10 Best Dog Bed For Chewers [2021]


Dogs are so friendly; they are regarded worldwide as man’s best friend.

If you have a dog as a pet, you must have discovered that though a dog is often a man’s best friend, they can be quite expensive friends. 

It can be quite expensive to properly care for a dog. If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can ask Oprah Winfrey.

She is said to have set aside 30 million dollars to ensure that her dogs are well kept. 

Amongst the innumerable things that contribute to the cost of caring for our pets, their often destructive behavior is of major concern. Chewers are so called because of their habit – chewing. 

However, these dogs are extremely cute, so they always get away with it. Most chewer – breeders purchase chew toys to ensure that their dogs stay away from the valuables within the home. However, your dog might be selective in terms of chewing material.

It might decide that it’s favorite chew toy is your bathroom slippers, or your sitting couch, or even its own sleeping bed. Most dogs can’t resist the urge to chew, so the best you will be left with two options. 

The first option, which is unthinkable for most, is to get rid of them. The second option is to change the quality of their favorite chew toys. In this article, we will discuss durable beds for chewers.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Beds?

dog bed

Dogs chew on objects for multiple reasons. A dog may chew on its bed due to boredom, or just plain playfulness.

Your dogs may also chew during teething. Teething begins once your puppy gets to two weeks of age, and ends when it gets to 8 months. 

This period can be very discomforting for dogs, and in a bid to ease their pain, the chew on anything they can find.

What you need to do when your dog is teething is use whatever means possible to ease its discomfort. 

Do not try to pull out their chew objects as this may pull out their teeth. Your dog may also chew on its bed due to behavioral traits. If your dog is a chewer, and more precisely, chews on its bed, do not get frustrated. 

All you need to do is select better bedding material for your dog. You want to design your dog’s bedding with materials that are difficult to grip.

This will serve as a control measure to deter its chewing habit, and prevent bedding damage.

As you can probably tell, there will be periods within your dog’s lifetime when it will be necessary for it to chew on toys, or furniture.

Denying them the opportunity to chew on their beds will not deter their chewing process, but direct their attention to other chew objects, and chew toys – preferably chew toys.

Now unto business; what is the best bed replacement for chewers?

There are two things you need to consider when selecting beds for chewers. First, you need to ask yourself if the bed is durable. 

Will the bed be able to withstand the strain of gnawers, diggers, and shredders? Secondly, you want a bed that is cozy enough to ensure that your pet enjoys napping on it.   

10 Best Dog Beds for Chewers

Most people do not believe that indestructible beds exist. However, that does not change the fact that beds exist which will stand the test of time – a bed that will not be destroyed by the shredding, and digging action of your pet. 

The action of chewers negatively impacts both dog, and the pet parent. For one, as the pet owner, you probably bought the bed in preference to other needs which need your attention, only for you to come back a couple weeks later to find the same bed in shreds and your cute pet lying in the midst of the wreck it created. 

We understand the feeling perfectly, and that is why we have created this article that presents the 10 best beds for chewers. As we stated in the previous section, although some dogs are natural chewers, most dogs chew on their beds out of anxiety or boredom. 

For this type of dog, it will be better if you identify, and eliminate the cause of their discomfort. In the latter sections of this article, we will give you a few pointers that will help you deal with dogs experiencing anxiety, and boredom.

Bear in mind that the beds we will discuss in this section are not meant to deter the destructive habit of your dogs.

These beds are built to withstand the constant gnawing, chewing, or digging actions of your dogs. It won’t stop them from chewing, but it will save you the cost of constantly replacing dog beds.

10 Best Dog Bed For Chewers [2021]

1. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed


When most people hear the term indestructible beds, they immediately think metal beds. However, indestructible beds still incorporate an element of comfort. We have chewers, diggers, and gnawers. 

Some beds can withstand the trio, while other beds are built to withstand a single destructive action. You need to always identify the limits of your dog beds during purchase. For instance, the PetFusion ultimate dog bed was built specifically for diggers. 

If you get this bed for chewers, it might not last as long as it ought to. This bed is best for adult dogs who are moderately destructive.

2. Ruff ‘N’ Tuff dog bed

This bed can be used both within, and outside the home, because the cover for this bedding is water resistant.

The ruff N tuff dog bed comes with an indestructible bed cover that will withstand the chewing and digging action of your dog.

The zippers of this bed are concealed because dogs love to meddle with zippers. This bed is extremely comfortable and fairly durable.

3. Kuranda Indestructible Elevated Dog Bed

These beds are extremely efficient dog beds. They were designed to withstand the chewing action of the most destructive dogs, and they come with a 1 year warranty – how’s that for assurance? 

These beds are certified by animal shelters, so you know that they will withstand the chewing action of your fluffy puppy.

Kuranda Dog beds are designed with heavy duty tubular support. This frame prevents contact between the dog and the bed fabric.

The tubular support for Kuranda is made of either aluminum pipes or PVC. Flexible PVC has a tensile strength of 25 Mpa, while aluminum has a tensile strength of 90 Mpa. Kurama beds produced from either material will easily withstand the chewing action of your dogs.

After purchasing the Kuranda beds, you will have to assemble them yourself.

You can get a DIY tutorial from YouTube. Kuranda beds are very attractive, and they will give your pet a lot of room which it is sure to enjoy.

4. K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Dog Bed

These beds are near – indestructible. However, the covers for these beds may sustain damage within certain circumstances.

The company offers a 90 day warranty for the covers. K9 ballistic beds come in multiple colors. You can select colors that will match the design of any section of your home.

These beds are designed to sustain the comfort of both the pet, and the pet parent. It is easy to clean, and set up. It is relatively large, so your dog will have a lot of space for movement, and comfort. 

However, the large size of this bed also means that you will have to designate a special portion of your dog as K9 ballistic beds do not fit into any kind of space.

5. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

This bed comes with two layers. The first layer consists of a breathable liner for the shredded foam.

This layer is then covered with a waterproof, machine – washable tough denim cover.

This bed will definitely stand the test of time. It will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

6. K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

Unlike the K9 Ballistics tough rectangular dog bed, this bed is portable. It is an excellent choice for travelers. 

Most dog beds are indestructible, but large. Bear in mind that the equipment used in the creation of these beds is not as strong as that of other K9 ballistic products. 

Hence, limit the use of the tough dog crate pad to moderate chewers.

7. Carhartt indestructible dog bed

This dog bed will withstand years of constant chewing. The bed is both portable and lightweight.

The Carhartt dog bed comes with a non toxic water repellent coating. It is an excellent choice for any dog parent.

8. Big Barker Orthopedic Sleek Dog Crate Pad

This bed is made from military based materials. The bedding cover is designed with military based fabric.

These beds are very durable, and will withstand the actions of the mist aggressive chewers.

9. Dogzilla Rectangular Lounger Bolster

Although this bed is indestructible, its key feature is the level of comfort it delivers.

The dogzilla rectangular lounger bolster is made from recycled polyester fiber.

10. Orvis Tough Chew Indestructible Bolster Dog Bed

If you are looking for durability, you have found it. O

rvis is so confident in their dog beds that they give full refunds if dogs manage to tear the bed covers.

These beds are made of micro-velvet and rip-stop nylon. Unlike most dog beds, you can wash the entire Orvis dog bed.

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing His Dog Bed

We mentioned earlier that if your dog is a chewer, it will chew on anything in sight.

While this may be a healthy habit in rare circumstances, it is often hazardous to the health of the dog, and the finances of the pet parent. 

For instance, when your dog chews on its bed, it will definitely ingest part of the bedding. This can lead to serious health issues, it may even cause death.

The key to controlling the chewing problem of your dog is understanding. You need to know when your dog is a natural chewer, and when your dog is chewing to suppress anxiety, or boredom. 

In this section, we will discuss a couple tips you can use to suppress the chewing habit of anxious, and bored dogs.

Anxiety – Induced Dog Bed Chewing

If your dog chews due to anxiety, you need to identify and eliminate the stressors upsetting your dog.

If you can properly identify, and eliminate these stressors, you will greatly reduce the chewing habit of your dogs.

Dogs are relatively territorial. When kids or other pets get into your dog’s personal space, it will naturally get upset. 

While some dogs react to these situations by barking, others resort to chewing. What you want to do in this situation is create boundaries.

You can also use behavior therapy to solve your dog’s chewing problem. For instance, you can leave electrical appliances turned on while you’re gone. 

Music is a great way to soothe your dog’s anxiety. You can also use games to occupy its time. 

Aggressive strategies such as punishments will not work on chewers – especially chewers with anxiety problems.

Boredom – Induced Dog Bed Chewing

Another cause for chewing is boredom. Dogs are energetic animals. They will always need an outlet to pass off the energy that keeps building within them. 

If your dog is bored, you need to spend more time with it. Play with him vigorously for at least an hour before you put him to bed.

As long as you can keep the mind of your dog occupied, it won’t resort to chewing. Do not keep it in a crate for long hours. 

Even if you put your dog in his crate, ensure that he has enough play toys. 

There are numerous interactive dog toys that will keep the mind of your dog constantly stimulated.


Dog beds are an excellent way to preserve the well being of chew – dogs and prevent excessive spending on the part of the pet parent. In this article, we discussed the ten best dog beds for chewers.

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