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Do Pit Bulls Have Webbed Feet?

Have you ever tried to spread your dog’s feet and see the thin layer of skin connecting each toe?

Well, it’s because of “the webbing.” A lot of people have certified that their Pit bulls have webbed feet, but do all Pit bulls have webbed feet?

Do Pit Bulls have webbed feet? No, Pit Bulls do not have webbed feet. They have connective tissue between their feet but that can’t be classified as webbing. Every dog breed has some form of tissues which tends to connect their feet so they can float in water.

What is Webbed Feet?

Webbed feet are made up of toes and a thin layer of skinwhich is called a membrane. The membrane connects the toes, making the feetlook exactly like duck feet.

Dogs with webbed feet allow them to swim with ease, itallows them to paddle through water by propelling themselves just as flippershelp people who go snorkeling. Other than swimming it also helps dogs walk overmud.

Feet with webbing allow the animal to paddle through water quite easily.

Although webbed feet are known as a common feature of ducks, swans and other amphibious animals, some breeds of dogs do have webbed feet like ducks.

IsWebbed Feet Dangerous?

Even though it has some benefits to our canine partners, webbed feet actually poses danger in dogs health.

Since dogs use their toes for walking, the webbing between their toes can cause limping and other conditions.

Here are some dangers of having webbed feet:

1). Cleft Palate

There are several cases in which dogs with webbed feet are accompanied by a cleft palate.

Dogs with this condition are diagnosed to have abnormalities in genetics. Normal Dogs have their mouth roof stuck together which makes it have no black space.

This happens when your dog was just an embryo, instead of the mouth roof becoming stuck together, his toes did the sticking.

2). Shortened Tibia-Fibula

The tibia and fibula are the two bones of the lower rear leg of a dog. It is associated with premature closure of the associated growth plate.

It’s actually possible that the same gene that makes the webbed toes is responsible for the faster joining of the two bones.

This condition is quite dangerous because it can lead tobone fractures and limping. But, good news is that it can be corrected throughsurgery.

3). Scoliosis

Scoliosis in dogs means that the dog’s spine is not in a straight line, but it bends to the side.

You can check this by touching your dog’s body and also by looking at how your dog carries its weight, since scoliosis is accompanied by visible limping. If this condition is left untreated, it can end up paralyzing your dog.

Since webbed feet and scoliosis both involve spinal andbone malformations, their linking doesn’t appear accidental.

DoPit Bulls Have Webbed Feet?

So the question still remains, do pit bulls have webbedfeet? The answer is NO, althoughthere are some special cases that pit bulls do have webbed feet, but thepossibility is extremely low.

The explanation for webbed feet in Pit bulls is they have the gene of water dogs. Sometimes dog owners misunderstand webbed feet with connective tissue.

All species have connective tissue, so if you see it on your dogs don’t insist that your dogs have webbed feet.

However if you’re still concerned about your dog’s webbed feet, don’t hesitate to get an opinion from a nearest veterinary clinic.

Dogswith Webbed Feet

Here are some dog breeds that have webbed feet:

1). Otterhound

Otterhounds are a rare british dog breed. Their name says it all, their main hunting target is otters.

They have a very strong sense of smell which helps them find otters easily. Their big, webbed feet help them swim, and their rough, water-resistant coat helps moderate their temperature.

2). Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular dog breed in America. They areknown for their friendly and athletic nature, plus they are really goodswimmers. Their wide, webbed feet help them dog paddle.

3). Dachshund

Almost everyone knows this Wiener Dog; their long, slender bodies make them easy to spot.

Believe it or not, as cute and small this dog is, they are originally bred to hunt small creatures such as rabbits and squirrels.

Although having webbing on their feet, their advantage is not swimming but, digging. It helps them dig, grip and dive into holes.

4). Irish Water Spaniel

Having “water” embedded in their name, you know this breed has to be a great swimmer.

Irish Water Spaniels are one of the oldest spaniel breeds, originating as early as 7th century. Their webbed feet make them strong swimmers.

5). Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are one of the most popular web-footed dog breeds. They are originally bred to help fishermen work in the cold waters of Canada.

They are great swimmers thanks to their big, webbed feet that help them propel in water. Their strong bodies helped the, haul grown men to safety in the ocean.

They use their paws to swim in a unique way, with a down and out motion instead of the traditional dog paddle. Nowadays, they are known for being an excellent family dog.

6). Portuguese Water Dog

Their talent is embedded in their names, these water dogs are built to swim. They have the same characteristics as the Newfoundland, but not as bulky or wooly.

They help fisherman by herding. They were smaller than Newfoundlands so they aren’t able to carry heavy loads, they would herd schools of fish toward fishing nets.

They were also bred to retrieve items as well as pass messages from boat to boat.

7). American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel originated in the United States. They were bred to help hunters, when a hunter shoots a bird, these dogs would retrieve it wherever it lands.

Due to the wet and muddy habitat of the birds, they would mostly land in water or on a muddy place.

The paws of an American Water Spaniel have toes that are close rather than spread apart.

8). Weimaraner

A German dog breed, preferred commonly in Europe. Weimaraners are originally bred for hunting big animals such as boars and deer.

Their webbed feet and arched toes help them get through any terrain as they retrieve the animals.

Weimaraners can chase down animals in or out of the water. Having webbed feet has made them a good choice for those who love water sport, it has also helped them run and swim very fast.

In conclusion, Pit Bulls are not classified as dog breeds with webbed feet. But they tend to have connective tissue that bonds the feet together.