10 Best Dog Poop Bags With Handles (Guide 2021)

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A single 75-pound dog produces approximately 500 pounds of poop a year. We have to come up with a better means of disposing dog poop.

What do we, as pet parents who are concerned with the environment, do to handle this stinking problem? 

We can’t just leave the poop sitting there!

But we also don’t want to contribute to the incredible amount of pet waste that ends up in landfills.

There are three basic options for removing your pup’s poop. You can throw it away, compost or bury it.

In this article, we will focus on the first option. We will be presenting eco-friendly poop bags that come with handles.

Why You Need Dog Poop Bags With Handles

If you have a dog, it poops, and you have to clean up that poop somehow.

No matter how adorable your pooch is, tidying up after a walk will always be gross, so naturally you want to make the process as quick, easy, and hygienic as possible.

And dog poop bags assist you do exactly that.

You might think you’ll let the dog poop lollygag around goodbye as it’s in your own yard, but remember — it doesn’t just dry up and disappear, but gets washed away by rain, contaminating runoff and eventually the water system.

That’s why the US Environmental Protection Agency classifies pet waste as a pollutant, alongside insecticide and grease. It can introduce both excess nutrients and harmful microorganisms like parasites and coliform bacteria into rivers, streams, and groundwater. It’s really not good for anyone or anything.

If you have a dog, it poops, and you have to clean up that poop somehow.

But wait — isn’t poop used as fertilizer? Cow poop is, yes, but dog poop can contain hookworms, parvo, and salmonella (PDF), along with a bunch of other parasites. The parasites’ eggs can hang around your lawn for years, which means anyone who is in the dirt gardening, sunbathing, or even just walking barefoot is at risk of getting sick. 

“You can contaminate your garden with the parasites in dog poop,” explained Nannette Dickerson of Healing Paws Veterinary Hospital. “You definitely don’t want it anywhere near anything you’d be growing to eat.â€

So, yeah, you should be cleaning up after your pooch. It’s gross, it stinks, it ruins lawns, and it can make people sick. Do you really want to be that jerk who leaves dog poop lying around? No. No, you do not.

What Makes a Good Poop Bag

The number-one thing a good poop bag needs to do is contain your pup’s business with no leaks or tears. It needs to be easy to separate from other bags, whether that’s on a roll or in a box. 

Opening the bag shouldn’t be frustrating or time-intensive, because nobody needs that stress when their hands are that close to dog poop. 

A good bag should also be simple to tie shut, not only to avoid unfortunate leakage but also to prevent getting side-eye from your neighbors as they wonder what’s taking you so long to get that mess off their grass.

Beyond that, the attributes of poop bags are largely a matter of private preference: does one need a scent to cover up the eau de merde, or would you prefer a thicker bag that simply locks in the odors? 

Some bags claim to be environmentally friendly, while others are utilitarian. Your preferences will likely be tempered by the dimensions and number of your dogs, also as what aspects of convenience matter most to you.

Top 10 Dog Poop Bags With Handles

A good poop bag is leak-proof, traps odors, big enough, and eco-friendly, but not all baggies that fit this description will fit your preferences.

Some love it scented, others colorful, and a few pet parents wish to try new and innovative products. 

Whatever your poop scooping preferences are, you’ll find the best poop bags on this list.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to business and see which dog waste bags are the right choice for you and your crappy companion.

Here’s our list of top 10 best dog poop bags to bring with you on your walk:

  • Earth rated easy tie poop bag
  • Pogi’s poop bags with easy tie handles
  • 72 Tie handle Poop Bag
  • Easy-tie handle pet waste bags
  • Bark 120 count doh waste bags with handle
  • Scot – Petshop Biodegradable tie handle poop bags
  • Pogi’s earth friendly poop bags for pantries and outdoor waste stations.
  • Ying Delai Biodegradable dog poop bags
  • Compostable dog poop bags
  • Earth friendly dog poop bags

1). Earth rated easy tie poop bag

Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags, Extra Thick and Strong Poop Bags, Guarantees Leak-proof, Lavender-scented, 1 Rolls with 15 Bags Per Roll. We’ve got dogs, and we know where your hands are going. 

We want them to stay safe, clean and poop-free which is why we guarantee these Earth Rated dog poop bags are 100% leak-proof, extra thick and strong! Even though these bags are super tough, they’re still easy to use so you’re not fumbling around when it’s time for business.

The earth rated easy tie poop bag will meet every need of your poop cleaning ordeal. The company pays extreme attention to detail. All of the packaging and inner roll cores are made with recycled materials. 

The box you will receive comes with 120 doggy bags, it contains 8 rolls of 15 lavender-scented dog poop bags, and every dog poop bag measures 9 x 13 inches.

They’re large enough to completely cover your hand and sleeve during pickup with room left over to tie a secure knot within the bag when you’re finished.

2). Pogi’s poop bags with easy tie handles

Our favorite when it involves number two, Pogi’s leak-free bags are extra roomy (clocking in at 7 x 14.5 inches), and eco-conscious—made from oxo-biodegradable plastic that breaks down in 18 months. 

Though you’ll purchase basic rolls, the handled variety makes for especially easy tying off and carrying.

They don’t slot in a mean dispenser, but they’re cleverly designed to dispense directly from the box (which, incidentally, is formed from one hundred pieces of recycled materials). 

The clean powder scent is actually effective at masking the bag’s contents, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around poop while wearing perfume.

3). 72 Tie handle Poop Bag

This poop bag assures pet parents of an easy pick-up experience with our easy tie handle bags.

These power bags are designed with excellent surface design. Once knotted, the bags will remain secure under a significant amount of tugging and pulling.

4). Easy-tie handle pet waste bags

If you prefer knotting your bag handles together? We have a bag for that!

Our easy-tie handle bags are super convenient at a moment’s notice, and therefore the extra-wide opening makes them a perfect fit for both cat litter scoops, and dog lawn droppings.

In addition, the lavender scent is so lovely your guests will think you’ve stocked your home with bouquets of flowers.

5). Bark 120 count dog waste bags with handle

Unlike standard dog waste bags, which are usually attached in rolls of 20, rolls from this company contain 15 bags, which allows the luggage to be thicker (and still slot in a standard-size dog leash dispenser).

This dog poop bag has an arrow that points to the side which will be opened, which saves time (and sanity) when trying to require care of business and continue on your walk. 

These leak-proof dog bags are safe and sanitary, with room to tie knots without risking contact with your dogs business, ensuring your hands stay clean and therefore the contents stay enclosed.

Based on the reports from multiple reviews, customers appreciate that these best dog poop bags are black and not transparent, which conceals the contents better than other pet waste bags out there.

The arrow that points to the open-able side may also be a major plus for several customers.

These dog poop bags are one of the most effective cleaning tools available in the market today. 

Most people believe that it is because they’re manufactured by Amazon itself, and include more poop bags per package than others, making them perfect for both bargain hunters and people preferring to refill, instead of regularly re-order products.

6). Scot – Petshop Biodegradable tie handle poop bags

This is the latest release from the Scot-Pet shop range of dog waste bags. It offers medium to large eco friendly dog waste bags with easy tie handles.

Each dispenser box contains 20 rolls of 15 dog waste bags

The scot – petshop biodegradable poop bag is a combination of the simplest of all bags assembled together to bring you these new dog waste bags.

7). Pogi’s earth friendly poop bags for pantries and outdoor waste stations.

While Pogi’s poop bags already made an appearance on this list, these are a bag of a different ilk – they’re not for your dog so much as everyone else’s dogs.

After all, we’ve all been in positions where we’re on the street with a pooping dog and we’re all out of poop bags. 

Maybe you thought you grabbed one before you left or maybe your dog pooped twice and you only had one bag on you. Regardless, it’s an inevitability as a dog owner.

What do you do? Do you search around for litter? Do you pick up a plastic bag off the street?

Well, no, not if your neighbor has a Pogi’s Outdoor Waste Station.

The good thing about procuring a Waste Station is that, not only are you being selfless and neighborly, you’re also protecting your front yard/garden/sidewalk/whatever from being forever stained with feces. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

8). Arm & Hammer Easy

Tie bags are a more expensive option on our list of best dog poop bags (you’re paying for the brand), but if the brand is important to you then these 8†x 9†bags are an honest option.

With built-in odor-neutralizing bicarbonate of soda, they’re also an honest option for at-home pickup to prevent your ashcan becoming odorous.

9). Ying Delai Biodegradable dog poo bags

If you’re trying to find environmentally friendly best dog poop bags without the handles, then Earth Friendly may be a good selection.

The bags measure 9†x 13†and the rolls fit into your average leash roll dispenser. Our favorite thing about these bags is the non-traditional “ocean breeze†scent.

10). Compostable dog poop bags

Although, this is one of the costliest dog poop bags in today’s market, these are well worth the cost if you’ve got a robust gag-reflex since the thick 7†x 15†bags are extra-thick.

We don’t like that these aren’t eco-friendly, but they come with handles for straightforward tying.

Earth friendly dog poop bags

Second one of the top rated dog poop bags is from a company that even has an environment-friendly name, Earth Rated.

Earth rated poop bags fit into standard leash dispensers and feature a lavender scent, but unscented bags are also available.

These dog waste bags are both easy-to-open and detach from the roll, making them a great option for dogs who don’t like to slow down after they take care of business. 

The packaging and core of every roll are both made up of recycled materials and therefore the bags are earth-friendly, biodegradable, showing that the corporate doesn’t skip even small details when considering the environment.

Customers who have tested various brands of biodegradable poop bags for dogs claim that these are the simplest currently available on the market, and customers who have tried these best dog poop bags as their first option never feel the need to switch to other brands. 

Pet owners who undergo an outsized amount of dog waste bags feel they will use these worry-free due to the earth-friendly materials and recyclable packaging.


When it comes to cleaning up dog poop, you want to go for the best gear available. 

Poop bags with handles will offer you comfort while you deal with your dog’s business.

What’s more, you won’t have to feel its warmth as you dispose of it. Enjoy! 

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