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Are Dobermans Lap Dogs? (Facts and Temperaments)

Dobermans, also known as Doberman Pinschers, have a reputation for being menacing security dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a soft spot for their owners.

Read on to learn more about Dobermans and whether they are lap dogs or not.

About Dobermans

Dobermans were bred in Germany during the late 19th century as guard dogs – the second-best guard dog in the world.

Though their exact ancestry remains unknown, it is believed that Dobermans are a mixture of many dog breeds, which include the German Pinscher, Black and Tan Terrier, and Rottweiler.

What Do Dobermans Look Like?


Dobermans have sleek coats, athletic build, and regal appearance. They’re very smart and highly energetic and will perform well as family guardians and companions.

They are a magnificently beautiful animal. Dobermans are square dogs with ample body.

They have a sleek dry coat with precise clean markings. They have a long, arched neck for nobility and balance.

They have dark, almond-shaped eyes that are set fairly deep. Dobermans are dogs with in-built beauty – you can’t find an ugly Doberman though some are closer to perfection than others.

Things to Know About Your Doberman

Dobermans are lively dogs with lots of agility, strength, and speed. This breed of dog can compete with a horse, tree a mountain lion, track faster than a Bloodhound, and maneuver quickly enough to catch a rabbit.

Although very energetic, Dobermans are also very gentle – they will allow a baby to crawl all over them.

They are gentle enough to guides the blind and take their six-year-old mistress on a walk and guide her with mature judgment.

Dobermans are also sensitive dogs, keenly alert to your feelings and wishes. They are also obedient dogs. In obedience, a top-working Doberman can only be topped by another Doberman.

Finally, no other dog breed can compete with Dobermans for cleanliness, speed, and performance.

Do Dobermans Like to Cuddle?

Being lap dogs, it is expected that Dobermans would like to cuddle.

Dobermans are very affectionate and love to cuddle. Based on your dog and how you brought it up, it may only be loving and affectionate towards one member of the household.

However, with socialization, training, and when sufficient time is given to Dobermans, they are more likely to become open to getting cuddles from everyone they know.

Dobermans are extremely affectionate and love to be around their owners.

They do much better going on adventures with their family than they do staying home alone. They are a loyal, trustworthy breed who are playful and enjoy family time together.

Dobermans are great around children when brought up with them, and overall, are a friendly breed that becomes quite attached to their owner.

Are Dobermans Lap Dogs?

Yes, Dobermans are lap dogs and want you to know that they enjoy this role. Dobermans are affectionate animals, but their affection is noble. Dobermans would want to be close to you, to have your hand on its head, to rest his head on your lap, or sit with his back pressing his body as close as possible.

However, you must always respect your dog’s wishes, and lapping or cuddle should never be forced. But generally, lapping and cuddle are what Dobermans want to do.

Why Are Dobermans Lap Dogs and Why They Love To Cuddle?

It’s hard to believe that Dobermans suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress, but that’s the truth.

Sometimes, Dobermans can be so depressed if they don’t get enough love and affection from their owner.

However, lapping and cuddling create an atmosphere of love and affection for your Doberman. Cuddling has also been proven to be healthy for both the Dobermans and its owner.

For instance, when you lap your Doberman and cuddle it, oxytocin, the love hormone, is released into the blood system.

The level of oxytocin in the blood system increases with increased cuddling.

This makes both you and your dog happy, comfortable, and experience lower stress and anxiety.

Aside from eliminating depression, stress, and anxiety, cuddling and lapping make your dog feel more connected with you and reassured.

Cuddling and lapping help to build that mutual trust between you and your dog. Cuddling will also make Dobermans believe they are protecting you by being so close.

Ways to Get Dobermans to Enjoy Lapping and Cuddling More

Here are a few ways to get your Doberman to enjoy your lapping and cuddling more:

1). Touch Them: The first time you bring your Doberman home, try as much as possible to be very tactile with them.

Hold your dog, cuddle it, and pet it. Also, touch your dog in areas that may become a problem later in life, areas such as their ears, teeth, and paws.

Touching your dog in these areas will get them used to it and think that it’s quite normal. Hence, the cleaning and examination of these areas will become much easier in the future.

Aside from getting your dog used to touches in these areas, you’re also forming a bond with your Doberman and letting your dog know that you’re its safe spot.

If more people are living in your household, it’s better to have everyone, even older children, cuddle and touch your Doberman.

This way, your Doberman is less likely to be bonded to you alone but will become close, protective, and friendly with others too.

2). Get Them Socialized: Socialization makes a happier dog and also you’re your dog well-behaved. Note that dogs learn from other dogs even if it’s a different breed.

So, by socializing your dog with others, you’re teaching your dog how to be a dog, how to better interact with other dogs, and how to interact more with you.

Normally, Dobermans are stubborn and always want to take the role. But while with socialization, they would learn dog things and see you as the boss.

Socialization will also help to get your dog familiar with other people. This is helpful if you plan on taking your dog anywhere.

When your Doberman is not socialized, it may become overprotective of you in public, alarmed about others, and may be on guard against every other person when there’s no need to be.

This act could get somebody hurt. Remember, some people naturally love to reach out and touch any dog that they come across without asking the owner if it’s okay. If your Doberman is not socialized, they may try to bite the stranger who tries to touch them.

3). Play with Your Doberman: Playing with your Doberman forms a strong bond between both of you. Playing is a way for dogs to trust and care about their owners.

By trusting and feeling comfortable with you, your Doberman will have a higher chance of cuddling with you.

There are several different ways to play with your Doberman, all of which are important.

You can play fetch, tug, wrestle, or give them mind puzzles to solve. Each activity will strengthen the bond and level of trust that your Doberman has for you.


Now you understand that Dobermans are very friendly and affectionate dogs, they are lap dogs and love to cuddle.

They don’t love being alone and would do much better with their family close by.

So, don’t be surprised if you sit down on the couch and your Doberman hops up and wants to get on your lap.

They don’t seem to realize that they can be bigger than your lap; they still want to cuddle.