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Are Border Collies Good With Kids? (With Pictures)

If you have a Border Collie and you are concerned about whether it will be protective of your children or not, you will be happy to learn that this dog breed is very gentle and loving.

Are Border Collies good with kids?

So yes, Border Collies are good with kids and love to play with children, while protecting them from strangers. These dogs are alert and smart. Once they’re trained, they can be your children’s best friend.

Border Collies are known as “guard dogs” in some parts of the world due to their long coat and their reputation for guarding people.

border collie with kids

Even if your Border Collie was bred for guard duty, this breed can be quite friendly and loving with children.

That is why when you have a Border Collie, it is important to find out whether it is protected by its guarding genes or if it also has a playful and loyal character.

You can easily recognize a Border Collie when you see one. They are usually quite small and they have a rather short and narrow body.

They are most often brown or cream colored with gray or black markings on their chest, legs, and under their muzzle.

They have a curly tail and they are flat faced with a mane of long hair. On the face, their black eyes and their short ears give a menacing appearance.

Does Border Collies to guard their children? This breed is known for guarding its young and its puppies.

However, this doesn’t mean that they will bark at children, nor does it mean that they will bite children or snatch their toys when they are playing.

As long as you keep your Border Collie on a leash, this breed can be very friendly and well-behaved.

A Border Collie is known for being quite affectionate and a true lap dog. This breed is not known for being overly protective of children or overly aggressive toward them.

This is a good trait to have when you own a Border Collie because it means that your BorderCollie will always be accepted and loved.

In fact, there is even a breed of dog called the Toy Poodle that is similar to the Border Collie.

There are a lot of similarities between the Toy Poodle and the Border Collie including their fluffy coats and thick manes.

As long as you keep your Toy Poodle on a leash, the two breeds of dogs can enjoy playing together in a house or yard.

Because your Border Collie is generally friendly and playful, this breed is well-suited to be around children and adults alike.

They can even be used to be around small animals and other pets like cats.

If you want to be around pets and children and not have to worry about the children or pets getting away from you, then you should consider buying a Border Collie.

You will be able to enjoy a great life with your Border Collie no matter what you do.

The best thing about having a Border Collie as a pet is that they make a great family pet.

You can keep your Border Collie as a family member that takes you out to play at parks and trails all the time and you will be able to continue to care for it when it gets older.

And if you are worried about the dog’s behavior towards children or how well it guards your children, you will be happy to know that you can rely on the dog’s trustworthiness and loyalty to make it a wonderful family pet.

Are border collies good for families?

Border Collie

So why do families love border collies so much?

Border collies have a much laid back, happy-go-lucky attitude and the whole dog is in family attitude, a dog that adores all the members of the family and will not hesitate to come when called.

However, the dogs are generally not very affectionate and are much less social than a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever.

There are some reasons why more people prefer Collies. The breed was bred to hunt and guard properties and it is relatively easy to train a Border Collie.

Collies have a very good temperament that makes them popular as guard dogs, although they are not very good in taking care of children.

It is easier to train a Border Collie to know where your children are and who to watch over them at night.

Border Collies can get along well with children, but as children get older the dogs can become more irritable and aggressive.

While Border Collies has the ability to be good watch dogs, they need time to themselves to run and enjoy the outdoors with you.

As children grow up, they may become the dog’s only companion.

Does Border Collies play a lot? Do they like to sit and rest in the sun? The answer is no.

They are great guard dogs, and look out for your loved ones in the yard, but are not very good in handling young children, hence their popularity as guard dogs.

How do you train your Border Collie to not be aggressive towards small children? Does Border Collies bite? B

Border Collies are known to be very curious and aggressive dogs. These traits are often transferred to children, even when the dogs are not around.

If you’re looking for a guard dog, then don’t take the chance with a Border Collie.

These dogs are also known to be very hyper and have a reputation of being noisy and highly energetic dogs.

They are loud and obnoxious dogs that seem to have no boundaries and seem to like anything that moves.

When you live in an apartment, does Border Collies mix well with your neighbors?

When you’re looking for a dog to protect your family and your home, consider Border Collies and not Border Collies.

While the two breeds have similar coat, look and personality, the Border Collie is more a companion dog and not a dog that you can share a room with.

For many families, Border Collies is perfect companions that they can let out on their own at night.

When choosing a Border Collie, be sure to look at the size and temperament of the dog and select the one that fits into your family.

Do border collies bark a lot?

Many people wonder if Border Collies barks a lot. The truth is, yes, they do bark a lot.

However, how often you hear them barking depends on the dog’s temperament and your surroundings.

When you are in the living room, you’ll notice the dog barking. This could be because they heard something from the door that was just opened or they are barking at somebody.

If they are not trained to be quiet, it can be a very loud bark. However, when properly trained, most dogs bark less.

Some dogs bark all day long. Others only bark for a short period of time.

The key is to know your dog. Do they bark because they are being disciplined or are they simply bored?

There are ways to train your Border Collie to have a much quieter loud bark but you may want to consult a trainer first.

At the end of the day, you will still get to enjoy the interesting characters that you can get your dog to bark at. Your dog may even be trained to use a command word for less vocalizing.

Some dogs bark excessively. It may not be from boredom or an interest in some other type of activity but is merely from aggression or defending a territory.


There are a few different types of training a dog can learn that would reduce the amount of barking they do.

There are even ways to stop the barking altogether. The key is to learn how to properly train your dog.

Vocalizing your complaints about how often your dog barks will no doubt cause them to be scared. Therefore, you should go ahead and be more reserved.

If you vocalize too much, your dog will become confused.

They could start barking louder than normal when you are talking to them or even stop talking because they are getting used to hearing you.