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Pet Camera Guide: Should I Talk to My Dog Through Camera?

Pet cameras have slowly warmed their way into homes around the world.

Many pet owners have very busy lifestyles which won’t afford them the luxury of staying with their pets all the time. 

The absence of the pet owner takes its toll on the pet in many ways which are mostly unpleasant, you could find your pet dog, or cat showing serious signs of separation anxiety, and depression.

As a pet owner, you might find yourself wondering why it should be a good idea to depend on technology to take care of your pet whom you are emotionally attached to. 

There are many advantages to finding a good pet camera for your pet, it could bring your presence to your pet dog, or cat no irrespective of the distance between you and your home. 

After a long period of use you would find out that your pet has gotten over your leaving the house everyday cause it knows that there is something to keep it busy, and bring the feeling of safety.

In this present age, pet cameras have become much more accessible to everyone. There are a lot of varieties so any pet owner can search, and take a few tests to find out the type that best suits him, or her. 

Pet cameras can be used to monitor your pets while you are out of the house, so you don’t have to worry about your pet doing something embarrassing, or harming the neighbors. You would be able to see what your pet is doing at all times with the use of pet cameras. 

You would know when your pet needs immediate attention, if it’s causing trouble at home, or if you have to rush home to attend to it.

The pet cameras are mostly not too difficult to install, and set up.

Most times this might take just a few minutes to set up, and would bring you closer to your pet dog at all times.

This article would be a guide for you to learn about pet cameras, how to use them, and if it is okay to talk, or communicate with your dogs through pet cameras.

Why Do I Need a Pet Camera?


There are a lot of reasons for getting yourself a pet camera as a pet owner, but primarily it is so you can observe, interact with your pet dog, monitor your pet dog’s movements around the house, and take care of your pet dog no matter how far from home you find yourself.

Let’s say you are a type of person that stays long hours away from home, and you don’t want to get a pet sitter. With a pet camera, you could log on, and see everything that your pet is doing. 

You could communicate with your dog with the two-way audio feature, and make sure that your pet is doing okay.

You could reassure your pet that everything is fine, and that you are always right there. You could yell at it to get off the sofa, or stop ripping something in the house.

Are you a pet owner that lives in an area with a whole lot of other people, and your neighbors are the type that complain endlessly about your dog’s barking habits? 

You should consider getting a pet camera with abnormal noise/bark detection as this might be the answer you have been looking for to make sure your pet keeps quiet, and everyone stays happy. 

This device would give you an alert whenever your dog starts barking in the house again, and you can try to calm it down remotely, or control it.

There are a lot of reasons why a pet owner would benefit greatly from getting a pet camera, even if it’s not a pet dog, or cat.

For example, you have a pet tortoise, and you can see what he’s doing at all times through your smartphone camera. 

There would be no problems here with him barking, or getting on the couch. But it would be very nice to see your oet whenever you want to, regardless of if it is a pet dog, cat, gold fish, or any other exotic pet.

What to Look for When Getting a Pet Camera


There are a few key things, or features to keep an eye out for when scouting for a new pet camera to watch over your cat, or dog. 

Let’s start this by pointing out that a pet camera is not much different from a smart camera, you don’t need to pay for extra features ( unless you are looking to get specific pet features like a treat dispenser, or something).

A few smart Wi-Fi cameras are amazing, and can be used as pet cameras as long as you are able to select the right features, and handle all the modifications.

Here we are going to cover all the features you should look out for when getting yourself a new pet camera :

Two Way Talk

The two-way audio feature is the most basic requirement, or feature of any pet camera. As a pet owner that loves your dog, or cat so much you would definitely want to talk to them while you are away. 

Getting a pet camera with the two-way audio feature is a great start to taking care of your dog while away because you could see, and talk to it from anywhere in the world at any time.

Pan Tilt and Zoom

This is an amazing feature that comes with pet cameras. It is great because you can move, or switch the camera view around (often up to 355 degrees), this would allow you to see every corner of the room comfortably. 

Fixed caleras might be good but they won’t give you the luxury of seeing any angle of the room whenever you want to.

This can only be achieved with the use of the PTZ pet camera as this would let you see everything.

Remote Viewing

This particular feature is a compulsory part of many pet cameras these days but you still have to check for it to be sure.

This would allow you to use an app at your convenience to connect to the device, and see your pet from wherever you are in the world as long as you have a good and stable internet connection.

For this feature to last however, you might want to avoid the cheap varieties of this device, and get yourself a genuine one with quality.

Abnormal Noise/Bark Detection

With this abnormal noise /bark detection feature, you would set your device to get an alert whenever the sound of your dog barking is detected. 

You would be alerted immediately in the case of your dog barking, so you can check to see what the problem is, and take necessary action when necessary by talking to it, or by other means.

This is a very amazing feature, but it is not on every pet camera so you would do well to double check your camera for it before a purchase.


Every pet camera should have one form of recording function, it could be backed up to a cloud, or to an SD card.

This is a very useful tool for home security, and it is amazing for keeping track of all your pet’s activities in a day.

If you get back home, and find out that one of your dogs trashed the room, you don’t have to worry.

You could just look through the recordings, and find out which one of your dogs is responsible.

Night Vision

If you’re the type of pet owner that works late nights out, having dark winter nights, or just out for the evening then this night vision feature is an absolute necessity.

There are a few decent brands of pet cameras that have infrared lights built in so that you could still watch your pet dogs at night.

Motion Trackers and Alerts

Some of the cameras that come with the PTZ feature also come with motion trackers. This feature makes the camera follow your dog around the room automatically. 

This is an amazing feature, it would work exceptionally well with a camera that has the recording feature as well, you would get a better overview of what your pet dog is doing at all times.

With this feature you could also set alerts to go off whenever your pet’s movement is detected in a specific area. This is good if you have a room in your house that is off limits to your pet dog.

Should I Talk to my Pet Dog on Camera?

Generally, no downside has been discovered to affect dogs that are communicated with through pet cameras.

Instead, talking to your pet dog through pet cameras would help it in so many ways, especially if your pet is suffering from separation anxiety.

Talking to your dog would take away the feeling of anxiety, and help the dog calm down.

Your dog would be a lot more happier knowing that it could see your face, and talk to you whenever it wants to no matter how far from home you are.


Your working hours can be a very lonely time for your pet.

With pet cameras, you can reduce that burden by checking in on them intermittently to keep them sane, and happy.