How Much Does a LaPerm Cat Cost? (A Price Breakdown)

laperm cat

The LaPerm cat is an amazing feline for the family. Trust me, I have lived with this cat breed for years, he’s a dear friend. If you’re looking to buy one, I wrote this article with you in mind. Keep reading…

In general, Cats have warmed their way into many homes as a suitable pet and friend. Of course!

Seeing as this breed boasts of so many unique attributes, it’s essential to understand which one is best suitable for you, and your type of person.

So if you’ve decided to buy or adopt a LaPerm cat and you’re wondering what it would cost, here’s what you should keep in mind:

On average, the LaPerm cat costs $900 – $12,000 to buy from most breeders. Additional cost of food, medical expenses, and grooming needs will cost an additional $500 each month. However, you can adopt a LaPerm cat for free and offer him or her a conducive home.

The LaPerm Cat (Origin and Why They’re So Special)

The laPerm is a breed of the rex cats that is peculiar for its curly fur(this is where the name “perm” originated from). The laPerm cat has its tightest curls located on the belly, base of the ears, and the throat. 

This breed of rex cat comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. LaPerm cats are also known to have generally affectionate personalities. 

The LaPerm is a rex breed of cats that has its origin in the United States of America. It is now available in many countries in the world. 

This particular breed however, is genetically unique in so many ways, and it is not related to any other of the rex cat varieties. This breed of cats has a dominant gene which gives it the unique curly coat it has. This is its most distinctive feature.

The laPerm breed of cats has a very athletic physique, these cats are known to be excessively affectionate, outgoing, and active in character. These cats are small in size compared to other cats, laPerm cats are widely reputed to be hypoallergenic

This means that they would provoke a significantly lower amount of allergy reactions in humans, or their owners in comparison to normal cats. The most significant feature of the laPerm cat is its curly coat, this is made up of ringlets, silky soft waves, and curls which makes it resemble a shaggy perm. 

The coat of the laPerm cat could come in many varieties, it could be long hair, short hair, wavy, or soft hair. 

The laPerm cat has a lifespan as long as 10 to 14 years in most cases. In this article, we would be looking at the factors that affect the price of laPerm cats, and the varying prices.

Appearance (How to Identify a LaPerm Cat)

LaPerm cat


LaPerm cats are mainly identified by their nice curly coats. The curly fur is made up of a mixture of spring looking curls, and soft waves. This has a close resemblance to the human perm hairstyle. A high number of these laPerm cats have small ringlets of hair close to the stomach area, and under the ears. 

It can also be seen on the neck, the laPerm cat has relaxed waves on the remaining parts of its body. The unique coat that has become a part of the traits of the laPerm cats is a result of the genetic mutation that is peculiar to rex breeds. 

Due to the fact that the breed of the laPerm cat is a result of a mutated gene, the mixed texture of the laPerm cats fur coat can be long, or short. It could come in a wide variety of colors, and patterns, including colors like tortoiseshell, red, tabby, black, or calico.

You might be getting the impression that the laPerm cat would shed a lot, and as a result of this be hard to groom. This is far from the case, as laPerm cats are actually very easy to groom. 

This is all thanks to their low shedding habits, and their undercoat which is resistant to mats. The laPerm cats are very suitable for cat owners, and lovers alike due to the fact that they don’t shed too frequently in comparison to normal cats. This makes it a good breed for every cat owner with allergies.

These beautifully curled felines are medium sized cats that weigh 8-10 pounds mostly. LaPerm cats have physical traits such as their large ears, long legs, and plumed long tails. 

The laPerm cat has almond shaped eyes which could come in any colour, and these cats have an alert, lively expression. Male laPerm cats could take as long as 2-3 years to get physically matured, while their female counterparts might take slightly longer.

LaPerm Cats Temperament


The laPerm cats are rightly known to be affectionate, and gentle lap cats that are lovers of human attention.

The laPerm breed of cats are sure to look for your attention every now and then, and to find opportunities to join you on the couch for a snuggle. When this is achieved, they would purr loudly to show their contentment. 

This breed also has a lot of other cute behaviors, they would often reach out to touch your face using their paws, and they would bring their faces closer to yours in an attempt to touch it, all to show their love.

During the period when the laPerm cats are not all around you seeking attention, the active ones among them love to play. This breed of cats are generally curious, and very intelligent. 

These cats would get along with almost any playmate, from kids, to other cats, and even dogs in most cases. The laPerm cats are known to be a rather quiet breed, and to rodents they are known to be silent but deadly. 

LaPerm cats were bred from barn cats, so these cats have a high drive for prey, and are always down for a good mouse hunt.

Health Status of the LaPerm Cat

LaPerm cats are healthy cats generally, and are not prone to genetic diseases, or common illnesses. The laPerm cats usually have a lifespan ranging from 10 – 15 years. This breed is known to be immune to common diseases as long as it is being fed properly, and given enough room to run, and play.

Responsible cat breeders would always check their cats for illness, or any health complications before purchase. This is important, but there are other things you need to do.

When the cat is purchased, you should have a scheduled appointment with the vet for weekly, or monthly checks according to the option that fits you. 

This should be done to avoid health complications in the future which might build up slowly, and get out of control if it is left unchecked. During this process, every advice of the vet should be adhered to without hesitation.

Living Needs

LaPerm cats are generally laid back, easygoing which could feel at home in almost any environment. As long as these cats have humans around to dote on them, and feed them with adequate attention. 

Having something to play with would do great too, or having something to climb. These curious kitties are known to be happy generally.

Despite the fact that they are super active felines, they don’t have a problem with staying indoors during the day provided the necessary things are provided. 

Due to the fact that they could do alright indoors without causing any troubles, and for them having a rather quiet demeanor, they are very suitable pets for apartment buildings, and an amazing living companion.

When these beautiful felines are not resting on your lap, they could be seen playing around the whole place, or climbing every bookshelf on sight with amazing speed. It might even try balancing your shoulder. 

This breed of cats love to view their territory from high above the ground, so you would do well to get it a nice cat tree at the middle of your central living space to give your cat the dominant feeling that it craves so much.

These cats could get along with almost anybody. Something that this pet doesn’t handle too well is being alone for a long period of time. So you have to make sure you give your pet cat as much attention as possible, you could even make plans for it to be more busy, and active to avoid anxiety. 

These cats aren’t hard to take care of, and they are easy to groom which makes them a good choice for first time pet owners.

LaPerm Cats Breeders

When you’re ready to get yourself a LaPerm cat that would make a great household pet, and companion, you would have to locate a breeder of laPerm cats close to you. 

Breeders are usually official owners of laPerm cats, who train them, and sell them out to other cat owners. Breeders would be registered with the government which makes it easy for you to search for them.

There are a lot of websites that make it easy for you to locate the laPerm cat that is just for you. In some cases however, you might not be lucky enough to find a breeder close to you, so you would have to buy from a local place, or a private owner.

All these things go a long way in determining the price of your laPerm cat.


LaPerm cats are generally amazing pets that are a great choice for first time owners.

It could be purchased from a breeder preferably, or from a pet shop, or a private owner. It could also be adopted. These are the main factors that affect the price of the cat — which ranges from $900 – $12,000.

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