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Swedish Vallhund Vs. Corgi: (Pictures, Differences, Spcial Dogs)

You might mistake the Swedish Vallhund dogs with a Corgi. They have a great resemblance though they are different.

Looking at both of them, you might think that they come from the same breed.

In this article, you shall learn the similarities and the differences between Swedish Vallhund and the Corgi dogs.

First, here’s how the Swedish Vallhund dog looks like:

Swedish Vallhund

And here’s Corgi:

Corgi dog

Comparisons Between Swedish Vallhund and Corgi


If youconsider maintenance cost when choosing a pet, they both have a low maintenancecost. You can decide to select the Swedish Vallhund since it is much easier togroom.


The tendency of barking of Corgi is average if you compare it to other dogs. Unlike the Corgi, the Swedish Vallhund will bark less often.

3. Goodwith Children

If yourconcern is about a dog that will be comfortable with children, relax. BothCorgi and Vallhund are okay.

4. NewOwner

If you aregoing to own a dog for the first time, consider taking a Cardigan Welsh corgi, youshould not make a mistake of choosing a Swedish Vallhund if you have no experiencewith dogs.

5. Life Span

Both breeds havea long life span of more than 12 years. Corgi can extend to 14 years while theSwedish Vallhund can live up to 15 years.

6. Height

They havedifferent heights since Corgi can grow up to 10-12in.  The Swedish Vallhund can get a height of12-16 in

7. Weight                                            

Corgi canweigh up to 20-30 lb while that of Swedish is 25-35lb

8. Level of intelligence

If you want adog with a high level of knowledge, consider Corgi. Swedish Vallhund has anaverage level of information.

9. Origin

Welsh Corgioriginated from the UK in a place called Wales and in 1200AD. The SwedishVallhund originated from Sweden in 800 AD.

10. Temperaments

Both of themare very friendly to the kids and other family members. Both dogs are also okaywith other pets and strangers.

11. Personality

Both of them are willing to please though Swedish Vallhund is a bit stubborn.

Corgis like having company, but the Swedish want to snuggle. Both are lovely with Swedish Vallhund being more affectionate.

12. Living environment

The can live well in an apartment. They are okay indoors, and they enjoy playing in a small yard. Corgi is comfortable with medium yard while Swedish Vallhund is comfortable with a large yard.

Corgi can tolerate a temperature of  45-85 degree F while Vallhund if okay with a temperature of 30-70 degree F.

13. Exercise

Both dogs require training. A corgi needs high energy levels for vigorous activities, unlike the Swedish that requires a medium-high energy level.

A corgi can run at a speed of 23 mph which slightly lower to that of Swedish which is 24 mph. They need equal strength when doing their exercise.

14. Grooming Need

Corgirequires medium coat maintenance, shedding, and dander. Swedish that requireslow-medium shedding, dander, and coat maintenance.

Corgi doesn’trequire any amount of drool while Swedish requires little or none.

Swedish Vallhund Vs. Corgi: Comparison in Relations To Their Instincts And Behaviors

1. Breed Mentality

Both like living in a family. The Swedish are more independent while compared to the Corgi.

2. Breed Focus

Both arefocused and patient and not easily distracted.

3. Insights and Corgi facts

a. Theaggressions of Corgi are below average as compared to the ordinary aggressionof the Swedish Vallhund.

b. Corgis arenot good hunters if you compare them to Swedish Vallhund who are averagehunters.

c. Thefighting of Corgi is below average while that is Swedish is average.

d. Theguarding techniques of Corgi are shallow while those of Swedish Vallhund isvery high.

e. Both ofthem are good at herding.

f. The sleddingof Corgi is below average while that of Swedish is very low.

g. Theability of Corgi to follow command is below average while that of Swedish isaverage.

h. Thestrength of chasing something is below average for Corgi and very high forSwedish.


a. Some ofthe universal health issue with Corgi include cataracts, Cystinuria,intervertebral disk disease, patent ductus arteriosus, Epilepsy, and DegenerativeMyelopathy. Swedish dogs do not contract these sicknesses.

b. Both ofthem can get hip Dysplasia and Retinal Dysplasia.

c. MostlySwedish can get heart problems,  skinallergies, Spinal Bifida, and Patellar Luxation. These problems are not commonin Corgi.


a. Both ofthem have fur and a double coat. The coat of Swedish Vallhund is smooth, unlikeCorgis.

b. The coattexture of Swedish is rough and straight, unlike Corgi’s that is unkempt andsmooth.

c. The coatcolor of Corgi is black and white, blue merle and white, brindle and white,brindle merle and white, gray and white, liver and white, red and white, brownmerle and white merle

That is aSwedish is mainly gray, gray-brown, red-brown, and red-yellow.

Facts about Swedish Vallhund

1. They are active

You will have to keep on searching for a dog if you want a sleepy lay dog.

They love playing, and their energy levels are very high. They require a lot of excursive, and as their owner, you have to be active. They are very good at herding.

2. Short Legs

You mightmisjudge them due to their short legs.Wait until they run at a break-neck speed.

3. They have a club

You shouldunderestimate them. In 1987 a club was formed to promote these breed and alsoto preserve it. The club is called Swedish Vallhund club.

Facts about Corgi

1. Did youknow that Corgi means dwarf dog? Well, the reason being that they can grow upto a height of 10-12 inch.

2. Corgievolved into two breeds that are different. You heard it right. The two kindsare Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the second one Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The latter ismore popular. The discovery of their difference was not until 1930.

3. Easy to train

Their highintelligence level and ability to follow instructions make them easy to train.They are obedient and quick learners. He will enjoy your training as he focuseson pleasing you.


Both Corgi and Vallhund have similarities and differences. Before your final decision, you need to consider your experience with the dogs.

If you choose to adopt Corgi, know which breed to choose. You should also have enough information about their health.

If you intend to use them in herding, know their suitable characteristics. If you love dogs with specific appearances, you need to know the different color each one have.

You can also focus on the breed mentality, their insight, and focus. If you need a dog that you can train efficiently, consider taking Corgi.