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Why Does My Dog Sleep Against Me? The Untold Secret

Does your dog sleep next to you or against you? There are several reasons that make dogs sleep close to their guardians.

The reasons for this are based on the of relationship shared between you and your. A dog often sleeps with an individual that they have a strong bond with. Consider yourself lucky if you’re this person!

If you’dlike to understand why your pet sleeps againstyou, keep reading this post.Inaddition to telling you whether it agood or bad habit, itwill give you answers to why your pet likes to sleep withyou.

There are many reasons that could explain why your dog sleeps against you, or maybe in the same room as you, or even on your pillow.

However, each of these motives can be linked to the concept of dog attachment. This theory revolves around the attachment that dogs feel when they are with their guardians.

This kind of relationship -which is often considered exclusive to humans – can also occur in animals, particularly those that experience a domestication process.

Studies such as the one conducted by Topál, J., Miklósi, Á., Csányi, V. and Dóka, A. (The Famed Ainsworth Test for kids) demonstrated this concept.

This analysis was carried out with dog owners and more than 50 dogs.

It showed that most canines sense an attachment with their owner, just as children would do with their parents.

1.Dogs are Social Creatures

The first thing you must knowin order to understand why your pet sleeps against you is that dogs are social pack animals.

This means that if in group, they would sleep in the wild. Dogs aren’t solitary animals. Therefore,it is instinctive and natural to their species.

In truth, if you reside with more than one dog and the connection between them is great, you would probably have noticed that they never sleep alone.

Most of them sleep on the same bed, or at least, in the the same room, or even sleep with their guardians.

2.They Would Like to Guard You

As already mentioned, dogs are herd creatures. This means that they automatically watch over their owner and protect one another. We are more vulnerable and exposed to different things when we are asleep.

Therefore, dogs want to sleep near or with their humans to protect them, as it is very natural with the canine species.

3. It Helps Them Feel Secure

In a situation that your dog consistently sleeps against or with you, it usually means yourdog feels safe and confident with you.

Being a reference figure, dogs believe that they are safe and can trust you.

4.They Look for Warmth

Dogs really like to feel warm.This is why many dogs love to sleep – beneath the bed sheet – against their owners.

This quest for heat may also be noticed in the afternoon when they lie in areas that are sunny and warm.

5.Your Dog Doesn’t Like ItsBed

Have youever checked if your dog’s bed is comfortable?

Another reason is that some dogs don’t feel comfortable or do notlike their bed. If that is the situation, it’slikely that they will try to find anotherplace to sleep, such as the couch or on yourbed.

If you think that this iswhy your dog sleeps with you, thinkabout getting the dog another bed and placeitnext to yours.

6. Your Dog Wants to Show That It Loves You

If your dog sleeps with you, simply put, it loves you. Your dog adoresthe warmth that you transmit.

It feels safe with you and would like to shield you in return. Sleeping together is among the greatest demonstrations of love. Also, it helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

7.They’re Just Affectionate

I know that this has been touched insomeparts of this content, but let’s go a bitmore intoit.A question comes tomind!

WhatDog Breeds are More Affectionate?

While on the subject of canine affection, we’re wondering if there is any proof that particular dog breeds show more affection for their owners than others.

A simple search on the internet yielded numerous lists. Although there is no scientific method to detect this, it’s my pleasure to come up with six breeds of dog that are considered to be more affectionate.They are:

  • GoldenRetriever
  • Collie
  • EnglishBulldog
  • LabradorRetriever
  • CavalierKing Charles Spaniel
  • BichonFrise

Is It Bad for My Dog to Sleep Against Me?

Sleeping in the same bed as your dog isn’t a bad habit, as long as comfort and proper hygiene are taken into account.

Don’t neglect preventative medicine! Remember, there are parasites that dogs may transmit to people, like ticks and fleas. Therefore, make sure you vaccinate and de-worm your dog according to the recommendation of your veterinarian.

Regardless of the hygiene, you have to consider if sleeping together provides sufficient rest for you and your dog.

Place its bed near yours if you find out that you do not get enough rest when your dog sleeps against you. You have your personal space by doing this.


If a dog suffers from separation anxiety, sleeping together is not recommended.

You fortify this behavior by sleeping with your pet. If your pet suffers from any behavioral problem, we recommend consulting an ethologist or an educator to treat the problem accordingly.