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What Do Box Turtles Eat? (Complete Food List + Feeding Chart)

What do box turtles eat? We’ll cover everything in this guide.

If you’ve been to the reptile show, you’ve seen at least one of these animals in a pet store, usually with a large eye-catching sign that says “eaten by T. Rex.”

Box turtles are cute, and there are hundreds of varieties, but they do need food.

This animal has been bred by people for food. The first creatures were likely pets, and they certainly were not wild.

However, over time, more boxes were taken from natural environments and began being used as pet animals.

box turtle

Now, if you want to keep one as a pet, you’ll need to know a few things about the types of food that they eat, and how much they should be fed.

Turtles are aquatic animals, which mean they are best suited to eating mostly vegetables and fruits. They love fresh vegetables, including lettuce and celery.

Anything green is tasty, and it’s also easy to harvest. To get their favorite vegetables, however, you will need to check with your local wildlife center or pet store and see what they recommend for them.

Some boxes may not accept fresh greens, so that might be the case with yours.

Fresh fruit is another preferred food for your turtle. Anything from cantaloupes to pineapples to apples can be used.

In addition, there are some plants that are also high in vitamin C, and are great for turtles.

Some of these foods are only suited for small turtles, so if you’re keeping a larger turtle, you should avoid any of these foods.

Also, if you have a turtle that enjoys berries, then berries should be the most limited type of food.

If it grows into the size that it can tolerate, you can add more berries as you see fit. These foods are not the best options for turtles with special dietary needs.

What do box turtles eat? They love a wide variety of meat, but you will need to be aware of your pets’ diet in order to make sure that it is healthy. Only provide them with regular meats, and maybe some fish or chicken.

There are many different meats available, including rabbit, boar, turkey, chicken, beef, and fish.

To prepare the different types of meat, simply buy some “broiler” products at your local pet store. You can grill, bake, broil, or cook them the way you like them.

It is important to know what exactly is suitable for your pet before you begin feeding them. Animals need to be fed according to their physical needs, not just their dietary needs.

Box turtles, like other animals, need to be properly fed, and this include eating vegetables. No matter how cute your turtle is, they need to eat, and they must be properly fed in order to thrive.

How often should you feed a box turtle?

Well, you have probably seen several questions like this on various web sites and you’re asking yourself; how often should you feed a box turtle?

That’s a good question, but there are several factors that you need to take into consideration.

You will also want to make sure that you are feeding your turtle with a variety of foods that are not known to cause harm to the turtle in question.

Generally speaking, you will want to feed your turtle once or twice a day. That’s the average amount of food that most turtles eat.

However, when the turtle starts showing signs of distress, then you will want to be more careful with the food that you feed it.

The frequency of feeding depends on several things, such as the size of the turtle, its health, and how much food is left over. In addition, it depends on the type of food that you are feeding it.

Let’s talk about some of the foods.

Foods that you should be giving to your turtle:

1). Fresh, raw foods: These are great for your turtle because they will be healthier. That means that they will be eating more, so you don’t have to waste food as much.

It also means that you won’t have to worry about them getting sick from it. A lot of people feed their turtles with crackers and bread, which can be an example of a raw food.

2). Freeze-dried foods: Freeze-dried foods are perfect for turtles because they don’t get sick as easily as most other types of food.

Also, if you choose to feed your turtle freeze-dried foods, you may want to feed it once every few days. Keep in mind that most turtles don’t like to eat it straight, so it needs to be warmed up first.

3). Dry food: This food is also great for turtles because it doesn’t cause them to get sick as quickly as other types of food.

However, you will want to be careful with this food. Turtles do not like to eat as much of it as they like to eat their other foods.

4). Mixes: When feeding your turtle with a mixture of foods, you will want to make sure that you are mixing the foods well. Turtles do not like to eat the wrong type of food so mixing it up will help.

That means that you want to add different types of foods to your mix, such as greens, pea gravel, and alfalfa sprouts.

If you are trying to decide on how often should you feed a box turtle, then you will want to make sure that you use your common sense. As long as you give it a healthy diet, it will be fine.

Can box turtles eat aquatic turtle food?

turtle eating aquatic food

A lot of people have never heard of the Can Box Turtle. You can usually find them in the South American countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru.

They are famous for their excellent taste of tortillas that they eat very often. So, when you want to feed your turtles then why not try a Can Box Turtle Food?

Turtles live on a diet that consists mainly of algae and plant matter. But if you consider the Can Box Turtle is different from most turtles.

They don’t have the typical diet because they can actually digest starfish or seaweed as well. In fact there are even Can Box Turtles that eats plants. This is one thing that makes them very different from other turtles.

But can you feed your turtles these types of food that is aquatic? Well, it depends on how much you would feed your turtles. And this is something that you will need to think about before you feed your turtles.

One type of Can Box Turtles that is seen in South America is the one known as the “Pampas”Blue-Coral” Turtledovetles.

These turtles live in swamps where they feed mostly on starfish and other vegetation found in the swamps. You will find them in some swamp areas.

But don’t think that if you feed them food like the ones mentioned above that they won’t be able to eat fish. Actually they will eat these types of food as long as they are around algae.

But it will not be a problem for you to get rid of all the dead starfish and other plant matter because these turtles are known to consume algae.

The reason why you will find Can Box Turtles eating algae is because these turtles have an organ that they use to feed on this algae.

But if you don’t feed your turtles with this type of food then they won’t be able to survive.

And even though these turtles aren’t as intelligent as some other animals, you will find them to be curious about what you are feeding them. And because they are curious you can feed them some plants as well.

With this you can teach them the difference between starfish and other types of algae.

So, when you want to feed your turtles and especially the Can Box Turtles then you may want to try aquatic turtle food instead of the types of starfish.

It will help keep them healthy and alive. So you can give them a chance to make their own decisions.

What fruits can box turtles eat? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Knowing what fruits can be eaten by box turtles is important if you want to keep them in your home.

The three most common types of fruit that are commonly eaten by turtles are banana, peach, and papaya.

If your turtle has a favorite type of fruit it is important to know what fruits they can eat. Below is a brief description of what fruits they should eat and how often.

The main types of fruit that are the least likely to cause digestive problems for turtles are fruits that are citrus based.

Examples of citrus fruits include oranges, grapefruit, and lemons. Other citrus fruits are tangerines, mandarins, kiwis, and pomelos.

Peaches are an exotic item that most turtles will eat. Because of their large size, this will require some attention from you.

You should get as many peaches as possible. You can choose to hand-pick the peaches to avoid getting rid of healthy peaches. However, when purchasing peaches, it is important to purchase large peaches.

Another exotic fruit that your turtle may eat is apricots. Apricots that are not overly ripe should be avoided because they may also cause digestive problems.

However, if you do not mind removing them from the cage and letting them eat as much as they like, they will eat them. They will even eat the peels if you keep them in the cage.

When picking out the fruits, make sure that they are not too ripe or too hard. Fruits that are hard and overripe should be removed from the cage.

This is especially true of apricots because the skin can become lodged between the crevices of the shells and cause irritation.

Tomatoes are another exotic fruit that many turtles enjoy eating. However, if you have a larger pet, then you should be careful.

While your pet may seem content eating tomatoes, you should not pick one up without making sure that the tomato has completely ripened. There are many other exotic fruits that are safe to feed your turtle as long as they are not ripe.

If you are able to let your turtle eat fruits that are not tropical, but rather a common domestic fruit, then it will increase the number of fruits they can eat. These are usually apples, oranges, and grapes.

Be careful to purchase apples from reputable stores. There is no need to buy oranges that are off the shelf.

Knowing what fruits can be eaten by box turtles will help you when deciding what type of foods to feed them.

By knowing what fruits can be eaten, you will be in a better position to help your turtle through a rough time in its life.

Can box turtles eat oranges?

turtle eat orange

The answer is no, box turtles cannot eat oranges. However, the answer is more complicated than it may seem at first.

They can eat citrus fruits, but it is not necessary for them to do so.

In order to answer the question, you have to understand what a box turtle is. They are a turtle that was originally from Southeast Asia and their ancestors probably came from there, on a ship to places like Florida or Texas.   

It would be possible for them to do so if they were already on the ground eating the fruit. However, it would be important for them to find enough oranges and a large enough bowl to soak in.

Another question that people ask when it comes to the question, ‘can box turtles eat oranges?’ is what would happen if they ate the oranges?

The answer is that if they eat them, it could do damage to their digestive system and they could end up with a disease.

So they should never eat them, but if they happen to find them in their habitat, they may want to eat them. They will probably want to eat them anyway because it is one of their favorite foods.

Can box turtles eat blueberries?

If you’re asking if box turtles can eat blueberries, the answer is yes. These small turtle species can eat blueberries when they are threatened with starvation.

It is a great time for harvesting blueberries. When you discover that some of these tiny creatures could eat blueberries, you will wonder what kind of an incredible turn of events this is.

Blueberries are berries and you have to know how they are prepared for human consumption.

They must be freeze-dried. This is an economical method that you could possibly consider if you have a food processor. The first step is to crush the berries, leaving them in a solid block.

Next, you need to place it in the freezer. A frozen vegetable cake can also be used for the same purpose.

By using the freeze-dried method, you do not have to wash out your food processor. In fact, you need not wash anything in the box turtles’ case.

You will find that the berries should not take long to get to the box turtles. Once the berries are within reach, it is safe to harvest them.

You can place them on the ground where the turtles can feed on them. You do not have to give them the freeze-dried blueberries, this time.

Can box turtles eat watermelon?

Watermelon is not something that most turtles will be able to consume without it causing them problems. However, it is very easy for a turtle to eat watermelon.

Watermelon is very soft and easily chewed. It is found in the summer and fall time season and is one of the foods that most turtles like to eat. Turtles often bring this food to their cages and enjoy it on a hot day when they are happy.

You might also try offering your turtles fruits such as apples or bananas. These fruits have some protein content, which is good for a turtle’s digestion.

There are many places where you can find these types of fruits at your local grocery store. If you are not sure how to find them, you can check online and see if there are any local sources near you.

This will make it easier for you to find a local source if it is near you and will help you find fresh fruits.

What do box turtles drink?

Why are box turtles so adorable and why are box turtles so important to the world? Box turtles are the turtles of the desert.

If you do not know what a box turtle is, they are named after their smaller cousins that live in the dry places.

Box turtles spend the vast majority of their time hiding under the sand or rocks, only coming out at night to find water or food.

They can only survive for a short while without water. Since they live so close to the ground, if it rains they can drown.

The problem that box turtles face is that they cannot take the heat that comes from the sun. Therefore they go into a dark hole, known as a burrow. This can only be found in dry areas because a box turtle cannot tolerate water in its burrow.

If the burrow is dug in the middle of the desert, then the box turtle may not survive because it would be too hot to live there. Box turtles have evolved in such a way that they do not live in warm areas; they live in cold regions.

Another thing that box turtles like to drink is road salt. In the spring and summer months, a box turtle will come out of the burrow to seek out road salt.

The box turtle must get the salt in order to survive. It can get this salt anywhere, including digging under the sand or getting it from the road or ocean.

By drinking road salt, the box turtle will be able to live through the winter and the warmer months of the summer. This survival ability has helped box turtles keep their population in balance throughout the centuries.

Can box turtles eat celery?

Can Box Turtles eat celery

Can box turtles eat celery? This question has been raised many times in recent years because of its popularity as a vegetable.

However, the question is quite different in nature from “can a turtle eat”. Because this question has two answers, it is important to make sure that you get the right answer.

Here, we will discuss the difference between a can box turtle and a turtle that eat celery. So, let’s begin. Here are the facts.

First of all, box turtles cannot eat celery. Also, in their digestive system, there is no way that they can digest it.

Although it is possible for them to drink or spit out celery, it is impossible for them to absorb it, and since the hard part of celery is mostly cellulose (plant-based material), it will not pass through their system in any way.

Next, while can box turtles do eat leaves; these leaves are only consumed by a turtle if it is absolutely starving or if it will simply die if left alone.

If it is safe to assume that a can box turtle will survive on its own, then there is no need to be concerned about eating celery. For both answers, please see the comments section below.

Can a turtle eat celery? What is the answer? If a turtle eats any type of plant, then the answer is a resounding yes. If a turtle can swallow or burrow into a leaf, then it can also consume celery.

Can box turtles eat avocado?

box turtle eat avocado

There are a number of questions and concerns about how can box turtles eat avocado?

Some people have asked why they don’t just chop up avocado; in that case you could be eating the skin and fruit.

The fact is that when a turtle chooses an avocado for food, it chooses the flesh. Avocado contains high levels of glycosides, which make the flesh in some ways desirable.

Avocados are different from other fruits in two ways. First, they contain enough saponins to inhibit certain enzymes involved in the process of metabolism. This makes the avocados more palatable and not so much like apples or grapes.

Also, the shape of the avocado will have a bitter taste to it which is intended to deter predators from eating it.

This is quite common with grapes are eaten by fish and small predators. Avocados have a very large core with little pulp, so the amount of enzymes that will inhibit them is relatively low.

This means that avocados are the best choice for turtles because the more enzymes they consume, the more likely they are to eventually break down the glycosides.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of questions and concerns about how can box turtles eat avocado?

The information available here is sufficient to help us make a good decision. If you’re still not sure about it, you can always ask a turtle expert.

Can box turtles eat cucumbers?

box turtle eating cucumber

My children have been asking me for some time now why do can turtles eat cucumbers? I just don’t understand the question and since they are kids I decided to look at some pictures of them.

The common assumption is that the turtles eat vegetables, fruits, and other food in the wild such as a fruit tree or a cucumber.

However, if the turtles have eaten cucumbers in the wild why would they not also eat a can of peas?

Can you imagine that in nature, the can of peas is the most preferred type of food to the turtle that eats it? It is usually found on the top of the soil where the can would be open and readily available for the turtle to eat.

From a strictly technical point of view, the pea is a type of tuber and is in the same family as many other plants and animals.

Thus a can of peas is a tuber food and would be a preferred food for a turtle that eats it. But, that is probably due to its similarity to a lot of other fruits and vegetables that the turtle can eat.

You see when it comes to turtles the only thing that matters are survival and eating the right things.

That means feeding it only the things that it can eat to survive. So, this is why they would not eat the can but would rather eat something else such as a pea in a can.

Can box turtles eat Onions?

Box turtles love onions. We know that canines are carnivores, so it would make sense that if you put the canine in a predator environment like the wild, he would eat what he can find, and he would grab what he could to eat.

It is the same with canines eating canes and other plant life. They are usually carnivores and they love to eat plants.

This is the same reason why we see little canines shredding the leaves of trees to get at the insects that are inside.

You see the canines will not dig up the tree leaves as that is dangerous for them. But the tree leaves will often time curl up into little balls so that the canines will be able to tear them up and eat them.

You can see the canines having a good time shredding those big leaves down to nothing. So when it comes to eating onions, canines really can’t go wrong with it.

When you learn how to do can box turtles eat onions, it will help you understand why they will eat the leaves of trees.

It might surprise you to learn that these two critters have very different feeding habits. You see canines are far more likely to pick up sticks and bits of dead animals to snack on.

The canines will find dead bugs or other insects and eat them with gusto.

Whereas the canines are vegetarian, they will shred the plant tissues down to little pieces so that they can easily get at the tasty snacks inside.


There you have it, the complete list of all the foods and fruits that box turtles can eat and why they enjoy eating them.

You’ve also discovered care tips, habit, behaviors, and the like. Now it’s time to decide if you really want to keep this turtle breed as a pet.

Considering that its food is readily-available, don’t you think you should keep it as a family pet?