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How Long Can Red-Eared Sliders Go Without Water?

It’s important to know how long a red-eared slider turtle can stay out of the water, because your pet turtle may be dehydrated and unable to survive without water.

Excessive moisture may also cause your turtle to die.

With most species of turtles, it is normal for them to require some water every day or every other day. Red-eared slider turtles are different.

It is very difficult to determine how long your pet turtle can go without water.

Red Eared Turtle

You will have to rely on its condition and determine whether or not it has enough water in its body. It may appear fine one day and seem to be dehydrated the next.

Turtles’ bodies are highly specialized. Depending on thetemperature and weather conditions, their skin temperature may change, makingit hard to tell whether or not they are getting enough water.

During hot weather, especially in the hot climate, the red-eared slider turtle may actually not drink at all.

They may have become so dehydrated that they are unable to continue eating. This condition is very dangerous.

Typically, turtles live about 10 years, so if you feel that your turtle has gone for several months without water, it may be time to visit a turtle veterinarian.

It could be possible that they are suffering from heat stroke.

If your turtle has gone without water, you should take it to a veterinarian soon after, as new lizards or insects may be hatching inside its body.

New lizards or insects may enter its body when it is unable to expel the harmful waste materials it does not need.

It may appear to be perfectly healthy at first, but it may beirritated by these unwanted invaders. Your veterinarian will be able toidentify the problems your turtle is having and prescribe an effectivetreatment.

When these symptoms develop, you should make sure that your turtle is not eating new lizards or insects.

These creatures can easily be ingested by the turtle, so your veterinarian may prescribe a course of antibiotics to kill the invaders.

Keep your turtle confined, at least until the antibiotics totake effect. Sometimes, keeping the turtle indoors for a few days can helpreduce irritation.

If you suspect that your turtle is suffering from dehydration,you should take it to a veterinarian immediately. This is a serious condition,and if not treated, can result in death.

Snails and other invaders may not be eliminated by thistreatment, so they may be reintroduced later. These creatures cannot becompletely killed, so they must be removed periodically until their presence iseliminated from your turtle’s environment.

Do red eared sliders need to be in water all the time?

turtle swimming

First, if you’ve never seen one, you may not know how it looks like or how it lives.

Did you know that if you want to find Red-Eared Slider turtle, you should pay special attention in the area where their habitat is?

How long can a waterturtle go without food?

Why are so many pet owners feeding their turtle’s dry food and what does this tell you about how long a water turtle can go without food?

Turtles are known to be very important members of a pet’s family, but can they survive on dry food? This is one question that I get asked quite a bit.

You probably already know the answer to this question: no, aturtle cannot survive on dry food for very long. But, do you know why? Let’slook at what is needed to keep a turtle healthy for years.

A turtle needs adequate nutrition to stay alive and function properly. It also needs plenty of water.

Because it lives in the water, it will need to be able to drink water constantly as well. So, a turtle’s needs are quite a bit different than that of an animal that has to live on land.

A turtle that is fed only on dry food will not be getting thenutrients it needs to thrive. It will be starving or dehydrating to deathbefore it dies of old age.

Humans should take care of their pets by providing them with good food and enough water. It seems like the experts would agree with this statement, but that is not the case.

The reason for this is simple; the vets would rather see you dead than to feed your pet a diet of dry food.

Water is important to any living creature. Without water areptile or fish cannot survive. Unfortunately, most people do not provide theirpet turtles with enough water to live, let alone enjoy.

Dried food is just not good for a turtle. Just like humans, a turtle needs to eat regularly in order to stay healthy.

Dry food provides more time for predators to feed, making them even more aggressive towards your turtle.

One of the biggest problems pet owners have with this is that they think that a turtle will eat anything. Again, it does not matter if it is safe for your turtle to eat.

As long as it is not poisonous to a turtle, it will eventually die.

Instead of changing your turtle’s diet to a more balanced diet, it might be a good idea to consult a veterinarian and ask him/her what types of foods he/she recommends.

Most veterinarians are very knowledgeable when it comes to feeding turtles and they know what is healthy for your pet. Don’t assume that all veterinarians are the same though.

Once you find a veterinarian that you are comfortable with, visit him/her frequently to make sure your turtle is not neglecting its needs.

Pay close attention to the types of foods and water your turtle gets. You do not want to start feeding your turtle a diet that is bad for it, right?


Remember, it is your turtle’s health that is the priority, not your own convenience.

Feeding it the wrong type of food can lead to health problems. Instead of worrying about how long can a water turtle go without food, pay attention to the health of your turtle and get a little help from a vet.

Remember, if you feed your water turtle dry food, there is a good chance it will become sick.

Get a reptile vet to watch over your turtle and to recommend a diet that is healthy for your pet turtle.