7 Medium Dog Breeds: Facts, History, Pictures, Food, Grooming, Colors

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Are you looking for a dog that is suitable for both in-house setting and outdoor activities?

The medium sized dog breeds are could be the best option. These dogs can withstand strenuous exercises and still be there for you when you need comfort.

Keep reading to find out about the best dog breeds that will be family-friendly, cuddly, resilient, and easy to train.

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1. American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel

History of the American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel dog breed dates back to the 12th century when Britons imported it from Spain, hence its name (spaniel) after its country of origin. By the 14th century, animal breeding had begun as records dictate.

Due to breeding by different breeders who wanted different qualities from the dog, it was separated into two dogs with different characteristics:

  • The land spaniel.
  • The water spaniel.

The first spaniel arrived in North America on a ship named Mayflower; she sailed from Plymouth England to New England.

The American Kennel Club recorded the first cocker spaniel that was a liver and white dog — it was named Captain.

A black cocker spaniel named Brush 11 was imported and an article on it published on the studbook that was printed in 1885. The American Spaniel Club was formed which bred a smaller type of cocker spaniel that was loved by both breeders and the public.

CH, a cocker spaniel won the award for the Best American Breed, at the Westminster Dog show for two years.

American Cocker Spaniel Colors

The American Cocker Spaniel exists in three color shades, parti-color variety, with white and black or white and brown or white and red with white being the dominant color, and roan.

American Cocker Spaniel white and black

Black color variety, this includes all the tan points.

They have a thick wavy coat which is short at the head, the back, ears, chest, underbelly, and legs.

A female Cocker spaniel stands at 14 inches and weighs about 20 – 25 pounds. A male Cocker Spaniel is bigger than the female counterparts by one foot and weighs more by 10 pounds.

Appearance (What does American Spaniel look like?)

Being a medium-sized dog, the American Cocker Spaniel has just the right body size, with a sporty body, sturdy and compressed body, chisel-like face.

It has muscular legs, especially at the shoulders, it is known for its strength and speed.

This dog is a born worker and is happier when you assign it a task.

American Cocker Spaniel Grooming

Most dog owners prefer to have their dog’s hair trimmed by professionals it should be done with care.

Regular brushing of your dog should be done to ensure that it is clean and there are no fleas or ticks on its fur.

Feeding (How Much Should You Feed a Cocker Spaniel?)

Finding the right food for is a priority, the type of food given should be chosen after considering the type of activities undertaken.

Hunting dogs require a higher calorific content as it needs a constant replenishment of energy lost.

For a 25-pound Cocker Spaniel, about 780 kcal of calories should be given. Older or sick dogs may require fewer calories.

Dog food can be found in pet stores, Cocker Spaniels are not food selective, although you should check its diet to ensure that it does not get obese.

Health (Cocker Spaniel Care)

Illegal breeding by selfish and money oriented breeders have led to some incidents of genetic diseases in this breed.

Diseases that commonly affect dogs like eye problems affecting the cataracts, and retina. They may also develop heart problems.

Another problem that attacks them is lack of energy and vigor to exercise and play sometimes, due to a failure in the metabolism of glucose to energy.

American Cocker Spaniel Lifespan

American Cocker Spaniel Lifespan

American Cocker Spaniels have a life expectancy of about 12-15 years. You should take good care of the vet when your dog show signs of discomfort.

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What is the Ideal Weight of a Cocker Spaniel?

If you’re wondering just “How much does the average Cocker Spaniel weigh,” here’s the answer:

An adult Cocker Spaniel weighs about 16-30 pounds. Females are usually smaller than males.

2. American foxhound (Medium Dog Breeds)

American Fox Hound

History (Where did the American Foxhound come from?)

The first breed of this dog was introduced to North America from England, by Robert Broke in 1960.

It was historically used for hunting; therefore, breeders improved the dog by breeding it with the American Fox Hounds and the French Fox Hounds.

The aim was to breed a tall, light, and fast dog as compared to their English cousins.

The dogs usually hunted in packs of about 20 dogs with hunters on horsebacks.

American Foxhound Colors

American Fox Hound Colors

The colors of this dog breed ranges from black to white, with tan being the prevalent color. Yes, American Foxhound sheds a lot of its hair, although, this can be controlled by regular brushing.

How Does American Foxhound Look Like? (Weight, Height, Appearance)

An American foxhound male stands at 26-29 inches and weighs about 25-29 pounds. The females are smaller and lighter; they stand at 24-28 inches and weigh between 22-27 pounds.

They have straight boned legs that are long, a narrow chest and a large doomed skull.

American Foxhound Food

American Fox Hound food

The American Foxhound is quite active, thus its meal should be of high quality, the food should be offered at regular times.

A balanced diet containing minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates should be given probably splitting the food into two portions to be provided at different times.

Provide clean water for your dog at all times to keep it hydrated due to the strenuous activities it undertakes.

Check the label for food quality ensuring that the food is rich in all nutrients and does not contain only starch and filler material.

Administer 2-3 cups of dog food per day, ensuring that you don’t overfeed your dog.

American Foxhound Health Issues

This dog does not get sick often as it lacks genetic disorders, however, it tends to gain weight when overfed.

Another minor problem that might attack this dog is thrombocytopathy, a disease that reduces the ability of platelets to clot the blood resulting in excessive bleeding.

Amercian Foxhound Lifespan

The American Foxhound has a lifespan of 10-12 years.

It requires a lot of exercising; you can take it for a walk, jogging or training.

American Foxhound Temperament

american foxhound temperament

The American Foxhound dog has a mild temperament, it is good for playing with children, it is gentle, cute and shy when around new people.

This dog does not adapt well to living in the house as it needs a lot of space to move and exercise.

They are quite friendly to other pets and will get along well with rabbits, other dogs, and cats.

3. Beagle


Beagles History (Where did Beagles originally come from?)

The Beagle was used to hunt small game like rabbits and hares, in the 1,500s by the Englishmen. Their ancestors had a compact body and were smaller in size.

The current beagle was arrived at, after breeding the different types of Hounds (Talbot, southern Hound, and Harrier).

The beagle is loved by pet owners from different parts of the globe. They became positions 5 and 6 in 2016 and 2017 respectively in the top 10 dog list.

Beagles Colors

beagles colors

What color is my beagle? If you want some answers, remember that the beagle can be found in a different range of colors, they can have three or more colors with white being dominant.

Their coat ranges from, white and tan, white and red, white and chocolate and white and orange.

In India, the dominant breed is the colored beagle they consist mostly of brown, white and black colors.

Beagle Facts: Weight | Height | Appearance

The beagle has a long head, straight muzzle, and a level jaw.

Beagles stand at 12-15 inches with some being shorter. They weigh about 9-12 kgs with the male being taller and heavier than the female.

Beagle Training (Grooming)

How often do Beagles need to be groomed? And how many times should a Beagle take a bath? These may be some of the questions you have in mind as you read this section.

Their coat is smooth and of medium length, it is also rain resistant.

Brush their coat regularly to keep your dog clean and remove extra hair.

Beagle Health Issues (What Health Problems do Beagles Have?)

Beagles do not possess any genetic health issue, though, epilepsy, luxating patella, and eye disorders are problems that might attack your dog.

Their health depends mostly on the quality of care given as it grows. A well-cared-for dog tends to gain immunity and is not susceptible to diseases.

Take a visit to the vet regularly for distress when they show signs of distress.

Beagle Lifespan (How long do most Beagles live?)

The life expectancy of a beagle is about 10-15 years, give your pet utmost care for a longer lifespan.

Beagle Temperament (Do Beagles make good house pets?)

beagles temperament

The beagle is quite intelligent and tends to learn quickly. It is child-friendly and playful; it is also friendly to strangers. It can tolerate heat but does not do well in cold areas.

This dog needs regular exercise as they are energetic. Beagles love to play, walking, jogging or even a game of fetch.

It tends to be hard to train; they require soft handling during the training with treats and appreciation for each accomplished task.

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The beagle is quite sensitive and likes to seek attention.

They have affection for plants and nature, thus they are suitable for outdoor activities.

It also tends to adapt well to a new environment and is quite good for traveling families.

4. Medium Dog Breeds: Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Where did the Bearded Collie originally come from? (History and origin)

They were found on the highlands of Scotland, where they were known as mountains and highland collies.

They were used for hunting as they could withstand the cold and harsh climate and landscape, they are also quite energetic.

Many theories are trying to explain the origin of the bearded collie, the most popular suggesting that they came from crossbreeding the polish lowland sheepdog with the PON.

The bearded collie is presumed to be in existence since 1500 and 1600, making them be among the oldest dog breeds, this is due to the presence of paintings and drawings from the period.

Bearded Collie Colors

Bearded Collie colors

They can be black, brown, fawn or blue with white, tan, fawn and black markings.

They are lean, angular with a long shaggy coat measuring about 20-22 cm long covering the head to the tail. They have cute facial hair.

Beared Collie Weight and Appearance

Being a medium-sized dog they stand at 20-22 inches and weigh about 50-60 pounds.

They are long from tail to head, athletic, slow to mature at times as they may take more than two years to reach reproductive age.

They have a broad head, hanging ears and lovable with expressive eyes.

They have a thick, harsh and straight coat that flows softly on its body. They have floppy ears.

How Often Should a Bearded Collie be Groomed?

Bearded Collie grooming

Due to the length of their hair, they need a thorough cleaning and their hair trimmed frequently, checking for fleas and ticks.

They should be rinsed and dried well to ensure that parasites do not find spots to hide.

Feeding (Best Dog food for Bearded Collies)

A meal per day is enough for an adult bearded collie, although it is advisable to split it into two portions and administer it at different times.

Young and active dogs require regular feeding to account for the energy lost during activities and playing.

A high-quality dog feed water and sometimes vegetables and fruits ensure that your dog is always healthy.

Bearded Collie Health Issues

The bearded collie suffers mostly from hip dysplasia, a disease that makes them lame and is very painful, it is usually expensive to cure.

They also suffer from eye problems at the age of 2-5 years.

They also get ear infections, heart diseases, skin itching, and epilepsy.

Bearded Collie Lifespan

They have a lifespan of 12-16 years when well cared for as they tend to be a fragile breed yet lovable and sweet.

Bearded Collie Temperament

bearded collie temperament

Bearded Collies are intelligent and therefore learn fast, they are also smart, active, and athletic and require regular training.

They are work dogs, a bearded collie is happy when given tasks to do.

They are attention seekers and can be a nuisance when left alone for long, they show aggravation through barking, chewing things or even digging with their paws.

The bearded collie is not suitable for children as it is very active.

They are also not suitable for in-house setting as they prefer engaging in outdoor activities and playing.

5. Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier History

The Kelly blue terrier is known to have its origin from the mountainous region of Ireland.

He was mostly used for hunting small game, herding, protecting the homestead and killing foxes and rodents. He was also used in the 2nd world war and by UK policemen.

They were bred to be aggressive as the Irish Kennel club had a restriction for dogs to pass a “gameness” test before judgment.

A gameness test is used to test a dog’s courage and aggressiveness, its ability to complete a task or defend, disregarding how hard it is.

It is not known who introduced the first Kerry blue terrier to the USA. The terry blue terrier appeared in the Westminster show of 1922 and the American Kennel Club acknowledged it in 1924.

A group of Kerry blue terrier met in New York and started the Kerry blue terrier club of America.

Kerry Blue Terrier Colors

Kerry Blue Terrier Colors

It has a soft coat that has shades of blue ranging from blue-grey to deep a deep slate that covers a masculine compact body.

Kerry Blue Terrier (Facts, Weights, and Health)

It has a beard and keen eyes. The Kerry blue terrier stands at 20-22 inches and weighs about 30-40 pounds.

Kerry Blue Terrier Grooming

It does not shed its coat; you will not have the problem of hair on the carpet and couch.

However, the Kerry blue terrier is quite messy as dust, twigs, and dust tend to cling on its coat. It also drips water from its beard after drinking water; it is advisable to wipe it clean after a meal.

Regular brushing is needed to keep it clean and its long hair smooth.

Regular trimming of its coat should be done, with good care. Many dog owners prefer to hire a professional rather than learn how to.


1). 5-2 cups of dog food should be administered, split into two rations.

The amount of food depends on the size, activity, age and physical condition of your dog.

Ensure that your dog is physically fit by giving it just enough food such that it doesn’t get overweight.

A hand on test is done through feeling its ribs, they should be felt and nit protruding up or fleshy if fleshy consider rationing its food or exercising your dog.

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Kerry Blue Health

It is generally healthy although it possessed some genetic disorders for an example eye problem (dry eyes), cataracts, hip dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.

Kerry Blue Shoe Lifespan

They have a lifespan of Kerry Blue Shoe, about 10-12 years but may live longer with extra care.

Tumors grow on their skin that may be painful and require medical attention.

Kerry Blue Shoe Temperament

  1. They have a mild temperament and can play with children under parental supervision though they can be aggressive to other animals or other dogs.
  2. They are obedient, intelligent and fast.
  3. They are very active thus may need regular exercising.
  4. They should be leashed while at the park as they tend to chase after small animals and other pets.
  5. Children and other pets should be introduced gradually to each other and the reaction observed before leaving them alone.

6. Canaan dog

Canaan dog

Why do Canaan dogs come from? (A brief History)

The Canaan dog has its origin from Israel. It was kept by Israelites to herd and guard animals and homesteads. They are an ancient breed as their ancestors date back to about 2000BC.

The Canaan dog is well adapted for desert conditions based on their area of origin. They still possess the hardy characteristics.

Though the current domesticated Canaan dog only came to be in the 20th century, where they were used for war after being trained. They are accredited as the national dog of Israel.

Canaan Dog Weight (Plus Appearance, Height)

It has two coats with the outer being straight and harsh while the inner is soft and short. This helps them to withstand heat.

A male Canaan dog stands at 22-24 inches while a female one is only 18-22 inches.

A male weighs 44-54 pounds, while a female is lighter weighing only 34-44 pounds. They are angular in shape with a compact and muscular body. Their head is wedge-shaped; erect ears and a curled tail.

Canaan Dog Colors

Canaan dog colors

Their coat can be of different colors, ranging from white to black, to golden, to tan to liver or cream. Some Canaan dogs have patches while others don’t.

Canaan Dog Grooming

They tend to shed their hair, regular brushing is recommended, regular grooming and nail clipping.

Canaan Dog Food

Canaan dog food

You will find high-quality dog food for your Canaan pet, in your local dog store or prepare some balanced meal for your dog, according to your dog’s nutritional needs if it is young, sick or pregnant.

Great care should be taken as they tend to gain weight fast when overfed. Through regular training and exercising can help put your dog in shape.

Clean water should always be available for your dog to keep it hydrated.

Canaan Dog Health Problems

The breed is quite healthy as they don’t have genetic disorders, although, they may get attacked by canine diseases like allergy, hypothyroidism, eye problems, and hip dysplasia.

Canaan Dog Lifespan

Like most dogs of their size they live for about 10-15 years.

7. Bulldog


Bulldog History

The bulldog is known to have originated from England. It was known for its aggressiveness and is a descendant of the mastiff a dog that was used for a sport called bull baiting.

After the game was illegalized, leading to a near extinction of bulldogs, although some of its lovers bred it into a less hostile, lovable pet.

They also made the dog cuter by doing away with some facial features and curls.

It is the national dog of England symbolizing toughness and tenaciousness.

It was recognized by the American Kennel Clun in 1886.

How Big Do Bulldogs Grow? (Appearance & Weight)

bulldog weight

The bulldog has an appearance of its own, not similar to other dogs. It has an undershot jaw, with flabby skin on its’ head and face, little and inside nose and a short snout.

It tends to have breathing difficulties in cold weather.

It is medium-sized with a short round head, wide shoulders, and strong legs to support its weight. An adult male weighs about 50 pounds.

They are sweet and cuddle like and will like to be held despite their massive weight.

They are courageous and kind.

How Often Do You Groom a Bulldog?

Their coats require brushing and wiping the mule with a wet cloth daily especially in the wrinkles and apply some petroleum jelly to prevent drying.

They are easy to groom as they do not shed their coat.

Although it may look similar to a pug, it is larger, more aggressive and has a British origin, whereas a pug is Chinese and is docile.

Bulldog Food | What is the Best Food for Bulldogs?

bulldog food

1.5-2 cups of dogs’ food should be given daily, in two rations. The food should be in such a way that it can meet the nutritional needed of your dog.

Seek advice on the right type of food to give your dog from your vet or animal breeder.

Ensure that your dog has a constant supply of clean drinking water.

Bulldog Health Problems (Are English Bulldogs prone to health issues?)

Yes, English Bulldogs gain weight easily as they are fond of eating. Correct food rationing should be given as they tend to get obese.

A problem that affects their joints and legs as they strain to support the additional weight.

They have high drooling potential.

Bulldog Lifespan

Bulldogs live for about 10-15 years.

The dog is quite hardy and will defend you when in danger, it was initially bred to face aggressive situations. This might put it at risk, but you will be safe or warned.


Trust me, you don’t need a large or tiny dog, a medium sized dog is the ideal dog for you. If you go for strength and determination, they are perfect for you.

For more information on your favorite breed check out with your local pet house or dogs rescue center. You can adopt one and save a life here.