How Can You Tell If a Cat is A Pixie Bob?

pixie-bob cat

One of the most enduring questions for pet owners is how to tell if a cat is a pixie? Sometimes, it may be quite difficult. Because this cat breed looks similar to other breeds.

However, here’s how to identify a Pixie-Boob cat:

You can tell a pixie bob cat by its black fur and unique skin, heavy ear hair, white fur around the eyes, tipped ears, and black eye skin. Most pixie-bob cats are have spotted coat at their paws, eyes are greenish gold and they’re mostly short-haired.

Since our cats are short haired and our vision is not as clear as it should be most of the time we have to rely on our sense of smell to tell us whether our cats are really like.

If you want to know a pixie bob cat, then one of the things you should try is the way the cat walks. The way a cat walks can give you some insight into what its personality may be like.

A pixie fairy may walk with its head high but its body slimmer compared to its long legs and tail. Its ears may be pointed and its eyes may be glassy like those of a cataract.

It may sometimes stand on its hind legs and sometimes sit on its fore paws. Although these are all cute characteristics of a pixie there is more to them than cute.

A cat with long hair is likely a pixie because its long hair can reflect the sun and help to keep it cool.

Cats with curly hair may have either a ring of thick hair around the neck or it may have a ring of very short hair around its head. Both of these look funny because the cat is walking with its tail between its legs. That is why it looks so fluffy.

When you are trying to determine the difference between a normal pixie and one that is really a pixie, you will have to look closely at its ears. If the ears are small and covered with hair they may be a false pixie. Or you may have a real one but it has a ring of hair around the head and that is how you know it is one.

Another way you can tell if a cat is a false eye is by looking at its eyes. A cat with an eyeball that stays closed does not necessarily mean the cat is a false eye.

On the other hand, if the eyeball stays open and you can see part of it through the iris it could be a pixie. A feline eye test can be done to find out.

Cats can be a great pet for many people. They are affectionate and make great pets. So, if you are wondering how can you tell if a cat is a pixie go ahead and try the experiment and see.

How big is a Pixie-bob cat?

How big is a Pixie-bob cat? Most male Pixie-Bob cat grows up to 13 – 15 inches tall, while the female Pixie-Bob cats can get to 11 – 13 inches tall, and both weighs 12 – 14 pounds.

Since they’re part of the skunk family (and shares many of its characteristics and problems), they might be as big or bigger than a skunk, but not by much.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that they’re not a kitten. Even if they’re bred from older cats and not show quality cats, they won’t look any younger than ten years old. If you’re thinking of getting one of these cats as a pet, don’t buy one that’s under six months old or so.

You should also know that they’re not your run-of-the-mill Siamese or British Blue cat. Instead, they’re among one of the smallest known breeds. If you’re not familiar with cats, it may be difficult to realize that a Pixie-bob is even a cat at all, much less a cat with the potential to be an attention hog and a troublemaker.

They’re actually a number of different types of feline, or feline-like, felines. Bobcat, Bobox, and Persian are all considered bobcats in North America, although a few varieties do exist in certain parts of Asia.

The domestic cat is simply a different name for domestic feline, and while you’re looking for a name for your cat, you might want to switch it up to something a bit more interesting. There’s the British and the Mexican Bobcat, for example. And that’s just the start of the Bobcat variety. It’s easy to get lost in all the details when you’re dealing with such a tiny animal.

It all depends upon who you’re talking to. If you ask someone with knowledge about felines, they might tell you it’s between one and three feet long and as wide as two feet.

If you’re looking for information about these cats online, the best place to look is a website dedicated to them.

Here, you’ll find a lot of information, including pictures, breeders, and even specific breeders in other areas. You can also contact breeders through the website, if you’d rather discuss things face to face.

Most reputable breeders and shelters will be more than happy to give you a call or send you an email as soon as you bring your new cat home.


Once you’ve brought home your new addition, it’s important to start socializing it with other cats. Start by picking out the biggest and brightest out of the bunch. Then, introduce them to each other slowly.

Don’t force the issue, and always make sure the cat knows it’s not the dominant one, as it might end up hurting itself or others if it doesn’t get comfortable with its new ‘top cat’.

As long as you know the basics before bringing home a Pixie-bob cat, you’ll have a healthy and fun cat.

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