Are Birman Cats Friendly? (Facts and Breed Info)

The Birman is a domestic cat breed that is also known as the “sacred cat of Burma.”

The Birman is a cat with a beautiful color point that is distinguishable by its long silky coat, its deep blue eyes, it also has contrasting white socks on each of its paws. So, let’s answer the most pressing questions about this cat:

Are Birman cats friendly? Yes, Birman cats are known to be friendly, affectionate and loving cat breeds. They were primarily bred as companion cats for generations. These cats are reserved; they like to be quiet or calm. However, Birman cats are smart, sociable, people-oriented, and curious, but they don’t like noise.

The Birman is a breed of domestic cats with very long hair.

The Birman cat got its name from the word Birmanie, this is the French translation of the word Burma. The Birman breed of cats got its first official recognition in France by the Cat Club de France in 1925. 

The England, United States, and a few other organizations have recognized the Birman cat as a domestic breed. 

In England, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) recognized the Birman cats in the year 1966, in the United States of America, the Birman cats were recognized as a domestic breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1967. 

The Birman cat breed is also recognized by two other organizations, the Canadian Cat Association (CCA), and the International Cat Association (TICA) has also recognized the Birman cats in 1979.

There are no real records on the origin of the Birman breed of cats. This fact has created room for a lot of stories concerning the origin of this lovable breed. The Birman cats are claimed to be the companions, or help mates of temple priests in ancient times, Northern Burma in the Mount of Lugh. 

This is the most widespread of their existence, there are a lot of stories known of how the Birman cat arrived in France for the first time. People say it was as a result of cats being given away in pairs as rewards for aiding the protectors of the temple, or it was simply smuggled out of  Burma by Vanderbilt. 

The very first sighting of a Birman goes way back to a Mme Leotardi in Nice, France. A lot of people have this belief, as the stories tell, that the breed of Birman cats originated in a place called Burma ( this place is now known as Myanmar) somewhere in the temples of the ancient times, and alongside priests in peaceful companionship. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people have a contrary belief that the Birman cats came to Europe, France to be precise, from a place believed to be in Asia, which is also the same narrative in a lot stories being spread from other legends concerning the origin of the Birman cats. 

However, despite the wide range of stories, and folklore that is in circulation concerning the origin of Birman cats, there is a strong belief that the Birman cat breed was first sighted in France at a date as early as the 1920s. 

However, there are still a lot of stories, and mystery that lies in the origin of this lovable breed. 

There a lot of cat breeds that have emerged over the years owing to the different desires of pet owners pertaining to special traits, and a need for wider varieties, the amount of cat breeds that could be owned in present time as domestic pets have increased immensely. 

Cats have a lot of traits, and personalities that vary based on the breed of cats in question, they have different patterns, colors, or specific body size, or disposition based on the preference of the cat owner that has interest in getting a new pet. 

Birman cats are a breed of cats that are known home, and broad for their overly affectionate personalities, the activity this breed of cats love the most is daytime snuggle periods with the owner. 

Birman cats have a lot of signals that they could use in communicating with their owners whenever they are depressed, or need attention. Although these Birman cats love attention a lot, they aren’t always clingy, or take a hard time to please. 

A couple of times, all they might need is just a simple cuddle, or a pat on the head which would handle their need for attention. The Birman cat is a breed of cats that is very laid back, and relaxed all the time, although the Birman cats enjoy being played with, and can be seen most of the time chasing other pets around the house.

The Birman cats are very friendly, and lovable. This breed of cats have deep affection for people that usually goes down to their children as well. Birman cats are also very playful, and good with other cats, or dogs. 

Due to this fact, the Birman cat is an excellent choice for families across the globe. In this article, we would be taking a closer look at the Birman breed of cats, and the basic information about them.

Traits and Appearance of a Birman Cat


The Birman breed of cats have a rectangular body that is medium in size, it has a broad face which is beautified by a distinct Roman nose. The Birman breed of cats have ears that are wide at the base, and throughout the shape just as the length. 

The length of the ear is the sale from each side, the eyes of the Birman cat have a round shape which mostly comes in a deep sapphire blue color. The Birman cat has a fur that is medium long, and has a nice silky texture. 

Different from the persian, or Himalayan, the Birman cat has no undercoat, due to this fact they are less prone to get matting.

The coat color of Birman cats is always pointed, except for the contrasting color of pure white on its body, this breed also has cute symmetrical ‘gloves’ on each of its paws that have come to be its trademark appearance.

The base body color of the Birman cats is white first, then cream, most times with a splash of color that rhymes with the points, although this is usually paler. 

There are a number of color points that the Birman cats can come in, these colors include the seal, blue, lilac (usually a rather soft silver-grey), chocolate, cream, or red. A few other variations in this category are allowed, these include the tabby, tortie, chocolate, blue, and lilac. 

In addition to this, there are still a lot of other colors being developed up till date. 

Diet (What do Birman cats eat)?

Same with the way every breed of cat is unique, and different in the way they eat, and the food that is just perfect for them. The Birman cats also have their own likes, dislikes, and basic needs when it comes to food. 

Nevertheless, cats are known to be carnivorous animals, and as such every breed of cat must receive a minimum of 41 different, and special nutrients from their food whenever they eat. 

The diverse proportion of these nutrients that the Birman cats need will vary depending on the cat’s age, the general health condition of the cat, and the lifestyle, or environmental conditions of the cat. 

It is therefore, not a shock when a growing, and overly hyper, and energetic cat would require a different diet of nutrients in its diet in comparison to a cat that is less active, and is a bit older than the cat in question. 

A few other conditions to keep in mind should be feeding just about the right amount of food to maintain the normal body condition of the cat.

This should be in correspondence, and should align with the guidelines of feeding, it should also cater for the individual needs of the cat as pertaining to the wet, or the dry food recipes.

How to Groom Birman Cats

The Birman cats have a coat that is usually soft, and silky. This fur however, is a bit easier to deal with, or maintain than that of the Persian.

Nevertheless, in order to help in maintaining the coat quality of your Birman cat, the breed doesn’t require much, but a simple grooming about once in a week with a good comb, and brush would do just fine. 

The Birman cats are usually groomed from a very early stage in their lives. This breed of cats love extra human attention, and doing fun activities with their human owner. 

The Birman cat needs to be checked regularly by a reputable veterinary doctor, it has to take regular vaccines to avoid unnecessary illnesses, it has to go under parasite control procedures frequently, the Birman cats should also have annual check ups on their health to discover any hidden health challenge, and handle it before the situation becomes critical.


The Birman cats are a breed of cats that are very lovable, and extremely friendly.

This breed of cats would get along with virtually every one possible, they also enjoy a lot of cuddle time, and are sure not to cause any trouble at home.

This amazing breed of cats is a blissful addition to every family of cat lovers around the world.

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