are almond shaped, and can range from so many colors. Bengal cats have eyes that could be seen in a wide range of colors from golden to deep green.

In height, Bengal cats could grow as much as 13 – 16 inches tall. One of the major traits of the Bengal cat, and one of their most noticeable traits is that they are a breed that has spots that are similar to leopards, or rosettes.

The size of a bengal cat when it is fully grown depends on a number of factors, the primary factor is which family of cats were used in the family line, or ancestry. 

Despite the fact that bengal cats may appear larger than they actually are due to their masculine features,they are actually not too bigger than the average domestic cat.

The Maine Coon Cats

maine coon


The maine coon have a few other names by which people know them. They are also called the gentle giant due to their very large size, almost like giants, and the fact that they are very sociable creatures. 

The Maine coon are also known as the American long hair. This breed of cats is the original breed of cats in the United states of America.

The way these cats came about, or got their heritage has remained a history till date, this is a factor that makes the Maine coon cats even more fascinating. 

There are a lot of stories and hearsays on how the maine coon cats came to be, and how they got to the United states.

As the years went by, people have come to generate a common belief that the Maine coon are part racoon ( this statement is genetically impossible) , or that the Maine coon is a breed that is part bobcat, and also part domestic cat ( this is also genetically impossible). 

The truth, however, remains that no one can say for sure which cat mated with which to give birth to such a wonderful cat that has come to be loved in so many homes today. However, there are a lot of accurate facts, and details that are known about the Maine coon cats. 

The Maine coon is the largest breed of domestic cats in the world presently, this breed of cats grow longer than any other cat breed. In domestic cats, maturity is reached at about 1½ years of age, or two years for extreme cases. 

While in Maine coon cats, they might complete physical maturity after about 2 years, this is not always true for Maine coon cats as some can keep growing till they are 4 years. This is usually the highest age of physical growth in Maine coon cats.

Studies have shown that the male Maine coon cats grow to be bigger in size than the females of their breed. Male Maine coon cats have an average weight of about 15 – 25 pounds when fully grown, while the female Maine coon cats can grow as large as 5 to 12 pounds. 

Male Maine coon cats have an average height of 10 – 16 inches, and could grow as long as 40 inches. The female Maine coon cats have an average height of about 8 – 14 inches, they could even grow to the same length with the male Maine coon cats. 

There is no proven way to determine the exact size of your Maine coon cat, due to the fact that the genetic properties of Maine coon cats remain a mystery, it’s nearly impossible to determine some things about the breed, and make accurate predictions concerning their growth.


Maine coon cats are the largest breed of domestic cats in the world presently, making them bigger than Bengal cats.

However, Bengal cats are very relative to the Maine coon cat in size. Going through this article would equip you with adequate information concerning the two breeds, and their characteristics. 

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