Why Do Cats Purr When You Stroke Them?

why cats purr

Does your cat purr whenever you touch it? 

Purring is the behavior of many cats, especially when they are satisfied. Your cat will enjoy it most if you stroke or scratch it, in a gentle way. Have you ever wondered why it purrs?

Whenever you stroke your cat, it feels happy.It also feels contented. Unfortunately, it can’t manage to talk and express itsfeelings. Purring is a way of expression. It wants to encourage you tocontinue.

Your cat may purr for different reasons. They react to various stimuli. Their responses are not similar. Some of the reasons include:

1. Contentment

Wheneveryou hold your cat, stoke it, let it bask in the sun, it is likely to purr.Whenever circumstances are favorable, making your cat contented, it will sound.

2. Cat is Expecting Something

In some instances, you may notice that the cat is purring while weaving around your legs. It may also meow.

It is an indication that your cat requires you to give it something. In most cases, you will witness this behavior around meal times. Once giving in to its “request,” it may continue purring because of satisfaction.

3. Fear

Other than happiness and need, your cat may purr if it’s afraid. Most, especially if it is sick. If you visit a veterinary clinic, you will hear the cats there sounding.

If your cat is in distress in fear of something, it will purr. It can be a defensive mechanism. Purring can also help them to keep calm whenever they feel pain or get stress.

4. Kitten-Mother Connection

A fewdays’ kittens can purr when sucking or near their mothers. It is a way ofcreating bonding with the mother. The cat also purrs whenever it is near thekittens. It could be a way of communicating.

How do cats purr?


Different theories have been put across to explain why the cats purr. Interestingly, the bodies of the cats have no special visible apparatus to help in purring.

The most trusted theory if that, purring is as a result of the movement of larynx muscles and that of a diaphragm.

Thesemuscles move at a speed of 20-30 times every second. A purr occurs when the catis breathing. The air touches the muscles that are vibrating, causing a purr.

How to Make Your Cat Purr

Do you know that purring is beneficial to you? If you are wondering how that is possible, check these.

If you have high blood pressure, listening to your cat purr can reduce it. As if that’s not enough, if you are stressed up, the purr will help to lower your stress.

 Since there are different reasons why your catpurrs, ensure that the reason behind the purr is good. Make it happy and ensureit is contented. Follow these methods for more purring.

Method 1: Be Affectionate

A. Pet Your Cat

A cat is an excellent pet. Whenever it’s near you, learn to touch it softly. Avoid grabbing it from outside and stroking it.

You might get frustrated. You can feel the stomach of your cat if it enjoys. If it doesn’t like or you are not sure, avoid it.  Your cat may not like humans. Start giving it some treats by dropping some on the floor near you.

B. Talk to the Cat

You canput the cat on your laps and talk to it. Don’t shout command or yell at thecat. Don’t stare at it. Use a soft and soothing voice. Sing a cool lullabysong. You can even try to mimic it, by purring

C. Cuddling Your Cat

Putyour cat on your lap on hold it on your chest and carry it. You can even giveyour cat some company whenever it is basking. Cuddle it softly. If you likesleeping next to the cat, cuddle it before sleeping.

Method 2: MAKE the CAT HAPPY

A. Spending Time with It

Wheneveryou have free time, you can spend more time with the cat. You can also sleepwith it. Whenever you are near it, touch it softly and scratch it around theneck. The cat will purr.

b. Avoid Yelling

Yellingwill only stress the cat, and it will not stay near you. Beating the cat eitherwill not do any good. Whenever your cat does something good, praise and givesit some treat. Use positive reinforcements instead of punishments.

d. Keep on Stimulating Your Cat

Your beautiful pet is still a cat. Just like the others, it has natural behavior that it wants to perform. It wants to be able to climb, hunt, and use the claws. You need to provide the right environment for that.

Buy some toys that look like cat prey to help it learn to hunt. A scratching post is essential to help your cat to be able to use its claws.

e. Playing With It

Your cat needs a playmate. You can play fetch or roll things over. You can also tie a feather on a string.

Hold it with your hand on top and let the cat pounce on it. Yarn or feathers can also be excellent alternatives. Since a cat is a curious animal, you can give it things to investigate.

Method 3: Make the Cat Comfortable

1. A Cozy Place to Rest

You can open the window to allow the soft sunshine. Prepare a quiet and warm place for your cat to sleep.

Ensure the area has no noise or any disturbances. You can even put it in your bed or sofa if you are comfortable with that.

2. Your cat needs space

Your cat requires some freedom. Holding it all the time will only stress it up.

Let it have time to play and bask alone. If you notice that it doesn’t want you to hold it, let it be. Together with your family members, you should not keep it by force.

3. Pleasant Environment

The little box and food bowl should be in a different location. Avoid placing everything in the same place.

If you are using one room, the place where it eats and sleep should be in one corner. The litter box should be in the opposite corner. Make the environment lovely by putting play toys and scratching posts.

4. Avoid Abrupt Changes

When making any changes concerning a cat, let them be gradual. If you want to move a litter box, don’t push it at once.

Move it a few inches each day. Change of food routine should not be abrupt. Don’t introduce your cat to different people at once. Once you make the changes, you need to stick to them.


Purring can be as a result of different reasons. You need to be sure why your cat is purring.

Ensure that it is healthy, comfortable, and not in distress.  Remember that when your cat purr, it is beneficial to you. Always treat it well.

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