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Are Pomeranians Lap Dogs? (Temperaments and Care)

Pomeranians are unique little dogs breeds.

They are very cute, compact in size, eye-catching in appearance, and full of personality.

Are Pomeranians Lap Dogs? Pomeranians are lap dogs or lapdog. It’s small enough to be held in the arms or lie confortably on the owner’s lap. These dog breeds love to cuddle, and they’re friendly dogs to keep.

Are Pomeranians Lap Dogs and Do They Like to Cuddle?


Do you have a Pomeranians or planning on getting one? Know for sure that Pomeranians are lap dogs and like to cuddle.

This has to do with their history of living in packs. By cuddling your Pomeranian, it warms itself and shows you love and affection.

Please note that there are right and wrong ways of showing your Pomeranian that you love it.

For instance, hugging can make your Pomeranian anxious while cuddling can make your dog more affectionate toward you.

However, let the cuddling come from your dog, if you try to force the cuddle, it can have the opposite effect.

Why Do Pomeranians Like to Cuddle On Your Lap?

Basically, Pomeranians love giving and receiving affection and don’t hesitate to show they crave attention and affection.

If you have a lot of affection and love to give to your Pomeranian, then you can’t go wrong with your dog. By cuddling your Pomeranian, it will grow fond of you and get attached to you.

Get your Pomeranian on your lap, cuddle it, and don’t hesitate to show it the attention and affection it deserves.

How Do Pomeranians Like to Cuddle?

To cuddle, your Pomeranian can lie on your pillow beside you, tug the blanket so they can lie under it, press their back against yours, or simply lie next to the couch or chair you’re sitting on.

Pomeranians also love to cuddle up in the chair you’re sitting on and snuggle with you.

Don’t be too surprised, not all Pomeranians are lap dogs or like to cuddle.

This could happen for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons why some Pomeranians don’t like to cuddle?

A weak bond between the Pomeranian and its owner: This is common with most dogs – both puppies and adult dogs. A weak bond between the Pomeranian and its owner can be recognized if the Pomeranian:

  • Doesn’t come when called by the owner or respond to commands
  • Doesn’t go on your lap
  • Doesn’t let you pet or snuggle it
  • Doesn’t make eye contact with you
  • Has little or no desire to play
  • Shows aggression by baring teeth or growling
  • Tries to run off when being picked up

When the Pomeranian enjoys its personal space rather than physical closeness:

Just like humans, dogs can also withdraw to themselves.

So, if both you and your Pomeranian are staying on the couch but your Pomeranian is on the other end and not close to you.

If your Pomeranian feels more comfortable staying away than getting closer to you, chances are that your Pomeranian won’t like to cuddle.

When your Pomeranian feels anxious when you try to cuddle with it:

Normally, Pomeranians love to run free and protect their owner. But if your Pomeranian feels restricted when you try to cuddle with him, it means it doesn’t like a cuddle.

Feeling restricted can lead to anxiety. If you notice your Pomeranian turning its head in the opposite direction of yours when on your lap or close to you, licking his lips, or yawning, it might be a sign that it is using comforting signals to lower down the levels of anxiety. Better not proceed with cuddling your dog.

When you’re too rough with cuddling:

Pomeranians are not only small and compact; they are also very delicate because they have fragile bones. If you’re the type that plays too rough or cuddles with your Pomeranian too hard, it might not like it.

Instead of cuddling, try to stroke your dog and give it some belly scratches.

Allow your Pomeranian to come to you by itself and when it does, don’t overwhelm the dog by being overly excited about it. Also, if your Pomeranian wants to leave, let it leave.

This way you’re lowering the risks of your dog being anxious around you but increasing the chances of your dog coming willingly to cuddle and play.

Pomeranians can be territorial and consider another member of the family their best friend:

This is rather surprising but it’s the truth. Your Pomeranian may choose another family member as its best friend, especially the one that spent more time with the dog.

If you aren’t the one that the Pomeranian is fond of and you try to cuddle it or get its attention from its best friend, the Pomeranian might get protective and react.

This happens because Pomeranians are territorial and when they demand attention from their best friend, they feel every other family member is getting in their way.

Can I Train My Pomeranian to Cuddle and Chill?

Yes, you can train your Pomeranian to cuddle and chill.

Here are a few ways to train your dog to cuddle:

Whenever your Pomeranian gets close to you or sits on your lap, you can start rewarding the dog with some of his favorite treats.

However, if your dog doesn’t sit on your lap yet, you can lure it to your lap by offering one or two tasty treats. Then, as soon as your dog is where you want it to be, feel free to treat it well.

If your dog wouldn’t sit climb onto your lap voluntarily, you can sit on the floor and offer the dog some treats.

Don’t forget to also give it some belly rubs as a bonus. You can also include some fun dog training games on the agenda.

All these will help to strengthen the relationship between you and your Pomeranian.

Reasons Why You Should Cuddle with Your Pomeranian

Do you have a Pomeranian already or you’re planning on getting one? Here are a few reasons why you should cuddle with your Pomeranian:

1). Cuddling strengthens the bond between you and your Pomeranian: Just like humans, dogs also need physical touches. When cuddling, the brain releases the “love hormone” known as oxytocin in both you and your Pomeranian.

The love hormone helps to build trust and develop empathy toward each other. This act subsequently contributes to a better bond between you and your dog.

2). Cuddling improves your physical health: Cuddling doesn’t only benefit your Pomeranian, it benefits you too. For instance, cuddling with your Pomeranian will help in lowering your heart rate and reducing your blood pressure.

3). Cuddling makes your Pomeranian feel loved and secure: Your Pomeranian needs to feel loved and secure. One way of achieving this is cuddling with your dog.

Giving affection to your Pomeranian regularly empowers it while the lack of affection toward your Pomeranian may lead to the withdrawal of your dog from you.

Worse still, it can cause your Pomeranian to become inactive or change its eating patterns.

4). Cuddling relieves anxiety and depression: Aside from improving your physical health, another benefit you’ll derive from cuddling with your Pomeranian is relief from anxiety and depression.

While you cuddle with your Pomeranian, your body releases serotonin and dopamine. These hormones make you feel happier and help relieve depression.

Cuddling with or stroking your Pomeranian is a great way to suppress anxiety because it will help you to focus and not get too much in your head.

5). Cuddling can decrease the risk of you having a stroke: Surprisingly, cuddling with your Pomeranian can lower the risk of you having a stroke – the same goes for cuddling with anyone you love.


Pomeranians are lap dogs. They are very friendly and affectionate.

Currently, the Pomeranian is one of the most wanted dogs in the world, especially in the US.

They have a lifespan of about 12 to 16 years, so you can expect a friendly Pomeranian for about a decade or two.