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Can Rabbits Mate With A Mouse (Do Rabbits Cross-Breed)?

Can rabbits mate with a mouse? This question has always been in my mind since I was little.

The mating process of rabbits is rather complicated. And it happens when they’re fully matured.

According to MSD Veterinary Manual, it takes 4 – 4.5 months for medium to large rabbits to be sexually mature, while giant rabbits mature at 6 – 9 months.

No, rabbits don’t mate with mice. Rabbits have a complex mating process, usually about 14 of every 16 days. Some people think that rabbits and mice are the same animal, they’re not. And in fact, rabbits are considered a sub specie of the rodent family.

A rabbit could just as easily mate with a mouse and get an offspring that could be eaten as well.

These animals may attempt to mate with other types of creatures too.

So you may want to keep some other animals out of the yard so they don’t all breed together.

Rabbits do have a tendency to make mating advances on mice, but only when there are internal changes going on or some sorts of stress.

The mice themselves tend to stay away from rabbits unless there is a predator nearby.

Rabbits have a complex mating process, usually about 14 of every 16 days. Most giant rabbits mostly mate when they mature at 6 – 10 months.

On the flip side, Rabbits will sometimes attack the mice. I’m sure they love to eat them though because they look very tasty.

How do rabbits mate?

rabbits mating

Rabbits have a lot of fun in the process of mating. When the time comes to mate, they often try to get the best positions for the mating to be successful.

Sometimes, this means getting on top of one another or lying on top of each other.

It can also mean trying to have sex while lying on top of a person if that person is not into rabbits.

If you are interested in how do rabbits mate, the answer is very simple:

They don’t actually mate in the wild, but rather when two rabbits become comfortable with each other and start hanging out together.

If two rabbits are already friends, they will hang out together without much consideration to who is sleeping on which side.

Where do rabbits mate?

There are always different locations for where rabbits meet and mate.

Many times, these places are private areas like:

  • Backyards
  • Gardens
  • Around trees that are not normally visible.

What about rabbits in the wild?

Rabbits that live in the wild have different mating procedures. They actually groom and have sex in the same way that they do in the city.

This includes the male putting on some of his mane in preparation for mating.

The female is typically receptive to the scent and will allow the male to approach her.

Usually when the male rabbit approaches the female, she will stand still or bend down to inspect him.

Then she will begin to rub herself against him in order to show him that she is attracted to him. This is all part of her pre-mating ritual.

Male and Female Rabbits (mating patterns)

Male and female rabbits have different methods for mating, but most will be quite similar.

With that in mind, it’s important to know that both types of rabbits should be kept separate from each other (not on the same cage or hutch), as they will fight and could hurt each other.

Some things that occur when a male rabbit is mated with a female are as follows:

  • The male will put on some of his own fur, making him look as though he is wearing a suit and has taken off his suit for the occasion.
  • They will usually get on top of one another and begin to rub themselves against each other.
  • The female will also rub herself on the male in a similar manner.
  • The male rabbit will then push the female back off of him, then go ahead and mount the female on his own.
  • Once they have finished mating, they will either take care of the other or fall asleep and lay in each other’s arms.
  • Once the female has settled, the male will begin grooming the female to make sure she is ready for mating.
  • If the male rabbit is in heat, they will often mate while this is going on.

What happens when mating is over?

When the mating process is complete, the female will go back to the male’s den, which will have its own den to sleep in.

The female may stay there until she is completely satisfied with the male and the male’s markings on him.

She may even feed her babies in the den after she goes back to the males house.

Do rabbits mate with rodents?

Rabbits are like other mammals, they will mate with members of the of the same or similar species.

If you were to ask a group of people the most common mammal species that mate with one another, it would be rabbits and mice.

Rabbits are the only mammals that mate with other mammals. The most common of these animals are mice and rats.

If you have never been interested in rabbit or rodent ownership, then you will most likely not understand the answers given to these questions.

These questions are meant to be very informative and entertaining. It is a fun way to keep yourself up to date on the different types of animals that are available and the way they interact with humans.

When you start to understand how the different animals interact, it will help you decide whether a particular animal is right for you.

Keeping a pet rabbit

The first question you should ask yourself before thinking about owning a pet rabbit is how you feel about them being domesticated.

Domestic rabbits don’t have the wild instincts associated with them, but they still have their own personalities.

Many people love to care for and cuddle a rabbit. They will often love to spend time with a group of rabbits, but this isn’t necessarily necessary for them to become domesticated pets.

Most people, however, are more interested in learning how to train and house train a rabbit to be an important companion.

This means that if you have the patience, you could very well get a tame rabbit as a pet.

A domestic rabbit may not have wild instincts, but they still need special care just like a wild rabbit.

To keep a domestic rabbit healthy, you will need to take a lot of the work out of caring for a wild rabbit and put more responsibility on your shoulders.

It will be up to you to feed them, clean them, and take them outside for walks.

If you have never owned a domestic rabbit before, then you may want to talk to a professional who can show you the proper care needed.

Rabbits are a great pet to have and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

How often do rabbits mate?

Rabbits usually do so in the middle of spring or in late summer.

No rabbit will go into heat at the same time so rabbits don’t all come out of heat at the same time.

Rabbits will usually mate about 1 week after giving birth to a baby.

Some species have a mating season that lasts two weeks while others may mate for one day or longer.

What causes rabbits to mate?

Mating can be triggered by several factors. A female rabbit can become stressed if she is pregnant or has been ill.

For this reason, it’s very important to monitor your rabbits’ health closely during these times.

Another reason rabbits may mate at this time is because of environmental changes. Raccoons may also be more active during mating season.

Rabbits have been known to mate several times in one year. Sometimes, these are only a few times but they can still be considered to be a mated pair.

Some rabbits, especially male rabbits, may have up to six babies per litter.

It’s not uncommon for females to produce four babies at once. These rabbits may also produce a litter of a different color.

Mating often will cause a mother rabbit to become very excited and may act abnormally.

If the male rabbit does not have an owner, he may show this excitement by chasing the female, or even going into a defensive position. At times, the female rabbit will produce a litter of 4 instead of 2.

In most cases, this means two baby rabbits and her mother may produce up to 6 babies.

A mother rabbit will be producing more than enough eggs to feed her entire litter.

Exposure to Pesticides (how it affects mating in rabbits)

There are some other factors that may affect this question. Female rabbits that have been exposed to pesticides and poisons can actually change their reproductive patterns.

They can produce less eggs in each litter. This is because they have had so many exposures.

These rabbits are usually fertile again after three months, but they won’t start producing again until two years after the exposure stopped.

This is why it’s very important to keep a close eye on your rabbit’s health and check with your veterinarian for signs of sicknesses.

How the Rabbit differs from the Mouse

Some people think that rabbits and mice are the same animal. They are not and in fact, rabbits are considered a subspecies of the rodent family.

If you want to know how a rabbit and a mouse may mate, then look at the rabbit’s coat. The fur of the rabbit is very similar to that of a mouse and the rabbit also has a small tail.

It’s believed that a rabbit can munch on a mouse just like a mouse can eat a rabbit.

Since rabbits are not carnivores the way a mouse is, they don’t really eat their food. I guess they get a kick out of it and if they do it with a mouse that is not their real meat then that would make a lot of sense.

If you have ever seen one of these rabbits chasing the mouse over the fence that separates your yard from a neighbor’s, then it probably happened to you once.

It is a nice sight to see the cute rabbit chasing the mouse away!

You can always teach a rabbit not to chase mice.

But if you have a lot of them running around, then you might want to let them go after the mice they like. This would seem like a fun and healthy way to enjoy them.

When rabbits do this, they usually end up eating more mice so you could be throwing away a ton of treats that you would otherwise use for your own rabbit.

So it would be a good idea to let them have a little fun while keeping them healthy.

Rabbits and mice really do not compete for a prize in the mating department and there is no need to put a lot of effort into keeping them apart.


Rabbits are really interesting creatures. However, they have a very complex mating system.

As a rabbit owner, you can actually teach your bunny to mate with other rabbits, or as you want it.

Rabbits love to learn. You can help them learn by letting them play in your garden.