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Dog Ate Silica Packet? Should You Be Worried?

The use of meat by-products in dog food has been controversial in the past, especially with regards to the development of my dog’s diet.

However, research suggests that the ingredient may play a part in reducing or even eliminating the risks associated with feeding a high-meat diet to a dog.

According to studies by the United States Department of Agriculture, dogs fed this diet have a lower incidence of cancer and heart disease and have greater longevity.

Of course, this type of ‘meat’ may be in violation of the US Feeding Labeling and Education Act, which prohibits the use of any “specified material” in the development of a dog’s diet.

However, with the national press stories being written about this product, perhaps this may change soon.

That said, this particular brand of ‘meat’ certainly is an interesting ‘bio-grade’ alternative to the usual dry commercial formulas that are sold in stores.

I understand that this product is available in the United States as Nylon Water Beads, but I think they are too small to be useful as dog food. What is truly interesting is that the science behind this product seems to be more related to cosmetic products than to feeding a healthier diet to our pets.

So, why would this make a difference to anyone?

A single package sounds like it would have very little material. But, as I said, the manufacturer of this product seems to be taking it all over the World Wide Web.

In fact, I was just recently introduced to the various types of stickers and bumper stickers that have been made using the name and image of the brand.

The best part of the whole thing is that these stickers and bumper stickers are listed on the manufacturer’s website so that you can purchase them for yourself.  

Can silica gel kill dogs?

silica gel

Well, it is possible and it is an age-old question that has never been satisfactorily answered.

First of all, silica gel was first used for treating a variety of conditions in the 1980’s but it was only recently that it was found to be useful in treating canine sinusitis.

And what many people do not realize is that the gel comes from seaweed which is rich in silica.

Because this product can treat both dog sinusitis and canine cystitis, a lot of companies use it as a way to treat these two problems.

However, there are a few companies that do not understand the differences between silica gel and other medications for treating canine sinusitis and cystitis.

So the question has arisen whether or not can silica gel kill dogs? The truth is that this type of medication is completely safe for animals.

The reason why some people think that this gel is harmful is because many companies make incorrect statements regarding the safety of this product.

However, studies have shown that silica gel does not harm the animals in any way. It is commonly used by veterinarians all over the world to treat a variety of dog health problems and this is one of the reasons why it is considered an effective treatment.

There are no health issues associated with using this gel and anyone that use this product must also consider the medical advice of their vet.

The reason why this question has arisen regarding can silica gel killing dogs is because the gel contains a small amount of pure silica.

Many people have misconceptions regarding the safety of this gel and this is why people think that it will cause adverse side effects if they give it to their pets. However, there are no known health issues associated with the use of this gel and it is completely safe for dogs.

If your dog suffers from a variety of canine health problems or you want to get rid of symptoms like skin irritation, ear inflammation, coughing, sneezing, poor eating and sleeping habits, or dog sinusitis, then silica gel may be the right option for you.

Unfortunately, many pet owners do not know about the treatment and this is why there are so many unneeded health issues that arise in pets when they are given improper treatment.

So the next time you hear whether or not can silica gel kill dogs, take a look at the facts about this product, and understand what the manufacturer is trying to say.

There are no health issues associated with using this gel and it will be very helpful in improving the overall health of your dog.

What happens if dog eats a silica packet?

If you are like me, you may have been watching the news and heard something about the possibility of dogs eating a silica packet. It is a food item used to keep the dog’s teeth healthy and clean.

Unfortunately, it also has been associated with an increased risk of dying of kidney stones.

When my dog ate one of these packets I was surprised and very concerned. This was after all, the first time he had eaten one of these packets in a long time.

We knew that he drank plenty of water, but he seemed to be drinking more water than normal.

Most Canadian dog food suppliers and companies do not recommend that their dogs eat a silica packet.

This is because of the known increased risk of death of your dog from a kidney stone. Most companies do not use these packets in their products.

The first thing I did was check with my vet. He told me that this is an increasingly common occurrence in dogs.

This has become one of the top problems that your dog may suffer from if they ingest these packets.

It seems that dogs that get older and gain weight over time, as well as dogs that are just overweight, seem to be more susceptible to this problem.

In order to determine what happens if a dog eats a silica packet, your vet will want to do a nephrolapectomy, which is where they remove a small amount of the kidney stone.

Sometimes, the dog may still be able to hold on, and be treated but in some cases the dog will not be able to survive.

In most cases, your vet will administer medication to control the pain and help the dog eats and keeps from having another kidney stone.

Because of the known increased risk of death associated with the ingestion of a kidney stone, this medication is usually over the counter and can be purchased without a prescription.

Most dog owners do not even know that these medications exist.


The medication they use helps prevent the stomach acid from breaking down the stone that has been ingested.

After the medication has been administered it is recommended that you gradually decrease the amount of food your dog is eating.

If they continue to have a stone, the veterinarian may need to take them to the hospital for observation.

If they are successful in preventing the stomach acid from eating their kidney stone, they will most likely be able to continue with their food.

A few days after the treatment, they should be eating a regular diet without another stone.