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10 Best Retractable Dog leash For Pit Bulls

If you own a Pit bull, you are probably aware of their stubborn behavior. Pit bulls can be very aggressive when they want to, they love to chew and pull on their retractable leashes as well. 

Due to their stubborn nature, and well built up bodies, conventional retractable leashes will not work well on them.

We all love our fur babies, but if we don’t take out the time to seek out the best gear and accessories for their natural behavior, they might run out of control.

Thus, we’d like to present retractable leashes that are particularly durable, sturdy and may withstand their solid love.

Pitties can grow to weigh 85 pounds as adults, and that they have a robust muscular built. They become difficult to regulate, and guide once they get into a playful mood during a walk.

Additionally, pit bulls also get excited when they see something new so they have the tendency to jump, and pull.

With the proper retractable leash, you’ll be able to effectively control your fur baby in these situations.

Is Your Pit Bull Trained?

Since Pitties are extremely intelligent most can be trained to walk by their owners’ side without a retractable leash. While this is possible, it won’t win you points with your neighbors.

For the comfort and safety of your neighbors, it is best that you keep your dog on a retractable leash.

Most dog collars tighten under pressure. When your bull pulls and tugs on its retractable leash, it would only tighten further.

The end result will be a bull with a strained neck. If your pit bull has been trained, you have nothing to worry about. However, if your pup loves to pull, and tug, it will be best if you get a harness along with the collar.

Retractable leash Length


The length of the retractable leash is important especially when around other people in public. 

You definitely don’t want to get a retractable leash that is too long. It could allow your Pittie to go running towards others and scare them to death. Although, as a Pittie owner, this scenario does sound quite funny but should be avoided.

Strength of the Retractable Leash

If your dog likes to walk by your side you don’t have to worry about him tugging and pulling on the retractable leash. As long as he doesn’t get distracted, he won’t pull on the retractable leash.

If he does get distracted, you will need a retractable leash that is strong enough to keep him close. Pit bulls are heavy. You need a retractable leash that is strong enough to handle its weight and strength.

The Material

If you own a pit bull, you already know that they can destroy almost any toy or object easily. Selecting the right retractable leash for your baby will require a little instinct on your part. 

Think of your dogs chewing prowess when selecting a retractable leash. If you believe that your dog will easily cut through your retractable leash with a couple bites, then you want to go for strong retractable leash materials.


As a pet parent to a Pittie, you know he has his own personality. This personality might be expressed with the colour and elegance of the retractable leash. If your dog is playful, perhaps a colorful retractable leash is going to be a fun accessory. 

It might even help other pet parents lessen their fear of your adorable, sweet and caring dog.

Health Issues to Consider When Selecting Retractable leashes For Pit Bulls


Pit bulls are generally a healthy breed with few ailments. However, one health issue that ought to be considered when choosing a retractable leash is Hip Dysplasia. This health condition is usually inherited from their ancestors.

It doesn’t mean all Pit bulls will get Hip Dysplasia, but it’s best to adopt preventative measures early. Hip Dysplasia is a malformation of the socket, and ball joint. Pit bulls use their hind legs to leap, walk, run, sit and live their life.  This health issue is the most devastating thing that could ever happen to a pit bull.

It is important that you select good retractable leashes. In the following section, we will present the top 10 retractable dog leash for pit bulls.  

10 Best Retractable Dog Leash for Pit Bulls

1. Primal Pet Gear 2 Handle Dog Retractable leash

Primal Pet extra-long two-handled retractable leash gives pittie owners complete control over their fur babies.

This retractable leash is easy to handle. It has 2-handles which allow pet owners to enjoy maximum control of their bulls by applying the least amount of force.

This retractable leash is very comfortable. It comes padded with high – quality materials.

It’s ideal for runs, long walks, or something to regulate pit bulls retractable leash aggression, consider buying this one.

2. Petacc Retractable Dog leash

Retractable leashes like this one from Petacc allow pit bull owners to shorten and extend the strap automatically. 

This leash can retract the length at a tension which is light enough to permit your pup to tug for a little bit. Secondly, there’s also a lock button to line a preferred range.

When your pittie gets close to people, and other pets, take extra caution to keep your bull from getting knotted around them. This leash is excellent for exploring trails and fields. 

The adjustable length of this leash will afford your bull the freedom to sniff around as you explore parks and fields.

Lastly, it’s made from durable nylon rope with comfortable ergonomic handles. These features will keep you and your pet strain-free all through your walks.

3. Max and Neo Rope Retractable leash Reflective 6 Foot

If you’re looking for the simplest walking, or training retractable leash, the Max and Neo Reflective Nylon pitbull Dog retractable leash is your most suitable option. 

For starters, it will keep both you and your pup comfortable throughout the entire walk. The materials used to design this masterpiece will withstand the stubborn pulling action of your bull.

It comes with double-sided reflective stitching. This feature increases visibility in poorly lit areas. It comes in multiple colours. 

You can find the Max and Neo Rope retractable leash in five different colors, 2 width sets, and different lengths.

This Max and Neo Rope Retractable leash comes with a cord that’s made up of thick nylon material that’s weather-resistant and very tough. 

Thus, Max and Neo Rope retractable leash is among the best retractable leashes the 2021 market has to offer.

4. Obedience Recall Training Agility Retractable leash

This vibrant colored retractable leash will definitely boost your Pitties fun personality. Color choices include orange, red, green, blue and black. The retractable leash is 5/8” wide and 50 feet long. It’s excellent for obedience training.

Since training can be challenging for some pitties, this retractable leash makes it easier especially when teaching your dog recalls. 

It has a convenient swivel-style bolt snap that resists twisting which is very helpful during obedience training.

The cotton web material and style are strong and sturdy . It will get you through obedience training sessions and beyond. If your Pittie likes to chew on the retractable leash, this one will survive.

The length of the retractable leash will ensure that your bull doesn’t run off during training. You can even take him to a park with open space to show him the “come here” command and other sorts of training.

Although this retractable leash is specifically designed for training purposes, it’s also very helpful at dog parks. Most people feel safer around Pitbulls if they’re on a retractable leash.

If you bring your dog to the dog park and don’t want people to go away as soon as you arrive, you will find this retractable leash extremely handy. It’s long enough to play fetch and allow your dog to run around with other dogs.

This leash will boost your confidence. You will have complete control of your dog even when he is around strangers, and other dogs. This retractable leash latches on securely to a harness or collar easily which provides you peace of mind.

5. Extra duty Dog retractable leash

This retractable leash for Pit bulls will definitely make your life as a pet parent easier. 

Although your beloved Pittie is adorable, you will still have your hands full every once in a while. It measures 6 ft in length, and is 3mm thick.

The handle has a padded handle that makes it comfortable to grip. This is very helpful for pet parents that have a difficult time holding on to the handle. This Pit Bull retractable leash is formed with a rugged construction which makes it highly durable.

It also provides a security measure that protects you and your dog in the dark. There are two reflective seems on both edges of the retractable leash that are visible in the dark. This is an added feature that really does help at night.

Although this retractable leash is durable and powerful, it’s also lightweight which makes it a dream to use. It is also weather resistant and may be utilized in any environment.

It can also be used as a training tool to ensure that your dog walks side-by-side with you every time you stroll through parks, and open spaces. The loop handle allows you to urge an honest grip. You can even wear it bracelet style.

6. Nylon Rope Slip Dog Retractable leash

Do you have a difficult time transferring your dog to the crate? 

If your Pittie tries to take off every time he senses you are going to leave the house, and he is going to spend time in his dog crate, this Pitbull dog retractable leash is the one for you.

The rope slip dog retractable leash easily slides over any size neck comfortably. It’s an excellent way to prevent your dog from running the other way when it’s crate time.

It’s a superb alternative to the Pitbull chain retractable leash. This retractable leash is made of soft nylon that is braided to give it strength and durability. 

It’s very flexible which makes it easy to maneuver, carry, use and place in storage. The leather slide allows you to regulate the collar to suit your dog’s neck size without choking him or causing discomfort.

You can also use this retractable leash for training purposes and to correct your dog’s behavior. It has a gentle touch, but it will still pass the message across. 

If you take your dog to a professional dog trainer, bring this stylish retractable leash along with you in your bag. The trainer will assist you use it as a training tool.

Overall this retractable leash is colorful, stylish, soft, durable, and easy to use.

7. Sparkly Pets Heavy Duty Rope Retractable leash

If you want a heavy-duty retractable leash, this product from Sparkly Pets is the most suitable option for you. It’s made for strong and large dogs just like Pit bulls.

This rope retractable leash features an elastic bungee that helps offset the force when your dog starts pulling. There are metallic hooks and leather joints that make it extra sturdy and chew-resistant.

Moreover, it comes with a padded handle so your hands will be safe from constant bruises, burns or cuts that you may incur when your hyperactive pittie suddenly pulls. 

For most pet parents, this is the best retractable leash for pets that pull and those that love to chew.

8. Mighty Paw Hands-Free Dog Retractable leash

The Mighty Paw sans hands canine chain is made to give the best solace to pet parents and pets. To start with, this twofold canine rope has great nylon material that is water-safe and durable. It likewise has an intelligent string around the midriff belt and bungee for better control.

Pet parents love the grip of this wonderful leash. The bungee string permits sufficient leeway to counter the intense pulling of pet bulls while its satisfactory elasticity makes holding and handling aggressive pet bulls relatively easier.

9. Base Pet Gear Extra-Long Dog Retractable leash With 2-Handle

This leash gives pet-parents unlimited authority over their pit bulls. 

This chain isn’t just about keeping a hand on your pit bull. It’s cushioned and is additionally produced using great material to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the entire experience.

10. Pet Lover’s Club Heavy-Duty Padded Retractable leash

This lightweight and sturdy canine rope will give you complete control over your pit bull. It’s made of top notch nylon and is around 6-feet in length.


Choosing the right harness or retractable leash for your dog is essential to his well being and yours. 

The one thing you would like to avoid is being publicly dragged by your bull through the park.

With the leashes discussed above, you will maintain control of your bulls during every walk.