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Can You Own A Slot in Texas? (Everything You Should Know)

Buying a pet is not easy today in most states.

While most people are opting for usual pets like cats, dogs, and birds, others are fascinated to bring home exotic pets.

people are purchasing sloths as pets because it is known to be cuddly and friendly.

Can you own a sloth in Texas? Yes, it’s legal to keep a pet sloth in Texas. Texas operates one of the most lenient state laws regarding pet ownership in the United States. Sloths are exotic pets that are calmly but slow. While it’s legal, you need to have a permit to prove that you can properly care for the sloths

Sloths have had a long reputation for lying around doing nothing for most of their existence.

Keeping them as pets requires attention because sloths have unique dietary needs and a special climate to survive and stay happy.

Should you get sloths as pets?

Many people ask questions regarding owning sloths as pets and it turns out that everyone has varying opinions.

Before you consider keeping the sloth at home, you need to ask yourself questions.

1. How much time do you have?

Before you bring a sloth home, you need to evaluate your time during the day to figure out the extra time you have for the sloth.

If you have a vet, ask if he/she has time to learn how to keep and treat a pet sloth. If your answer is no, then you cannot buy a sloth.

Have in mind that treating a sloth may require more attention because they do not display illness until they are seriously sick.

2. Are you able to provide a special condition for sloth survival?

Sloths are really needy when it comes to survival and happiness. Your pet sloth will need a humidity of 80% and a temperature of 85+ degrees F to survive.

If you are able to provide this kind of condition for your pet, you need to be aware of what a high humidity can do to your items at home.

Remember that the sloth is a rainforest animal, you need to provide a favorable environment to keep it happy.

3. Are sloths allowed in your state?

You need to know if your state allows people to keep exotic pets. every country or city has laws that govern which animals should be possessed as pets.

Find out if there are any genuine sloth breeders available in your country before importing the pet sloth.

If you want the sloths so badly, ensure it can survive freely under legal protection laws in your state.

Sloth ownership in Texas

Ownership of exotic pets in Texas is common. With the Texas exotic animal ownership laws, you are good to keep sloths as pets.

Keeping sloths may be quite different from other exotic pets. if you want to own a sloth, you will need a permit.

You only get a permit after you prove that you can take proper care of the sloth.

You should be able to provide a similar environment to the rainforests as well as a specialized diet.

Exotic animal attacks and your personal injury claim

Sloths can still pose threats to humans; however, this is not strictly regulated in Texas.

If you are attacked or contracted any diseases from exotic pets such as sloths, you are eligible for filing a personal injury claim.

You can have a fair settlement to help you pay your expenses and provide compensation for any loss related to injuries from toxic pets.

Keeping and caring for sloths as pets

Keeping and caring for sloths as pets are not easy. Before you buy sloths as pets, have in mind that they are wild animals, not domesticated pets.

This means they are likely to maintain their natural instincts even when they are domesticated.

Since they are not used to be petted, bathed or groomed, and other non-natural behaviors, they can be incredibly stressful. Since sloths do not show any external signs of stress, this can further complications.

When you opt to make sloths your pets, the reality is that you probably have the time and understanding to make them perfectly happy.

Sloth behavior and temperature

Sloths have a slow motion. This is their natural defense mechanism. They rely on camouflage to keep away from predators.

They use their limbs for climbing, grasping and hanging upside down branches effortlessly.

They are also excellent swimmers as they can hold their breath up to 40 minutes. If you are not aware of how to deal with the behavior and issues with the sloth, consult with your exotic vet.

Housing the sloth

Sloths spend most of their time hanging on tall trees. Since they are not able to walk properly, they use their claws to climb and hung on branches.

You need o keep the sloths in a place with plenty of tee or structures. Ensure that you arrange poles, logs, branches, and other items closely to create a favorable environment for sloths to reach each other because they do not jump from tree t tree.

Since they are not quick creatures, you need to keep them in a secure place to keep them away from danger or other pets.

Food and water

Trying to replicate the natural diet of sloths in captivity is the hardest part.

You need to have access to different types of leaves found in trees found in their natural habitat.

If you cannot access the right leaves, you can obtain a leaf eater pellet to feed your sloths.

You should also offer some apples, lettuce and occasional dandelion greens as a treat for your sloth.

Try to avoid feeding the sloths with leaves with pesticides or other chemicals on them.

Common health problems

When you bring a sloth home, there are chances of developing health issues if proper care is not prioritized.

Remember that you cannot feed the sloths with just any leaves in your yard.

You need to learn about the appropriate nutrition for the sloths. Most slots that are captured by humans may develop nutrition issues, respiratory problems, digestive problems or physical injuries.

You need to have a few exotic vets to treat your sloth if it gets sick. Make a good choice of exotic vet since not all are available when you need them.

Purchasing sloth

When you are opting to bring sloths home as pets, ensure you purchase from actual sloth breeders.

Sloth can be legally imported or baby sloths stolen from their mothers illegally from the wild, ensure you do not involve in this illegal practice by buying from registered breeders or zoos.


While owning a sloth in Texas is legal, you need to have a permit to prove that you can take care of the sloths.

The exotic pet laws in Texas are implemented to keep you and your sloth pet safe in various events.

If you are thinking of keeping a sloth as pet, you need to research the best ways to provide the best environment for its survival. Just like any pet, sloths need to be happy and loved.

You should be able to learn how to interact with the sloth to understand its situations especially when attention is required including illness.