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How Do You Discipline A Ragdoll Cat? (3 Easy Steps)

The Ragdoll cat is a bit of a difficult cat to train, as it tends to think ahead, making sudden changes in direction an extremely difficult task for a novice.

It’s true that this breed of cat has the highest intelligence in the world, but it will not take much for the Ragdoll to lose its balance, so you must be able to keep your patience and persistence up.

As I said before, this is a very difficult breed of cat to train. This is due to their highly developed sense of smell.

Because of this ability, they can detect a person or a situation that they want to avoid long before they actually have the chance to make a move on it.

The best way to discipline your Ragdoll cat is to make him or her know that there is only one way out of any given situation.

And that you are willing to make a sacrifice to ensure that he or she gets what they want.

Training cats to mingle with other pets

Once this training starts, you should expect the ragdoll cat to get along with most other breeds.

Before you start training your new friend, you must make sure that they have had their shots.

This will ensure that they are healthy enough to be an intelligent member of your family.

Ragdolls are not very high maintenance, although you will need to give them a nice, clean, well lit area to sleep in.

If your cat does not have any of these things, you will need to purchase one of those cat condos that you can find at many pet stores.

As long as you provide them with enough shelter and love, they should be fine.

Just make sure that if you ever need to crate train your new feline friend, you do it when he or she is just a kitten. By then they will have become accustomed to being in a cage.

Feed your cat adequately

Cat, Feline

One of the best ways to disciple a Ragdoll cat is to make sure that you feed them enough.

While this may seem like a no brainer, you have to make sure that you do not overfeed them.

If you try to feed them more than they should be receiving every day, they will develop a habit of eating on a regular basis, which will only make it harder to keep them from overeating.

Although they do have a great personality, they can also be quite stubborn and will not understand the reason for your frustrations with them if they do not listen to your commands.

You will need to use a positive approach when training a Ragdoll cat.

In addition, you must make sure that you are consistent and never let your ragdoll cat out of your area to chase other cats.

How to house train and discipline a Ragdoll cat (3 steps)

There are a lot of people that want to know how to house train a ragdoll cat.

These cats are a bit of a challenge to get used to, but they are also very loving and kind cats and a cat who is well-behaved and trained will be a lot happier.

Here are the 3 steps on how to discipline and house train your Ragdoll cat:

1. Be in control

The first thing that you need to do when you are training a cat is to show them that you are the leader of the pack.

Most cats don’t like to be treated like a pack animal so this may take some time and patience, but once you have this down, you can work your way up the ranks and establish yourself as the alpha cat.

If you are constantly fighting with your cat, it may be best to take it to a different house that is more comfortable for it.

2. Train one cat at a time

Another tip on how to house train your cats is that you should only use one cat at a time.

This means that if you have a cat who has already developed destructive tendencies, don’t use another cat with him or her so that you can teach the new cat to be a more responsible cat and not be destructive.

Your cat will get used to seeing the new cat when it cleans up after itself or plays with the toys in the new cat room.

You can get in a lot of trouble if you try to train multiple cats at the same time, so make sure that you use different things when you’re training your new cats.

Cats like to feel like they’re in charge of things so make sure that you don’t tell them too much and keep the conversation lighthearted and fun.

3. Appreciate your cats

Give your cat lots of praise for what it does well and this will help it to develop good habits.

If you have a cat that seems to be napping all the time, it may be a sign of a bad relationship between the cat and his owner.

Cats are very social animals and if you keep your cat in a cage all day and only let him out for a short amount of time, he may become bored and will start napping to stay busy.

Cats who are used to being around a lot of people will usually have a better time in a home environment where they can meet new people and interact with the people in their lives.

A cat’s sense of loyalty is stronger than a cat’s sense of loyalty towards its owners so be sure to give it your undivided attention if you want your cat to develop a better relationship.

How to calm a Ragdoll cat

It’s important for owners to learn how to calm a ragdoll cat. This will ensure that your cat isn’t stressed or irritated. 

In the first place, you have to understand that there are some common mistakes made with cats and these mistakes are usually the result of bad training.

The first mistake that many owners make with their cats is not giving them enough time to become accustomed to having a toy in their hand.

The reason why you have to give your cat toys is so that you will know how to calm a ragdoll cat properly.

You have to make sure that your cat is comfortable, relaxed and is not anxious, because this will not only make it look like you don’t care about it, but it will also show that you do not care about your pet’s welfare at all.

Once you have given your cat the proper place, then you need to teach your cat how to use it.

First, you should put the toy in the palm of your hand and then allow your cat to sniff it carefully.

Once it smells the toy, it should jump up on it and try to play with it, and it should keep doing this several times. Make sure that it uses its nose and tries to find the toy, and you should reward it when it finds it.

Next, you should move the toy to the back of the cage. When it finds the toy, it should look at it and begin to play with it, and it should make a “clicking” sound.

This sound is similar to a mouse, and you should reward it whenever it makes the noise.

You should also keep changing the new toy with a different one each time your cat plays with it.

Once you have taught your cat how to use the new toy correctly, you will find that your cat will always prefer the new toy to the old one, because it is new and fresh, and it is also the same size, shape, and texture.

Remember that if you want to teach your cat how to use the new toy properly, it is important to change it regularly.

Once you get used to it, you can start to introduce more new toys to your cat, as well as allowing your cat to play with different toys at the same time, so that it will always remember that it is supposed to play with the new one.


When training your Ragdoll cat, it’s important to take charge and act as the leader of the pack.

But don’t be mean or harsh. Be patient with your cat, and he/she will come around to behave well.