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10 Dog Breeds With Eyebrows (Facts, Care, Temperament)

In case you didn’t know, dogs and humans can have different facial features and these variations can show through the dog breeds with eyebrows.

While they may be similar in appearance, dog breeds with eyebrows are actually quite distinctive.

What do Dogs with Eyebrows need? (Our recommended products)

Dogs with eyebrows cut across diverse breeds and mixed breeds. They include:

German Shepherd

German Shepherds

The Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Scottish Terrier

scottish hound


Miniature Schnauzer




Doberman with eyebrows

Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier – American Kennel Club



Shih Tzu


The Bernese Mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Moving on…

Although the appearance of dogs that possess eyebrows is the same as those who don’t have this characteristic.

A dog with this feature will stand out in a crowd and this is because of their unique coloring and the way they are shaped. Here’s an example:

dog with eyebrows

They are the most eye-catching in appearance and it will be difficult to identify which one is which from afar.

Additional List of Dog Breeds with Eyebrows

1. Cane Corso

Cane Corso

Can Corso as a variety of dogs is one of the most common and this particular breed is known for its slender, long, and shaggy look.

This could be especially noticeable with a long coat that is very full and fluffy, which would be one of the most obvious characteristics of a Cane Corso.

2. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Another breed of dog that could have this characteristic is the Boston Terrier and this one is known for its long and long-haired appearance.

It’s distinguished from other dog breeds with eyebrows in that the average length of its coat is only around one foot or even less.

Eyes are the distinguishing feature of a Boston Terrier and this could be found on each side of its head.

While the forehead would be characterized by a distinctive black line running down to its eye area, the eyes would not be symmetrical.

3. The English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spanie

The English Cocker Spaniel is another dog breed with eyebrows and its distinctive features would be its pointed ears and its curly hair that are generally short and wavy.

This could be particularly noticeable on a dog that has a long coat that is not particularly thick.

The Cocker Spaniel is unique in that its ears are highly mobile, while the Cocker’s body is more balanced and its pointed ears are located in an upright position.

Its eyes are normally horizontal but there are exceptions for this particular breed, which is why the Cocker is also known as the Cocker Eye.

4. Kangaloo

kangaloo dog

Another of the dog breeds with eyebrows would be the Kangaloo. This one is identified by its curled, curly and shaggy appearance but this may be particularly evident on a dog that has a long coat that is stiff and dense.

The tails of Kangaloo dogs are usually on display when they are rolling on the ground or jogging and this is what makes them such a visual attraction.

Their ears may be a bit shorter than the Cocker’s ears but are usually longer and are curved back so that they rest on the shoulders.

5. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Such a combination of curved and pointed ears would be especially striking on a Jack Russell Terrier, which is another one of the dog breeds with eyebrows.

This one is recognizable by its highly flaunted whiskers and a long coat that are a bit thinner than that of a Cocker Spaniel.

It should also be noted that the Kangaloo is a dog breed with eyebrows because it is naturally inclined to be this way, as it has been known to be unique because of its silky hair and its big ears.

While the other two dogs with eyebrows could be equally distinctive, the Kangaloo would be highly noticeable in a crowd because of the unique features it possesses.

To wrap up this section, dog breeds with eyebrows are becoming more popular and are more evident now than they were before.

They are distinctive in terms of their appearance and when they are combined with dogs that have similar features; this may be one of the most noticeable characteristics of a dog with these features.

Do dog eyebrows serve a purpose?

Most people wonder if dog eyebrows serve a purpose. Should we spray them on our dogs? Is it the same as spraying them on ourselves?

Canine eyelashes grow over time and can get out of control. This is why so many dogs have eyelashes that droop down, sometimes dangerously close to their eyes.

These drooping eyebrows are also known as wispy dog eyebrows.

Dogs have been using the drooping brows for centuries. As a result, there are some different practices for treating the condition, some of which work better than others.

They range from using kerosene to burn the eyebrows back to surgery.

The problem with using kerosene for any type of treatment is that it burns away any healthy tissue.

This means your dog will probably scratch his eyebrows more than normal, creating more problems for you.

While laser treatments are becoming more popular, many people still want to avoid burning the eyebrows, and therefore prefer not to use laser treatments.

They may be burned, but at least there’s no discomfort associated with this treatment.

There are plenty of home remedies for treating wispy dog eyebrows. Some work better than others, depending on how the dog was treated.

Burning is the most common practice. If the eyebrows were treated with kerosene, rubbing the burn cream over the eyebrows. If you don’t rub it into the eyebrow, the burn will spread and fade away, causing the eyebrow to return to its normal state.

For those who don’t want to burn their dog’s eyebrows, an alternative is to put them under an ice bath. Put the ice pack under the dog’s forehead and let him sit in it for about 10 minutes.

It should be noted that puppies and old dogs may take longer than others, because they have less collagen in their skin.

A common practice is to try to rub baking soda into the eyebrow to make it look more natural. It does work, but that may be too harsh for dogs.

Surgery may be an option for those who are not comfortable with any of these treatments or want to avoid the pain and possibility of surgery.

When using surgery, the doctor may decide to remove the eyebrows altogether. That means your dog’s eyebrows are gone for good.

However, when you have a more delicate procedure done to fix the situation, the dog will recover better.

Not only will the dog’s eyebrows be gone but the wispyness will be smoothed out to a degree, which makes for a better looking dog.

What is the purpose of having dog eyebrows in the first place? Is it because it looks cute, or is it truly a harmless thing that just serves a purpose?

What dogs have dots over their eyes?

Dogs have different characteristics and traits, which are always different from human. The reasons behind these differences is what determines the different types of dogs that exist.

You will find that a few breeds of dogs have some characteristics that are not like humans. Let us take a look at the characteristics of certain types of dogs.

Different types of dogs have different kinds of habits. Some dogs are well-mannered, while others are not. You can even consider dogs that have different kinds of habits to be different types of dogs.

Dogs with a hunting tendency are those that are used to hunt animals and kill them.

They have sharp senses and they will hunt any animal that they like. This may not mean that the dogs are bad, it just means that these dogs have a hunting tendency.

Dogs with a hunting tendency also have other characteristic such as dogs that are very aggressive.

These dogs may do whatever they like to do and won’t stop until the target is dead. These dogs may even attack anyone who is in their way.

There are some classes of dogs that are known to make use of canine science. These dogs have ways of looking for food or other things that they have missed, which usually ends up getting them killed.

These dogs may not be as well-behaved as other dogs, but they are much better at hunting than other breeds.

Dogs with canine science can also train other dogs. If you want your dog to be good with other dogs, this is the kind of dog that you need.

This dog is very gentle and this breed will make a great companion for children.

Dogs with a social nature are the types that have a great and friendly personality.

This breed will not be able to harm children, which makes them good choices for families with children. As long as your child is very responsible, this dog will fit right in.

Dogs with social nature are also not aggressive. They just belong to a lot of dog clubs and will be accepted by most dogs.

In fact, they are the best choice if you want a family dog that won’t cause problems.

Normally, dogs that have a normal type are those that will live in a happy, stable environment.

This kind of dog will make its home in a secure yard and will never leave its owner when it has the time.

Dogs that are good with children are also a good choice for a family. They will not cause any problems and will always be with the family.

Dogs that are best suited for families are the ones that have good and stable personalities.

This breed is not considered as aggressive as other dogs and will live happily with people. So, why not look for one of these dogs today?

What does it mean when dogs raise their eyebrows?

To understand what does it mean when dogs raise their eyebrows, one needs to look at the explanation of this behavior in the canine family.

There are several theories that dogs raise their eyebrows as a warning, to establish dominance or to show submissive intentions, to scan for potential danger, to look back and forth at each other or to display enthusiasm.

One thing is for sure, they raise their eyebrows when something catches their attention.

It could be another dog, perhaps another human, a person, a toy, a flying object, food or a mouse.

According to several veterinary texts, the raising of the brow in response to something caters to two different aspects.

It can either be an expression of displeasure or delight, or even a warning sign that something’s not quite right with the situation.

These verbal signals are most commonly used to communicate between the members of the dog family, to convey aggression, submissiveness, praise, or warning.

In the case of puppies, dogs raise their eyebrows when they sense aggression in different members of the pack.

There are a number of studies that support this view. Dogs that have a dominant disposition seem to use the raised eyebrow as a warning sign of a potential threat.

In different species, animals are taught how to play and interact with each other. In this case, the dog raises its eyebrows when there is a dominant behavior that will evoke its attention.

Dominance is a major issue in many types of animal interaction. For example, if a pet becomes aggressive towards you, you need to stop this behavior by redirecting the dominant behavior into something more suitable for the relationship.

The lack of natural aggression in dogs is a major factor in dominance issues. It is important to remember that this behavior may vary from one individual to another. Therefore, it is crucial to control your dog through training and guidance.

Although the raising of the brow is usually seen as a visual signal in dogs, it is possible that it has other meanings. Some dogs do have completely different interpretations for the raising of the eyebrow.

Most dogs however seem to use it to detect aggression, in some cases, this makes sense.

If you suspect that your dog is unhappy, it could be a sign that it wants you to know that something is not right.

If your dog begins to raise its eyebrows for no apparent reason, try to take note of what you find interesting. You might find that your dog is alerting you to a new sound, or to an unknown presence in your home.

In order to properly interpret the raising of the eyebrows, it is important to determine whether your dog is feeling threatened or happy.

A happy dog should raise its brow because of a friend or toy, while a dog that is feeling threatened should raise his brow because of an unknown sound or substance.


When your dog is looking up at you, it could be doing so in anticipation of a treat, or maybe to see if you are going to acknowledge them or not.

If you notice this, it could be a clear sign that the dog is happy or feels safe.

We could go on about the various types of behaviors we see in our pets when they raise their eyebrows, but you don’t really need to know that much about this topic.

The most important thing to remember is that raising your eyebrows is not a direct indication of hostility in your dog.