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How to Make a Dog Harness Out Of Rope

You can opt to make your dog’s harness at home. It will only take you a few minutes. When deciding on the kind of rope to use, consider the purpose and your dog size. 

The material of the rope matters. Fibrous cords can be irritating to the skin of your dog. Always ensure that the rope you use is smooth and soft.  Here are the four easy steps

1. Step 1

Put in mind that the harness you intend to make must have two circles. Place the first around the dog’s neck and the second around the torso. Begin by getting the measurements of the harness body portion.

You require the size of the torso portion with regards to the harness. You make the first circle when you wrap a rope around your dog’s torso.

 Ensure that the rope has a comfortable length. If you make it too lose, the dog will easily slip out. If you realize that it’s getting a little bit difficult putting it on the dog, then it’s okay.

You have the guarantee that the dog can’t slip off easily. Once you are satisfied, decide on the appropriate length. Cut and tie the rope into a double overhand knot.

Step 2

Tieanother rope-length around the neck of your dog. It should be snug andcomfortable. Ensure that you don’t strain when putting it on or off your dog.Cut and tie the rope-length into a double overhand knot.

Step 3

Putthe double circular lengths of rope on the dog’s neck. Place the other on thetorso. Use it to measure the distance between the two. Also, use it to tie thecircle of the chest and that of the neck. Connect the two circles with a doubleoverhand knot.

Ensurethat the rope that joins the two circles is a bit loose. If you make it tootight, your dog will not be able to move freely or even sniff the ground.

 Step 4

Clipa leash to your rope along the back of your dog, and make it connect thecircles.

The harness is crucial since you can restrain your dog when taking a walk. You will not worry that it will run away or get hit by a car on the road.

It makes it easy to train your dog to avoid jumping or pulling.

Apart from making one using a rope, you can always purchase it locally. If you are buying it for the first time, you might have no idea how to use it. Here are two methods you can use.

Method 1: Securing anOverhead Harness

1. Let the Dog Sit

Itcan be very tricky to put a harness around a restless dog. That’s why; you needto command it to sit in front of you. If the dog does not obey, you need to putthe harness when holding it.

2.Check the Necks Hole

Since the harness mostly has two holes, the smallest is the necks hole. For the leach, ensure that you get the D-ring and position it in the right place. Slide the neck hole over the head of your dog.

Don’t put the harness around the neck area. Let is be around the area of the dog’s shoulders.

Someoverhead harness has a comfortable shield attached. Others may have a vest. Incase you have such, ensure that the outer part of the fabric doesn’t face yourdog.

3.Putting the Dog’s Paw

A harness has one leg loop. You need to help your dog to slip in the loop by lifting his hand. Some may not have a leg loop. Instead, it has harness clips on both sides. You don’t have to worry.

Just clip the straps around your dog’s leg. After wrapping the double straps around your dog’s paws, clip the buckle.

4.Loop Remaining Strap

Tobe able to control your dog, you need to wrap the strap under and behind yourdog legs.  The dog will look as if youhave inserted both legs into side the loops.

5.Click the Buckle

Once you loop the straps behind the legs of your dog, clip the buckle on your dog’s back.

Push your clasp on both sides until you hear a click. Check if it’s secure by trying to pull it. If it doesn’t come apart, then it’s okay.

6.Harness Using a Plastic Adjuster

Depending on whether you want your rope to be tight or lose, slide the adjuster. Ensure that the dog can’t slide off the leg lope or the neck hole.

If you cannot manage to put your two fingers under that strap, the rope is too tight. Make the right adjustments and keep on checking.

7.A Treat 

Youneed to make the dog like the harness. Give it a treat accompanied by lots ofpraises. Make it one of the most beautiful experiences your dog has ever had.

Method 2- Putting OnA Step-In-Harness

1. Getting enough space for your unbuckled harness

Putthe unbuckled harness on the floor. It gives both you and the dog enough space.The front part of the harness should have two leg loops. Down the middle, itshould have straps. Make the process easy by putting the harness on the floor.

2.Command the Dog to Sit

Youcan quickly put harness if the dog is sitting. Some dogs may not understand thecommand. If that’s the case, hold it, or get someone to help you. Then put theharness

3. Placing the dog’s paw

Ithas two loops. Place each leg on the right circle, separately. If you are notsure which the right loops are, check the label. Since some can be reversible,first understand the one you have.

4.Pulling the harness

Youshould not fit the dog’s harness around its neck. It should strictly be aroundthe body. Ensure that the loop settles against the belly of the dog and on topof its leg.

5.Securing the clip

Youneed to slide the two clips together until you hear a click. Pull it to ensurethat it’s secure.  If there is more thana single clip, attach them.

6.Right Adjustments

You have to ensure that the straps are safe on the dog. Test by moving adjustable pieces on your harness. Ensure that the dog is comfortable and will not easily slip off.

You can use your two figures to measure. Your dog may increase or reduce in weight. Make the right adjustments each time you fit in your dog.

7.Treat and Praise

Every time you are putting the harness, praise, and give the dog a treat. The dog will always look forward to the compliments and treat.

It will make your work much more comfortable. You will not struggle in the future.

Youcan make or buy the harness. You need to consider the size of your dog. Giveyour dog a treat to entice it into liking the harness more. Ensure that it iscomfortable with your dog.