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PetSafe Vs. Invisible Fence: Which Dog Fence is Better?

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My husband just purchased the PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence, and you can feel how excited I am. Here’s the entire kit, which you can get on Chewy.

PetSafe free to roam wireless dog fence

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We’ve used several invisible dog fences, but this is a game changer for us. Love you sweetie!

Both Petsafe Wireless dog fence and other Invisible Dog fences are important for protecting your dog from dangerous dogs and other neighbors’ pets.

So which one should you buy?

How do you choose between these two dog fence brands? Both of them come with the ability to locate dangerous dogs and provide alerts for both your dog and your neighbor’s dogs.

They also provide different options in the installation and how long the fence will last, but how do you know which one is best?

For your first attempt, try to find a visual representation ofthe invisible dog fence that is easy to follow and affordable. If this provesdifficult, consider the two basic styles for protection.

The first style of invisible dog fence is the mesh panel fence.

These fences are designed to make your dog look like he’s having a very strange interaction with another dog.

It can be difficult to tell whether or not your dog is being approached by other dogs when your dog looks like he’s heading toward the dog on the right.

However, if your dog becomes aggressive, it will be easier tonotice. In order to see this, use a flashlight to shine it through the meshpanel. Of course, this method is only a first step.

The next style of invisible dog fence is the pet access fence. These fences have a number of tracks, no matter how small they are.

While the pets may not become aggressive towards each other, it is likely that your dog will leave a mark of your yard, from scratching the fence to marking the fence to the neighbor’s yard.

With the tracking equipment on, your dog will leave these marks to help show you where it has been.

Even though the pet access fence is somewhat more expensive than the mesh panel fence, it provides a more effective system. The tracking hardware helps to make sure that your dog is not at risk of wandering into the neighbor’s yard.

At the same time, a dog fence will protect your dog from other dogs or other neighbors’ dogs.

The reason these types of fences are the best choice is because they can get your dog out of danger while still providing your dog with privacy.

You won’t have to worry about your dog getting to another dog, or your neighbor or family pet getting to your dog. When it comes to safety, there is no substitute for a pet access fence.

The pet access fence offers a different style of privacy than pet doors. These fences are ideal for apartments or condos, where there are a lot of people living in one house.

They don’t interfere with the owners’ schedules and get your dog out of danger while still giving you privacy.

If you are looking for a style of fence that is in between pet doors and pet access fences, the most popular option is the plate fence.

This is a mesh-panel fence with metal bars around the perimeter, with a piece of string or cable that runs around the back of the fence to give your dog easy access to a table or porch, but not the other way around.

One problem with a pet door is that your dog can get caught in it can obstruct the dog’s view.

The pet access fence allows your dog to roam without obstructing other dogs’ view or access. The mesh-panel fencing keeps your dog visible but still lets your dog to move freely.

While they offer a similar function, the difference is that thepet doors have a top section and a bottom section. The mesh panel dog fencekeeps your dog still in sight but provides the option of easy access fromeither side.

Which invisible fence is best?

We have two preferences when it comes to buying invisible fence for our dog and pets.

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence


PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence

petsafe free to roam wireless fence

Here’s the dilemma that most pet owners face: how do you choose the perfect invisible dog fence for your dogs?

There are a lot of fence models to choose from and each one has its own pros and cons, so how do you go about making the right choice?

The first thing to consider when choosing an invisible dog fenceis the type of environment that you want your pet to live in. Do you have afence in your yard that surrounds your house? If you do, then the mosteffective kind of fence would be a wire fence.

For a fence around your garden, shrubbery, or other items you may want to use a wire system, or choose a more expensive option like a solar-powered invisible dog fence.

Solar powered fences are a newer product that is now available for anyone who wants to buy a dog fence for their home.

A solar panel works using energy from the sun, and once your panel is fully charged you will be able to use it even during the daytime.

Once the solar panel is fully charged, you will be able to plug the panel into a 12-volt power source and you’re ready to go.

A solar fence uses a battery system to store energy and you’ll need to periodically check to see if your dog is using the energy stored up.

This is easy to do: just check the battery and ensure that the light is on.

A battery is in fact comprised of three parts: the solar panels, a battery, and a controller.

In order to know if your dog is using the energy stored up, simply examine the area where the invisible dog fence will be placed.

If you have a solar fence and you notice that your dog is not using the stored energy, then you will know that you need to change the batteries to help your dog to use it.

However, this is a very small cost compared to the monetary expense of a new fence.

If you want to add to the energy security of your dog’s yard by placing solar panels on the top of your fence, you may need to consider adding sensors to the panels in order to block access.

If you fail to do this, your dog could find a way around your solar fence to get into your yard.

If you opt for solar-powered invisible dog fence, remember thatyou must cover the whole fence, from one end to the other. This means that youcan’t install solar panels near the boundary to keep them out.

If you do decide to put solar panels on your fence, make surethat they’re all installed correctly to ensure maximum efficiency. It’s alsorecommended that you consider this option as part of your long-term fenceinvestment, and not a short-term solution to a problem that may be eliminatedby the addition of new fencing.

In addition to solar panels, there are battery options for yourfence system. These battery systems are considered to be the most economicalway to install a fence, but their existence requires constant vigilance andmaintenance.

Remember that a silent fence or an invisible dog fence can be avery safe investment. A solar-powered fence can be a great addition to any areaof your property, especially for those who like to roam around the yard freelywith their dog.

Does Invisible Fence hurt dogs?

DoesInvisible Fence hurt dogs? The answer is no. However, that doesn’t mean thatyou shouldn’t give your dog a leash if you are going on walks with your dog.

Invisible Fence is a dog fence that has a magnetic trim. It’sbasically a two-inch diameter magnet. The loop of the fence is in one cornerand the pad is in the other.

Now, this is not like a regular metal fence that you would putaround your dog. A dog can actually get through these. If you want to use it,make sure your dog can get through it. If they cannot, then there is no reasonto use it.

There are some dogs who love the sound of the magnets. This iswhat they do to get your attention. They will keep the magnet going becausethey love it so much.

When your dog comes along, they will make it running. The guarddog has your dog in their face and they are going to get it. So when your dogcomes along, they are not going to feel like being chased. They’ll just let go.

The problem here is that your dog will have to put the dog onthe pad because they will keep getting it off. They also will think they canjust run through the gate. Well, you have to make sure that the dog can walkthrough the gate or the fence.

Dogs do tend to do small things that are against their nature.You wouldn’t want your dog running up and down the stairs so you need to makesure that they are trained and this way you don’t hurt them.

What is a good way to train your dog on Invisible Fence? Whenyou take them out for a walk, have a friend or dog walk with them. Once theyget used to walking around with someone else, they will learn that it’s okay towalk by themselves.

Dogs will love to please their masters. They will love to learnhow to be obedient. One way to do this is to make sure they know where the dooris and how to go back home.

If they get bored with being at home, then they are going tolearn that they have to go to the house. This is an easy thing to do and youcan get started with it right away.

If they don’t want to be out, then you need to make sure thatyou stop training them. These things don’t work if you take them out and makethem learn that they have to be out. They will never listen to you.

Does Invisible Fence hurt dogs? The answer is no.

Which is better wireless or wired dog fence?

I have to admit that I’m not very tech savvy and I don’t know much about dog fences, but I know that my wife says she wants a wireless one because I’m always getting in the way.

If I think about it, she is right, I can be pretty lazy and I think that dogs know this about me and want to get my attention.

We’ve even gone so far as to try both the wireless and wired ones before settling on the wired.

We went through the papers and we even looked into the store manuals to find out which type we were going to need. Now, I can finally tell you the answer to the question, which is better wireless or wired dog fence?

First of all, here’s the scenario, you walk outside and your dog is barking at something, whether it’s inside your house or outside of it.

You’re yelling at him, he’s still barking and you’re ready to get back inside, but then he stops barking at something.

You’re thinking, “hey, I should probably get him some kind of deterrent, but I don’t really know what I should use.”

Now, once you decide to get a dog fence, you do that one thingthat most people don’t do. You ask yourself, “which is better wireless orwired?” So, the answer to that question is wired, by a long shot.

One reason why you’re using the wire is because you know that you’ll need to go ahead and get a dog fence.

You don’t want to risk having your dog jump over the fence because it’s not strong enough to hold it, or if your fence isn’t tall enough, you could wind up with him going over it.

Wireless dog fences are easier to install and they’re also easier to move around if your dog gets too big for the fence to handle.

Wired ones usually come with a smaller dog flap that you can move around if you need to. I think that’s a nice feature as well.

You also know that you can easily move it into place if it’s a little too high, or maybe if you need to put in some new wires to make it larger.

I think my dog is still getting used to the idea that he’s incontrol of the fence. Once he understands that there’s a leash attached, hejust goes along with it. He’s learned to understand the leash and follow it.

Wired dog fences are also more expensive. If you’ve only got afew pups, they might not be very big concerns, but when you have a lot of pups,you’ll want to keep them under control. That’s where wired dog fences come inhandy.

Wireless ones are a lot cheaper than wired ones, and they cost less to operate as well.

The only thing about them is that they don’t usually come with a remote or a dog flap.

You’ll also need to find a way to control the fencing, like from your phone, or you can find a sensor that will trigger a shock when he starts to run across it.

Some of the nicer wireless dog fence comes with sensors builtin. They’ll detect movement, like a cat, a dog or something else. They’re easyto set up and they’re very popular as well.

To get the best results, I would definitely recommend getting a dog fence with a dog flap.

You can get a wireless one that works well without one, but if you’re getting a wired one for your two pups, then you’re going to need one. We got ours at PetSmart. Or you can get discounts at Chewy if you purchase directly from their store.


I’ve been telling my wife that she can’t have her wire if she doesn’t want it, and I’m sure she agrees, but what she didn’t expect is that after putting up with the barking and whining for years, we’d buy the same thing and they do have one.

No wires, no problem!