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Rottweiler Bite Force: Is it The Strongest?

So what’s Rottweiler’s bite force?

Dogs are some of the most popular kinds of pets throughout the world. In most nations, they are noted as being the number one family pet choice.

Just as weadore our companions, we have to comprehend the dangers that include raisingany kind of pet inside our houses. This post talks about the bite force of aRottweiler.

PSI (PerSquare Inch) is the scientific unit which is used to measure the force that adog puts forth anytime it bites.

It is known that the Rottweiler dog breed has one of the most powerful bite forces from the pet world. Rottweilers are a very nice breed of dogs.

Rottweilers have a bite force of around 300 pounds of pressure compared to pit bulls that have 230 pounds of pressure. The bite force can reach up to 328 lbs (PSI), which is two times more than its weight. This breed of dogs has the second strongest and locking bite, according to a test conducted by Dr. Brady Barr’s of the National Geographic.

Originally, Rottweilers are bred to assist with work such as pulling carts and guarding the homestead.

They wereamong the very first dog breeds to be used by the police, and they are still ofgreat help to the force till now.

They aremoderate in size with a great build and astounding amount of power. They areextremely nimble and possess elevated levels of endurance to keep this going.

They’realso used in several search and rescue assignments by the police and military.This breed is a mix of intelligence, endurance, and strength.

Rottweilersare considered to be good-natured companions – which could win about any breedwith their good behavior.

Whenthreatened by risk, this breed is always alert and can go into protection stylein a matter of seconds.

This dog is used in police operations due to its confidence and powerful construct.

OtherDog Breeds’ Bite Force

Chow Chow Bite Force — 220 PSI

Labrador retriever Bite Force — 230 PSI

American Pit Bull Bite Force — 235 PSI

Doberman Bite Force – 245 PSI

Siberian husky Bite Force – 320 PSI

German shepherd Bite Force – 238 PSI

American Bulldog Bite Force – 305 PSI

Cane Corso Bite Force – 700 PSI

Kangal Bite Force – 743 PSI

Now thatyou know that the bite force of a Rottweiler dog breed and other dog breeds,you should also know that there are quite a few other domesticated dogs whichhave a higher bite force.

Thus, whencompared with some dog breeds such as Pitbull, Rottweiler, and German shepherd,the bite force of a Rottweiler is considered to be more effective.

However, whencompared with other dogs of similar weight and size, it’s lower to the scale.Sometimes, bite force tends to be over exaggerated with big, strong,frightening dog breeds.

WhatDoes Bite Force Mean?

It simply tellshow powerful a dog’s jaw and bite power is.

HowIs a Rottweilers Bite Force Calculated?

PerSquare Inch or PSI

PSI is a unit built to calculate the pressure released upon any certain point.  The full meaning of psi is “Pound per Square Inch”, or “Pound-force per Square Inch”.

PSI is derived from the pressure applied over one inch of a pound.

To understandthat a bit better, let’s use a tire for an example. On the average, a tire’spressure normally drops around 32 psi or pounds per square inch.

Factorsthat Determine the Bite Force of a Rottweiler

Rottweilersdon’t bite with the same force every time; they will bite harder if they areprovoked or feel endangered.

If theyare in defence mode, barking, growling, snarling and lunging, there is a highchance that their bite will be much harder than if the dog is just spooked andsnaps fast.

WhyIs the Bite Force so Strong on Some Dogs?

A dog’sbite force is majorly based upon the size of the dog’s entire body – the shape,and dimensions of their jaw and skull. The bigger the dog breed, the stronger itsbite forces!

TheDog Breed with the Strongest Bite Force

The breed withthe strongest bite force – of almost any domesticated dog – is the TurkishKangal.

This strong and large dog breed is used to shield against animal predators.

Astonishingly, this dog breed is good with kids, friendly along with their loved ones, but defensive and protective.

OtherAnimals’ Bite Force

Are you curiousto know the bite force of other wild animals? Let us compare the bite force ofother animals of the wild with our four-legged friends…

  • PolarBear 1,200 psi(from the Arctic Circle)
  • GrizzlyBear 1,160 psi ( out of Canada and theUnited States)
  • AmericanAlligator 2,125 psi(in the Southern United States)
  • Gorilla 1,300 psi (from the temptations ofCentral Africa)
  • Hippopotamus 1,800 psi (from Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • SaltwaterCrocodile 3,700 psi(out of Australia, India Southeast Asia)
  • GreatWhite Shark4,000 psi estimated
  • Jaguar 1,500 psi (in South and CentralAmerica and the Southwestern United States)
  • Hyena 1,100 psi (front the Sub-SaharanAfrica)

Thus,Why Does a Dog Bite?

Knowingwhy a dog bites and the implications are things that every individual ought toknow, whether they are a pet owner or are never going to be one.

Dogs may bite for many reasons:

  • theyare in a stressful position
  • they’reprotecting themselves, their owner or their dogs
  • theyare feeling scared or endangered
  • theymay not feel well
  • theysometimes nip while they’re playing
  • they’restartled

TheTop 3 Dog Bites force by Breed in 2019

  • TurkishKangal
  • AmericanBandogge
  • CaneCorso

I supposethat the bottom line is…bite force is crucial. If you wish to own a dog thatis huge, it’s important to understand your dog because it could be quitedangerous if you are not educated correctly.

However,what is most significant is the way you raise your dog, no matter what breed itis.

Raising ahappy, healthy dog, regardless of the breed, is what is very essential. Givingyour female or male companion your time, training and attention will help themto grow knowing what will not be tolerated and what is expected of them.

Love,training, and dedication are important to owning some breeds of dog. Any dog atall has the potential to bite; the power of the bite is the thing that makesall of the difference!

Someowners even seek the strong bite force out when selecting a breed of dog forguarding.


If you’rewondering whether Rottweilers make great guard dogs, the simple andstraightforward answer is yes! And will they also make amazing pets? It’s stilla yes!!

Thoughthis breed seems to be quite dangerous, it’s good to know that every animal inthis world has the potential to harm an individual in one way or the other.

It isadvised that you do a thorough research on any type of animal you want to keepas a pet in order to know everything about them beforehand.

The moreknowledge of your dog you have, the better the relationship and understandingbetween you.

I hope this article makes you understand the value of a muzzle if you own a Rottie!

Featured Photo by Tom and Sini from Pexels