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Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets (15 Reasons to Consider)

Do you want to have a pet and you’re not sure of the one you want? You can consider chinchillas.

So, do Chinchillas make good pets? The answer is Yes. Chinchillas are perfect pets for the family because they’re smart, affectionate, easy to maintain. You can purchase a Chinchilla for an average of $250 – $600.

Chinchillas are unbelievable pets that don’t require a high maintenance diet. 

Their fur is very soft. Probably the most smooth in the entire world. You can’t get stress thinking on how to bath them; they can take care of that.

Below are 15 reasons why you should have a chinchilla as a pet.

1. Chinchillas Live Long

If you take good care of your chinchilla, it can live up to 15 years. Unlike some pets that die after some months or years, the chinchilla will give you company for long.

Some of the oldest chinchillas go up to 20 years. Since it is friendly, you can create a strong bond of many years.

2. Fit for Busy People

If you are an active person working the whole day, you can rest assured that your pet is well.

Feed it in the morning before leaving and late in the evening. During the day, your pet is not active and spend the day sleeping.

It’s very busy at night. Unless you’re comfortable sleeping in a noisy place, avoid putting its cage in your bedroom.

3. Chinchillas are Affectionate

They are affectionate and very curious. Their speed of getting used to you will depend on where their origin.

When you get time, at least once per day, let them out of their cage.

Give them company when foraging for food and leaves. You will bond with them more and protect them from any danger.

4. They’re Speedy

Naturally, chinchillas in the wild are always aware of their predators. Their speed helps them survive.

Those in the cage have no difference in terms of speed. When you let them free, they will enjoy running, jumping, and climbing.

5. Chinchillas are Trainable

Once you bond well with your chinchilla, you can train it to use a potty. You require a lot of patience to achieve that.

According to Dr. Hess, once you teach your chinchillas to be more comfortable when around you, they become adorable and fun to have.

6. Chinchillas Eat Low Maintenance Diet

They are herbivorous. Their food is mainly plants and grass. They require food with low fat and sugar but with high fiber content.

Hay and pellets form a good feed for them. Unless your vet ad vices you, avoid food supplements.

You should give it heath treats but rarely. Get a list from your vet of what to give them, and food to avoid. Some foods are very harmful and can cause serious harm to your pet.

7. Chinchillas Have the Softest Fur

According to researchers, in the entire world, there is no animal with softer fur like chinchillas. It is incredibly dense and luxurious. 

If you are allergic to the much dander produced by some pets, you don’t have to worry. You are safe with the Chinchillas.

You chinchilla do not have mites and flee; their fur provides poor habitat for them. Because of the thickness of the coat, the parasites are not able to suck blood.

You have to provide the right temperature for your chinchilla. The thick fur can make your chinchilla overheat.

Also, ensure that its cage has proper air circulation. Note that the heat you are comfortable with can be very uncomfortable for your chinchillas.

8. Defense Mechanism

Animals have a different defensive mechanism. Did you know that chinchilla’s fur is their defense mechanism?

Well, here’s Dr. Laurie Hess explanation:

Whenever predators want to catch them, they release patches of their hair automatically and slip from their predator. For this reason, it is advisable to grab your chinchilla by its hair.

9. Chinchillas Bath Themselves

Never make a mistake of bathing your chinchilla in water. Their dense fur has some natural oil. Once you put it in water, you will strip it off.

Let them ‘wash’ in the dust. It helps in keeping your chinchilla’s coats silky smooth. You can give them a treat of a sand bath. They help the chinchilla remove any possible stress.

If you want to bath them, use an all-natural sand bath not more than twice per week.

You can provide your pet with a dust bath house that is made specifically for chinchillas. With this type of bathhouse, you can easily clean it.

If you fail to bath some pets with water, you will have to deal with the odor.

Fortunately, you will never complain of chinchilla’s odor because they don’t have it.

Funny enough, their poop does not produce bad smell. You can’t say the same about their pee. It usually has a slight odor.

10. Chinchillas are Sociable

Your chinchilla is a social animal and loves company. To avoid making him feel lonely, you can add another chinchilla or more.

They enjoy living in colonies, commonly known as herds. These will help it avoid boredom.

11. Chinchillas Love Food

Chinchillas love eating. It’s fun to watch them as they eat. You can give them raisins in moderation.

It’s their favorite treat. Avoid overfeeding your chinchillas and ensure that the food has the right nutrients.

12. Chinchillas are Healthy Animals/Pets

They don’t get common sicknesses that many pets get. You also need to ensure that they get the right food and clean water.

You need to provide the correct temperature to avoid overheating.

13. Chinchillas Get Along With Other Pets

The chinchillas are friendly animals. Worry less about introducing them to your other pets.

You only need to ensure that the other pets are not chinchilla’s predators. If you want to add another pet in your house, you can consider a chinchilla.

14. Chinchillas are Cheap To Maintain

The only thing that is expensive about chinchillas is the initial budget. You have to purchase and also provide the right habitat for them.

Cost of food, bathing them, cost of treatment is low. It is much cheaper to maintain a chinchilla than some pets like the lab.

15. Chinchillas are not Aggressive

Can you imagine an aggressive chinchilla? Unless you scare them or make them very uncomfortable (then you can expect a bite or an attack), otherwise, they’re calmly.

Their biting is not harmful, and you don’t have to worry about getting tetanus.

You have to worry that it will scratch you or harm you in any way. You should also note that they are not very social with small kids.

Often, children like scaring pets.


Chinchillas can make a wonderful pet. They are affectionate and cute. They require a low cost of maintenance.

They are not aggressive and can move along well with other pets.

They don’t have an odor and are not aggressive.