Do Dogs Prefer Wire or Plastic Crates? (Read This First)

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The general belief among most pet owners is that crating is cruel.

This belief has caused most of them to feel guilt each time their pet goes into a crate.

However, crating is not as cruel as most pet parents presume. 

In fact, dogs love the crates. It gives them a sense of ownership, and dominance. The crate is the one place that bears only your pets scent. 

Do dogs prefer the wire or plastic crates? According to the Humane Society of U.S., most dogs prefer wire crates to plastic rates because the modern ones now offer convenience, lightweight, and extra comfort for dogs. This makes them the favorite choice for most pet owners.

Dog crate is a place where he/she can rest and relax.

It’s like a fortress, all dogs want a place where they can make protective shelters for themselves.

Now that we have established the importance of crates to your dog, we are going to discuss which crate is best. 

There are multiple dog crates out there; we have wire crates, plastic crates, fashionable dog crates, travel dog crates. The most popular crates are wire, and plastic crates. 

In the following sections of this article, we will discuss which crates dogs will prefer the most between wire, and plastic crates.

Wire kennels and plastic crates are both excellent products for dogs and cats.

Today’s wire kennels offer convenience and flexibility features that sometimes make them a far better choice for many pet parents.

Both crates are excellent for dogs. Each crate has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages. Wire crates offer a lot of convenience and flexibility features today. 

You have to bear in mind that what is preferred by dogs, and what is beneficial to dogs are two different things. You want your dog to be relaxed during crate time. 

Wire crates


Wire crates are relatively heavy crates. They are designed to allow maximum air flow. This is the major edge wire crates have over plastic crates.

With wire crates, your dog will still feel like he is in the outdoors, and will feel the touch of nature while he naps.There are many factors that could make your pooch prefer wire crates. 

They are also a favorite of pet parents because of the associated ease of maintenance. Dogs are pretty sensitive creatures. In less than no time, your dog will make the crate his own by marking every spot with his scent.

One of the benefits of wire crates is that it can be sized according to the size of your pooch. This means that your pooch won’t have to go through the trauma of losing his favorite personal space.

Wire crates can easily be sized to fit the size of your dog as he grows. This can be done with the removable divider panels. 

If your dog has relatively longer coats, or if you live in a hot region, he/ she will definitely prefer the wire crates. 

Besides the air flow, dogs love wire crates for the view. The design of wire crates makes it easy for dogs to see, and be seen by their surroundings.

The mere fact that they can see what is going on around them will help keep them relaxed. Dogs love this crate for the view, and the air flow. 

However, there are certain deterrents associated with wire crates. In certain seasons, and circumstance, your pet will not be as fond of wire crates. 

We mentioned earlier that a dog crate serves as his personal place of peace and solitude. It is meant to be a sort of cave, but a cave with a clear view of the outside world isn’t really a cave.

You want your dog to feel relaxed while he is in the crate. Dogs are really sensitive animals, if they can see everything that is happening around them, they will remain distracted all through their crate – time. 

In addition, the maximum air flow that heavily coated dogs love will not be appreciated by smaller dogs. If your dog gets too cold, you may have to deal with a lot of medical bills.

Plastic Crates


Plastic crates are designed in different configurations. You can find both open, and closed plastic crates in today’s market. 

Open crates do not come with lids, but they are fitted with a grid pattern which will allow your pooch to see what’s going on around him. 

Closed crates on the other hand, are fitted with either detachable or hinged lids. Plastic crates come with handles, and can be stacked for pet owners who own multiple pets. These crates come in multiple colours.

In general, plastic crates are much lighter than wire crates. These crates can be easily disintegrated. This feature makes plastic crates very mobile. Plastic crates will not offer your pooch unlimited view of his surroundings. 

This crate has holes on both sides. These holes are the only means through which your pooch will be able to view his surroundings while he is crated. 

This limited view will give your pooch more time to focus on resting, and relaxing. Besides the fact that plastic crates block out potential distractions, these crates are approved for airline travel, while wire crates aren’t. 

When newly introduced, all dogs will prefer wire crates, but plastic crates are much more beneficial.

Airline traveling is best with plastic crates. In fact, if you wish to travel by air with your dog, plastic crates will be required of you. 

The quiet den that plastic crates offer keep dogs secure, and confident during flights. The limited view helps keep dogs relaxed. 

Most pet parents argue that the same result can be obtained by placing a blanket, or sheet over a wire crate. 

Your dog will most likely assume your sheet is a chew toy. When you return, you will probably find the sheet in shreds beside your pup.

One of the reasons why dogs prefer wire crates is anxiety. When your dog is in a plastic crate, it’s view of the environment will be limited. 

This may make him nervous, and he will end up with anxiety. It is also important to mention that plastic crates are high maintenance. Plastic crates can easily be broken. 

They won’t fold flat like wire crates, and most importantly, it is difficult to keep this crates clean. 

Importance of Crate Size

Does size matter to dogs? This is a question that most pet parents and veterinarians have pondered upon for months. 

The issue is an excessively large crate size will offer your pup more room. However, most pooches divide this space into resting, and pooping zones.

On the other hand, if you choose crates that are too small, your dog will be frustrated by the limited space. The question now is what size will be considered too small by your dog? 

The appropriate crate size is not one within which your dog can simply stand, and lie down. It should also have room for movement as well.

The perfect crate is one that comes with a divider. With this kind of crate, You will be able to easily adjust the size of crates accordingly.

You want your dog to be free to lie down flat, turn around at will, and stand with at least four inches of space above his head. Once your crate is large enough to do this, you have the right crate size. 

Bear in mind that this size will not seem appropriate for you at first sight, but your dog will find this crate size extremely cozy. 

This will become evident eventually – your dog will begin looking forward to spending time in his cozy den.

As mentioned above, divider panels are often utilized in wire kennels to regulate their size. However, we have to point out here that plastic crates do not come with plastic crates do not come with dividers. 

If you choose plastic crates, it will have to be replaced intermittently as your dog increases in size.

What Do Humans Prefer: Plastic or Wire Crates?

We all want our dogs to be as comfortable as possible because what is good for the goose is good for the gander. However, pet parents have to consider both the long term, and short term comfort of their dogs. 

We have discussed possible reasons why dogs will prefer plastic, or wire crates. However, what your dog wants may not always be best for him. Hence, you have to decide the best crate for your dog based on upcoming events.

Is your pet an escape artist? Will it easily hustle its way out of a wired cage? Is it long coated, or bald? These are the kind of questions you have to consider when selecting crates for your dog. 

Your dog might prefer wired crates, but if he chews on his sheet when the weather is cold, you will have to get him a plastic cage. 

Your decision at the end of the day must be tailored to meet what your dog needs, and not just what he prefers.


Dog crates are a necessity if you want to keep a modern day dog. Crates give them a sense of ownership, not captivity – like most dog parents presume.

However, it is important that you keep your dog comfortable while he is locked up in his crate. 

If you don’t keep your dog comfortable during this period, it will swiftly become a cage instead of a cave.

You want to get your dog what he wants, and in this article, you will learn what dogs like, why they like it, and when they like it.

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