What Is A Cat Cave? (Do Cats Like Cat Caves)?

cat cave

A cat cave is a necessity for cats, cats spend a major part of their day napping, and a cat cave is where they love to nap the most. Cats are picky creatures.

A cat cave is the one place where cats are most comfortable. It is their fortress, the one place where they feel completely relaxed.

Yes! Cats also nap in their beds, but a cat cave is on an entirely different level. 

Most cat lovers fail to see the distinction between cat caves, and cat beds, despite the fact that the difference is quite obvious. Y

our cat feels no need to guard its cave, he believes that the cave is already well protected. 

Why Do Cats Love Cat Caves?

Cat cave

This offers him a level of peace that cat beds just can’t offer. Cats love secure spaces, that’s just their nature. 

You must have noticed that your cat prefers napping in concealed sections of your home, rather than its comfy bed which is out in the open. 

Cats will often pick a hard, cardboard box in a concealed corner to a neat bed located in an open room.

Why Do Cats Love Cat Caves?


Cats are extremely curious by nature. They will constantly investigate every nook and cranny of their environment. You will find them investigating, and climbing everything in sight. 

Cats love crates, you will find that your cat will spend more time in bed when its bed is located inside a crate. This is due to their inherent need to spend time in protected spaces. 

They will spend more time in crates, taped-out squares, and caves. Of these three, cats love caves the most. The more time cats spend in caves, the less anxious they feel. A cat cave is the best thing you could ever give your cat. 

Once you get your cat his own cave, you will find that he will be less available for play time. He will spend most of his hours relaxing in his cave.

However, you should be observant, because if your cat spends a lot of time napping, it might be a sign of something more serious. 

Cats love to sleep, but they don’t love to nap that much. It doesn’t matter if you get your cat his own cave, he will seek out his own private space. 

It’s just their nature, there is nothing anyone can do about it. However, getting her a cave will not be the worst idea, and in the following sections, we will discuss why it is the best option for you.

Why Do Cats Need Me – Time

  • Impulses

As sweet as cats may seem, they still have their animal instincts, and every once in a while, they will feel the need to act on tha instinct. If your cat is trained, it won’t feel comfortable acting on impulse in front of you.

This is why cats want a space where they can call their own – a safe space within which they can act pure on their instincts. One where they can actually find prey, run around, and have fun.

The best cave for a cat will be one which is a bit elevated.Cats love high grounds because it will make it easier for them to search out, and hunt down prey.

  • Security

This is the most important need of cats. They want a place where they can feel secured. Cats want to feel protected, they love control. They want a space within which they are the kings. 

A place where they defend against prey, and stay safe from possible threats. This is why they love boxes, and high grounds. 

This is why they investigate every crate, and corner within their environment. They are in search of a safe spot.

The crazy part is that for the entirety of your cat’s lifetime, he may never face an actual threat. It is just their nature. By nature, they desire a place where they feel secure

In fact, the greatest threat your cat may ever face is the arrival of new guests to your home. 

This is enough to send your cat running to his safe spot. Loud noise may also irritate your cat.

  • Comfort

Cats are pretty different from humans. When we want to get comfy, we usually get cuddled up underneath linen sheets on our beds or in our lounges. 

This is what we do to get comfortable, but the same principle does not apply to cats. Enclosed spaces make cats comfy. Cats do not have thumbs to pull covers over their heads.

However, they are extremely flexible and they will easily cuddle themselves up on both hard, and soft surfaces. 

The only thing cats need to feel comfy is a secure location – one that is isolated from the world.

However, they will settle for a box, cupboard, or cave. Cats relax better when they know that no one can see them while they sleep. 

You Need To Get Your Cat A Cave 

Now that you get why cats love caves, you need to know what kind of cave she will love best. There are multiple ways through which you can provide the cave your cat desires. 


Bear in mind that she wants a place within which she can play with her prey as much as she needs a place where she will feel secure. 

You will find numerous cat caves on the internet, and in local pet stores. You might have to test run a couple caves before you find the right one for your cat. 

Find out what your cat loves, and most importantly what cave will blend in easily with the design of your home. 

Once you find the balance between these two factors, you’ve found the perfect cat cave.

A cat cave must not be a box, or an enclosed space. A cat cave is a spot that makes your cat feel comfortable, and secure. 

One of the best cat caves is a cat tree. A cat tree will keep your cat protected, because he will be able to spot any danger afar off.

A cat tree will also provide a vintage point from which your cat will easily hunt down prey.

Cat caves come in multiple colors. The design of these caves are quite impressive as well. You will definitely find a cave that will match the interior design of your home.

Cat caves come in different shapes and sizes. You will find it difficult selecting just one cavern. 

There are extremely impressive cat caves in today’s market. These caves are designed to match the needs of your hairy companion.

Cat caves are also easy to clean. You can easily use your hands to wash out the caves once a week. 

Once the cave has been dried off, it will be as good as new. Your cat will have fun enjoying its cave, it is the best gift you can give your cat today.

What Will Happen If Your Cats Don’t Have a Cave?

If you don’t provide a cave for your cat, she will try to get one for herself. Your cat will use whatever she finds useful within your home to create a cave. 

This may include your favourite furniture piece, or cupboard. 

On the other hand, she could leave your home entirely, and find a cave within your neighborhood – a cave where she will rest hidden from the entire world, including you.

If you want your cat to stay around, you need to get her a cave. This will make her feel protected, and comfortable. Investing your time and money to search out a cave for your cat is not the worst idea.

We all love cats, they are friendly animals. They are extremely cute as well, but your cat needs her me – time.

There will be times when she will just want to be away from all prying eyes, and that is where the cat cave comes in.

If you fail to provide this means of escape for her, she will go out in search of her own cave, and who knows what dangers await your fluffy out there.

You need to provide a comfy space where your cat will rest free. A space where she can have her alone time, and do her own thing. The advantages of cat caverns are enormous – get your cat a cavern today!


We all want our cats to be comfortable within our home, because we enjoy their company. 

Cat caves are by far the most comfortable gift you can ever give your cat. 

Most cat parents own more than one cave to ensure that their cat remains comfortable in different parts of the house. 

A cat cave will keep your cat secure, comfortable, and entertained. Get a cat cave today!

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