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Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly?

If you’re wondering why your dog keeps following you everywhere suddenly, here’s the answer:

When a dog starts following its owner suddenly, the dog may want to imprint on their best friend — this is common with puppies between 3 and 12 weeks old.

Another reason is for reinforcement; which happens over time when the dog realizes that their favorite food, fun activities, and pat comes from a particular person.

Dogs follow you everywhere for companionship.

Another underlying reason why dogs may be following you around more often is because they’re aren’t comfortable indoors.

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My Personal Story

For the last few weeks, I noticed that Crush (my dog) became so clingy all over sudden.

She never left my side at home and kept on following me everywhere. When I leave her, she could start barking and crying.

For some time, I could not understand the sudden change in her mood and excess affection. I have known her to be independent.

She only barks if there is a stranger. I decided to consult a veterinarian and here are the reasons he gave me.

1. Stress

If you notice that your dog has suddenly become so clingy, pressure could be the reason. If you’re wondering if that is possible, then the answer is yes.

Some of the significant causes include; if your children or another pet start bullying it, If there is a stranger in the house and the dog doesn’t feel secure, If a member of the family keeps on shouting or beating the dog and if there is tension in your family.

All these reasons may make your dog feel stressed-up and want to follow you.

2. Insecurity

Have you been taking your dog for a walk and then stopped? It could be one of the reasons why your dog feels insecure.

The dog is a routine animal. Suddenly change might harm the dog. It may feel unsafe if there is a visitor in the family. It will follow you until it can finally get used to the presence of that visitor.

Sudden clingy can also be as a result of the absence of a member of your family.

It will keep on following you to remind you that the member has not yet returned or is missing from the family. The dog will keep on waiting for the member to return

If you change your schedule of arriving at home, it could be another reason. When at home, your dog will start following you everywhere.

If you bring another pet in the house, the dog will feel threatened most especially if the new pet is unfriendly.

Others reasons include; if your family goes to a new home and if you change the time you give food to your dog.

If you realize that your dog has a sudden change of behavior, you need to check at some of these reasons and see if they might be the cause.

3. Fear and Anxiety

Your dog knows that you are his guardian. Whenever the dog becomes afraid, he knows that you can protect him against any threat. There times in the year that bring anxiety to the dog.

During the Christmas season and New Year, your home is likely to receive many visitors.

People are getting in while others are leaving; these might not go very well with the dog. Some family members might also be traveling at this time. The dog will get anxiety and start following you.

During bonfire adventure, the dog may not understand what is happening and may become anxious.

Naturally, a dog is a very peaceful animal. It is happy just lying next to you and watching your every move. As the dog lies there staring at you, it tries to understand you.

The dog has great affection for you. If you hold a party, it might not understand why there is a lot of noise.

He might not comprehend why there are so many strangers in the house. These will bring tension to him follow you everywhere.

4. Seasonal clinginess

In scorching seasons, your dog may become so clingy. This problem mostly affects female dogs. If you notice the sudden change of your dog’s behavior at this season, you need to spay the dog.

The most advisable time for spaying your dogs is before they reach five months.

If you are wondering what that is, worry less. The veterinarian performs a surgical procedure on the dog, making her unable to get puppies. Before spaying your dog, you decide that you don’t want a breed at your home.

It is a healthy lifestyle choice that you can adapt and protect your dog from heat cycle effects.

Clinginess is temporally and will end immediately the heat cycle seasons ends. Other benefits of spaying your dog include: Elimination bad odor, Reduces the chances of your dog getting some illnesses such as Pyometra and mammary gland cancer.

After spaying your dog, you will not have the stress of dealing with other wild male dogs that usually comes when a dog is on heat. You will also avoid the mess brought in the house by other bitches.

Before deciding on spaying your dog, you need to consult the veterinarian to give you advice on the best time. It can be tricky for a mature dog than a smaller one.

You need help on how to prepare it for surgery. The veterinarian needs to advise you on what to expect after spaying the dog.

You need to know how to handle him and the medication to give him. He should also tell you all the post-surgery danger signs you need to watch.

5. Medication Problem

If you notice that your dog is either too clingy or staying in isolation, it could be a sign of sickness.

The dog will follow you since it wants some consolation or want to feel secure.

Some dogs will hide until they can get well, then they will come to the owner.

You should not ignore when you notice a sudden change of behavior of your dog since it can be a danger sign of sickness.

Other signs to watch are; if your dog suddenly loses appetite, if it becomes inactive and sleep most for so long than usual and if it becomes very lame. Since the dog is not able to explain how it is feeling, these are some of the signs to watch.

You need to seek the service of a dog specialist immediately.

6. Old Age

The life span of a dog is between 10-13 years. There are some breeds like New Guinea Singing dog that lives up to eighteen years. Just like a human being, dog ages too.

Aging weakens their eyes, hip joints, and ears. The dog will start feeling venerable and insecure. He will start following you for security reasons.

Unlike the young dogs that feel independent, the aging dog thinks that he can’t take care of himself.

He wants to stay around you for comfort. He also believes he has a responsibility to protect you. He clings to you to feel more useful and regain your trust.


When you notice a sudden change of behavior in your dog, he might be trying to tell you something.

It could be a sign of insecure, stress, fear, anxiety, or even illness. Age and temperature could also contribute to that. Seek the help of a dog specialist.