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Do Pit bulls Like to Swim? What Vets Say

Do Pit bulls like to swim? As a general rule, we are led to think that all dogs can swim.

While it’s correct that upon entering the pool or any kind of water, all dogs will obviously begin to paddle and create the swimming moves which should propel them and keep them plump.

Pit bulls do not have webbed feet — so it’s difficult to float on water.

So do Pit bulls like to swim? No, Pit bulls are unable to swim due to their facial structure, anatomy, and overall limb movement. Pit bulls are generally heavy breeds with thick fur coats, short muzzles, and heavy heads, so they tend to struggle to keep afloat.

The simple fact is, not all dogs can swim and keep their heads above water at the same time.

Swimming is sometimes impossible as a result of the threat of drowning.

Confused? You’re probably not alone! Read on to find out more.

Why Can Some Dogs Not Swim?

There are many reasons for some dogs’inability to swim, and all of them are breed or type specific.

It also has to do with the physiology and anatomy of the dog in question rather than a literal inability to make paddling movements with its legs.

There are two primary reasons for which certain kinds of dogs cannot swim.

1). Brachycephalic Dogs

Brachycephalic dogs are dogs that have an extremely short muzzle, leading to the squashed up, flat expressions on the face of dogs like boxers, pugs, and bulldogs.

Brachycephalic dogs cannot swim with ease or remain afloat properlywith their nose and mouth above the waterline.

They must rotate their head upwards; this contributes to their back end pointing downwards.

It makes them take an almost vertical position in the water and this causes them to sink. The flatter the muzzle of the dog, the more difficult it is for the dog to swim.

However, some brachycephalic dogs may be in a position to successfully swim to a certain level.

2). Dogs With Heavy or Large Heads

Breed standards and the perceived desirable traits of several varieties of dog say that a dog’s head ought to be large compared to the body.

The most obvious case of this is in the bulldog whose head is so large it mostly deliver its young via Cesarean section.

Several breeds are affected and have a particularly large head with a compact bone structure.

Possessing a large head and heavy muscle mass means that when drifting in the water,the dog obviously hints forwards.

Therefore, it cannot continue to keep its head above the water and get rid of buoyancy.

Much like the brachycephalic dogs mentioned above, there are several exceptions; smaller, milder dog of a given breed whose head is more in balance with its body may handle swimming without much difficulty.

Although with bulldogs, it is unlikely. In addition to the two major reasons for a dog being unable to swim, other potential factors could interfere with a pet’s swimming skill too.

Dogs that have short legs, such as the Dachshund, find it difficult to stay buoyant in water.

Also, dogs of any breed that have lost a limb due to an amputation or injury will be not able to remain balanced when swimming.

But… Can Pit bulls Swim? Do they Like to Swim?

Despite the common assumption that dogs are naturally good swimmers,some dog breeds can’t swim.

Like the Lab, water may pose a threat to Pit bulls. Often, a swimmer will start to tire while paddling — even for dogs that are traditionally powerful swimmers. As this occurs, the dog’s muzzle drops.

A Pitbull may not be able to swim or float well because of its stocky build. Its heavy head and chest may make it top-heavy, making it hard for it to swim and keep its heads above water.

Your dog can quickly start to sink. Without quick action, itmay drown.Consequently, you should always take proper dog water securityprecautionswith your Pittie dog.

Many Pit bulls may love to swim while some others may not. It really varies.

It is possible that your dog may like splashing in the shallow shores of a lake while other dogs may do anything to prevent getting wet, or leaping around in the garden sprinkler.

Regardless of whether your Pit bull loves playing in water or not, it’s important to note that water may pose a threat to this breed. As a result, precautions should be taken.

You should not depart from your Pitbull whilst playing in or near water.

You should always equip your Pittie with a dog life vest whenit is close to the water, even when it has got no intention of entering it.

Your dog could literally fall in at one slip, beginning to sink fast without the help of a dog flotation device.

In spite of the assistance of a flotation device, your dog’s safety on the water is not a warranty. You’ve got to keep a close eye on it all times and prevent it from situations where it could be at risk.

Things to Look For in a good Pitbull Life Jacket

When looking for the right life jacket for your Pitbull, there are some important things to take into account.

Not all dogs are created equally. It’s essential to get its activity needs as well as a vest that fits your dog’s unique size and form.

A few things to think about include:

1). Fit and Size

It’s important to be sure that your pet’s life jacket fits it correctly, so make sure you carefully take your dog’s height and weight before getting a new product.

Your dog should be able to move in the jacket, although it shouldn’t be so loose that it is able to slip out.

Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure a proper fit. Search for products with multiple adjustment points because every dog’s body is shaped differently.

2). Buoyancy

The flotation material of a dog life vest is very important, and you would like an item which can do its job in maintaining your pup afloat.

For dogs like the Pitbull, you might choose to look for a vest that offers a flotation aid beneath his chin, which helps to keep his head comfy.

3). Visibility

It is important to ensure your pet’s visibility when in the water. You have to find an item which comes in vivid, high-visibility colors.

Some products also possess reflective features to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

4). Emergency Rescue Characteristics

If a dog falls inside the water, then you are likely to want an easy way to lift it off. Search for products which have straps that are permanent in construction.

These are simply a couple of critical considerations to look for in a good life jacket on the Pitbull.

Remember what works for one might not be appropriate for another, and that every dog differs.


You should always consult your dog’s veterinarian for a professional opinion before using a new product for your pet.

Speak to your vet about significant characteristics to search for when choosing a life jacket for the dog.

It is important to keep in mind that using a pet vest isn’t a guarantee of security and you should always exercise caution as soon as your dog is in or near water.

Never leave your dog unattended once it is in or near water.